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Love Affairs – Episode 50

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Episode 50




Lucia walked past Anabel and got inside. She greeted Thelda, “Good afternoon madam.”


Thelda pointed to a seat, “You may sit.”


“Thank you.” She went and sat down.


Anabel walked to Thelda, “I’ll excuse the two of you.” Thelda cast her a baffled look, “What do you mean by that?”


Anabel said expressionlessly, “My stomachache has come back again. I need to see my


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doctor immediately.”


Thelda knew she was lying but decided to find out the problem with her later. She waved her hand, “You may go. Meet me at Kuta when you’re done.”


“Yes madam.” Anabel left without looking at Lucia.


When Thelda heard her drive past the gate, she looked at Lucia and demanded, “Have you both met before?”


Lucia shook her head without hesitation, “No madam.”


Thelda thought for a while and said, “Ok. Do I get you a drink?” “Thanks, I’m okay madam.”


Thelda’s eyes caught the dragon tattoos on her neck and she fixed her anxious gaze on it for a while, then she looked her in the eye,


“What were you saying on the phone?”


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Lucia shifted forward and spoke fast, barely looking up at her, “Your daughter is alive. I


know the apartment she’s being held hostage.” She looked into Thelda’s eyes and



became confused. Her eyes were pale and deadly. But she continued, “Madam, I’m not lying, she’s alive. She’s being_”


Thelda held up a hand, “Stop it!” It was a snarl. Thelda gave her a weary look, gulped


down her wine and stood. She moved to the door and bolted it. Lucia who was gaping at


her became jittery and was quick in thought. What was Thelda trying to do? She thought.


Does she think she was lying? Thelda walked back to the seat, bent to her handbag and


took out a gun. She did it so fast that Lucia was defenseless. (Topster Stories) More interesting stories from pointed it at Lucia. Lucia’s heart started throbbing up and down as though it would burst and she felt her


imagination starting to run wild. Was she


going to shoot her? Lucia glared with indignation and felt like slumping. She felt her


hope of becoming a heroine drifting into the air. She thought of her dreams of being forgiven of all her past crime and felt nauseous. She wished she had told the president instead. With her high connections in the villa, she would have easily gained


audience with the president. She would have considered that thought before calling Thelda.


It was now late. She blamed herself. She was brought back to the present when Thelda


bawled, “Who’re you?” and she started inching closer to her, her finger clasping firmly on the trigger. Lucia looked her in the eyes and saw there was something about Thelda she hadn’t released earlier. Thelda was a dangerous being and Lucia knew one when she saw one.


Thelda stopped few paces to her, “Who’re you?” She barked, her eyes on the tattoos on


Lucia’s neck.


“Lucia Brime.” She stammered.


“I already know your name,” Her red eyes became wide and deadly, “What other thing


are you?. Play with me and you leave here a corpse.” Her eyes were still on her neck.



Lucia believed her. Thelda wasn’t just the wife of late President Williams Bruno, she was a vicious criminal with only a goddamn innocent


face. Lucia puckered her lips and said with an unsteady voice, “I’m trying to save my neck.”


Thelda took one step forward and smiled, “That’s interesting. Go on, I’m listening.”


Lucia breathed and told her almost everything about her life. She told her how bad she had been, her connection with the dreaded Theodore Philips and Sergio Bruno, how she


wanted to kill Agent Dennis, how she escaped from police custody and how she found


Reagan taking Stella into an apartment. She told her how she had hoped to use the information she was giving to buy her freedom. When she was through, Thelda brought down her gun, retreated and sat on the couch. She refilled her glass and said slowly,


“The only way you can save your neck right now’s to make sure Stella dies before today


runs out.” She sipped her wine.


Lucia’s eyes shot up at her, her heart skipping a beat, “What’re you saying madam?.


You want me to murder your daughter?” Her voice was unsteady.


Thelda smiled, “Exactly. Your liberty lies in your hands. Go back to that apartment and


get rid of the two of them. Once you’re done, give me a call and a confirmation and I’ll


immediately arrange for you to get a state pardon. Her death is the only route to your


freedom.”You can also read some interesting stories from


Lucia thought for a moment and stared defiantly, “Madam, if you wouldn’t mind, I need to


know the reason why I’m killing your daughter. At least, I deserve to know.” Sweat


filled her face.


A smile immediately crossed Thelda’s lips,


“Regrettably, you’ve asked for what I can’t grant. Just do as I instructed and save your



neck; that should be your concern at the moment.” She sipped her wine, “Reagan is very dangerous but from what you already told me about yourself, I believe you can take care of him. In addition to having your freedom, I’ll


pay you twenty million once you’re done with the assignment.” Lucia’s mouth went agape and Thelda saw the effect her


statement had on her. She smiled, “This is just to make sure you don’t change your mind and act otherwise. It’s important I mention this,”


she sipped her wine, “even the president can’t guarantee your freedom right now, so make


sure this doesn’t get out. Everyone is looking out for you and no one will be ready to listen to you.” She rose, her glass of wine in her palms, “The faster you make it, the better.”









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