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Love Affairs – Episode 46

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Episode 46




Tanzanki drove through the iron gate guarded by two mean-looking men with AK 47 rifle and in army uniform. As they slammed the massive gate shut, Tanzanki looked at them in the rear-view mirror and smirked. He drove few kilometers eastward, turned left and increased speed. After some miles, he made another sharp turn to the left, reduced the speed, then one block later, he spat through the window and made a final turn to the right.


He jammed the brakes in front of the bunker and the black van skidded to a halt. He


opened the door and stepped out, his face showing no expression. He leaned to the passenger’s seat, took out a black briefcase and closed the door. He was putting on a pair


of brown overalls which he always called his business attire, with brown leather boots. His beard was haphazardly shaved, leaving a


wispy beard on his jaw and his head was completely bald. As he walked toward the main door, he carried the briefcase with one hand and put the other hand in his pocket.


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When he got to the door, a young man with a tuft of white hair just above his forehead and in his early thirties pulled the door open and he entered. The man bowed, whispered


something into his ears, collected the briefcase from him and followed him.


They descended series of interlocked marble staircase before they got to a passage in the underground.


The bunker was located at the northern part and occupied ten acres of land. It was a secret bunker Tanzanki had built ten years back when he established the base in the country. The large building was wired round with burglar


alarm and filled with sophisticated decoders which he used in communicating with his bases within and across Africa. The bunker had an arsenal which contained



various kinds of modern military weapons and explosives. It also had labyrinth of rooms where his captives were kept. Tanzanki had other secret bunkers in most countries of the world. It was in this particular bunker that he planned for operations he executed across West Africa.


They went through a room and came to a large hall. The hall had only one seat in it with cartoons packed properly at one end.


Three men were already waiting for Tanzanki in the hall when he entered. They wore black thobe and were in their early twenties. Each of them was holding and studying a crudely drawn map. Tanzanki stood still, regarded them and nodded satisfactory. He moved to the seat and sat. The man he entered with dropped the briefcase beside him and stood aside. Tanzanki raised his eyes to the three men and smiled. He rose and started walking up and down the hall. After some minutes, he stopped and folded his arms. He had his back to them. In the next second, he unfolded his arms, ran a palm through his bald head and turned to face them. He took out a golden pack of cigarette and a lighter from his pocket and removed a stick. He lit it, put the cigarette between his lips but changed his mind for he removed the stick from his mouth and folded his arms, “What you’re about to do today will immortalize your names in the annals of history.” He pulled on his cigarette,

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“Your courage shall never be forgotten.” He regarded them one after the other and started walking about, “Your families will heavily be compensated. Half of the money has already been paid into your various accounts and once you’re done with this assignment, the remaining amount will be wired immediately.”


He went and sat down, placed the briefcase on his laps, regarded it and said, “Ahmed.”


The man he had entered with came nearer and Tanzanki said, “Get the bombs set.”





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