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Love Affairs – Episode 44

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Episode 44




Paul was out in the darkness by 1:25AM, enjoying the scenery of the night. He had had a nightmare and decided to take a stroll outside of his apartment. Paul was a retired


detective in his late sixties. He was eagle-eyed with a very long moustache, rough cheeks and the kind of voice that set one’s teeth on edge.


While in the force, Paul was an invaluable asset for no crime happened around him unnoticed. When President Williams was sniped at, the police wished Paul was in the


stadium for he would’ve spotted the sniper.


When Paul retired, he moved into an apartment which was on the outskirts of Sanda estate. It was located on the side of the hills and was remarkable for its serenity. Whenever Paul had nightmares or sleepless nights, he would walk out of his apartment at night and stroll outside until he felt drowsy again. He enjoyed doing this for it


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brought back memories of his active days in the force. Whenever he strolled, he reveled in remembering how he used to lead a small number of officers to arrest burglars,


hooligans and other criminals who operated at nights. His eagle eye was always an advantage. Since Paul moved into the apartment, he had become suspicious of this particular raunchy storey building apartment which stood alone at the further end.


He had never seen anyone enter or leave the apartment, yet most nights, he saw a light burning in one of the rooms upstairs.


This particular night, as he strolled down to the hillside, he spotted Reagan hurrying into the apartment. He stood and watched him until he closed the gate



after him. From the stature of the man, from the suspicious way he had entered the compound and from what his instincts told him immediately he saw


Reagan, Paul concluded the man was dangerous. He contemplated for some minutes to make sure his judgment was right before he whisked out his phone and dialed Dennis.


When Dennis picked up, he said, “There’s an apartment you need to check out.” He paused,


“Just some kilometers from my apartment.

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Come straight away, a man that’ll interest you just entered the building.” He hung up.






When Dennis received the call, he knew they were about to catch somebody on the hop. He knew Paul too well. Paul never said what he wasn’t sure of.


Dennis immediately removed


the blanket, got up from the bed and stretched. He turned on the light and moved to the wardrobe. He dressed quickly and selected two guns from a drawer, then tucked


the guns under his shirt, strode to the next room, switched on the light and moved to the bed. He shook Alfred repeatedly until he was awake. Alfred yawned, “What’s that?” His voice was sleepy.


Dennis told him what Paul had said.


Alfred rolled on the bed and jumped to his feet. He got dressed immediately and picked his gun from under the pillow. In few minutes, they were inside the Jeep. Alfred started the engine and flicked on the headlamps. He matched the brakes, shifted the gear to R and the vehicle reversed. He sent the Jeep forward, sending a spiral of sand into the air as he made toward the gate. A guard opened the gate and when they were in the street, Alfred revved up the engine, the speedometer rising to 180. After twenty-five minutes drive, they were in Sanda. When they were some kilometers to Paul’s apartment, Alfred pointed forward and shouted in amazement, “What’s


happening over there?”


Dennis looked up and saw flames going up into the skies. In the distance, a building was ablaze.


Alfred shot him a nervous glance, “That’s certainly not Paul’s apartment, is it?”



Dennis shook his head, “No.” He pointed at another building few paces from them, “This is his apartment. Pull over let’s find out from him what’s wrong.”


Alfred slackened his speed, pulled over and flicked off the headlamps. They hurried toward Paul’s apartment and found the door open.


They quickly moved inside.




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