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Love Affairs – Episode 38

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Episode 38




Alfred did a sharp turn and brought the Jeep onto Thomson Avenue. Lucky Dube’s the one was playing gently over the car radio. Alfred was humming the beats while Dennis was tapping his feet on the floor and nodding as well. They were silent for some minutes before Dennis broke the silence, “It has been over a year I came to this street.” He lowered the volume of the radio and stilled his head and feet. Alfred swerved left to avoid hitting a fowl which was crossing the road, “That’s what it should be when someone you so much care for stabs you in the back.” Dennis looked in the wing mirror, “Have you ever had a heart break?”


Alfred smiled, “No, but I know how it feels like when one experiences that.” Dennis was now looking at the windscreen, “Are you in love with someone?” Alfred nodded, “I’m engaged to Deborah Hilcurt.”


“The daughter of Senator Fatima Hilcurt?” Dennis demanded.


Alfred nodded, “She’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life.” He turned to look at Dennis, “I hope we make it to the altar.” He faced the windscreen. “Definitely. She‘s nice, faithful and disciplined, unlike Vivian who was completely an actress.


Debora will definitely make the best wife. Wish you both luck.”


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Alfred smiled and honked the horn, “Thank you.” He looked at Dennis and faced the


windscreen again, “Hope you find someone who’ll make you happy for the rest of your




Dennis shook his head in disapproval, “I’ll never love again.”


Alfred looked at him and turned back to the windscreen, “That’s not possible.”



Dennis rested his arm on the window, “I’ve made up my mind and the decision is already sealed. I can’t bring myself to experience what I experienced when Vivian betrayed me. I almost died. I was distracted, shattered and


almost went mad. I can’t face such horrendous experience again.”


Alfred squeezed his shoulder, “Some days are like that. Relationship is all about uncertainties and experiments. It’s all about ups and downs. You get lucky, it works as you

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plan, you don’t, you look for better alternative elsewhere. Life has a way of directing and teaching us. Vivian was never your girl.” He released his grip on his shoulder and returned his hand to the steering, “I believe your girl is still somewhere out there and I assure you that very soon, you’ll either find her or she’ll find you. You’ll certainly love again.” He smiled and Dennis shook his head in disagreement and pointed at a building.


“That’s her apartment.”


Alfred nodded and pulled over. They got out of the car and started towards the door. Dennis couldn’t imagine himself in Vivian’s apartment. The apartment was resonant and he remembered that part of his past he so much dreaded. It was a part that made him shudder and always sent his heart pounding


madly whenever he thought of it. His memory was filled with the picture of the man he had


caught lying on top of Vivian, savouring her beautiful and delicate body, savouring the


body he had earlier thought was only his, and he felt hot sweat dripping from his armpits.


He still remembered exactly how the man looked. He was good looking, tall, with a flat-


top hairstyle and bearded chest. Dennis’ eyes became red with rage and he felt like doing an about-turn. Alfred looked at him and read what he was having in mind. He held his palms,


“Just try get composed until we’re done with her.” He released his hand with no expression, “It’s not easy but you’ve got to try.”


Dennis forced a smile and nodded, “I will.” And they got to the door. Dennis hesitated and rang the bell.


A voice said from inside, “A moment please.”




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