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Love Affairs – Episode 35

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Episode 35




“Please help me,” Lucia cried, “they abandoned me here.” She was looking helpless.


The boy stood some miles from her, “What happened?” His voice was frightened. “Kidnappers,” she sobbed and sniffed, “they left me here. They handcuffed me and tied my legs. It’s like God made them change their minds after kidnapping me. Please I’m in pains, I’m dying, help me.”


The boy watched the beautiful lady for a while and was forced to believe her. He dropped his


gun and decided to help her. He walked up to Lucia, bent over her and began to untie the cloth on her legs, “You got lucky they left you alive.” He untied the jacket and dropped it on the ground.


Lucia held his shoulders for support as she stood slowly. She stretched forth her arms,


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“May God Almighty bless you abundantly.”


The boy smiled and started cutting the cuffs with the dagger, “This is very strong.” He observed as he used all his strength and weight on the cuffs.


“They nearly killed me, they’re heartless.”


Lucia returned and fought to endure the spasm of pain she felt on her hand when the


boy mistakenly cut into her wrist.


“I’m sorry.” He said.


Lucia groaned, “It’s okay.” She forced a smile.


When the boy eventually slit the cuffs, Lucia’s wrists were injured but she didn’t bother about the bruises. She was thankful the handcuffs had been taken care of, “May God


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bless you.” She tried to sound grateful but her voice showed another expression altogether.


She smiled, “What’s your name?”


The boy returned the smile, “Mark.”


“You’re indeed my savior. I pray God gives me an opportunity to reciprocate this kind gesture.”


The boy smiled, “Thank God you’re alive,” and he hurried away.


Lucia smirked, picked her jacket from the ground and wore it over her shirt. She


wandered for nearly an hour before she got to the street. She looked across the


street and saw a boutique, then; she hurried into it and walked to the sales associate


seated at a desk in one corner. She spoke to her for some minutes, pulled out some


notes from her pocket and gave her. The sales associate took the money with


smiles and led her into a room. When Lucia finally came out from the boutique


after an hour, she was entirely


transformed and wore a new appearance.


She had changed from the unkempt clothes she wore when she entered the boutique to a black miniskirt, blue long sleeves shirt and her former coloured hair was now blonde.


She carried a brown shoulder bag and her black pair of shoes was splendid. She looked younger and marvelous in her disguise. She was always smart and that was exactly what most people didn’t seem to realize. She looked at her wrist watch with smiles; it was


3:30PM. She considered a hotel she would hide in for the meantime and chose Optimus


Hotel. It was located in the suburb of the state and she believed that it was the last place the police would probably be looking for her. She flagged down a taxi and the driver pulled over,


“Optimus Hotel.” She told him, opened the passenger’s door and hopped in. She closed


the door and the driver sent the car in motion.


After some minutes drive, the driver slackened brakes, turned to Renowned Avenue and increased his speed. Sitting in the vehicle and staring absentmindedly at her reflection over the rear-view mirror, Lucia was deep in thought, imagining whatever fate had in store for her.


After some moment, she remembered her late boyfriend, Hillary Gunters, but quickly got the memory off her mind. Her thoughts went to Theodore Philips and then, to Sergio Bruno. Have they found out she had failed in



the assignment? She knew Sergio would be mad if he discovered she was still alive while she hadn’t succeeded in killing Agent Dennis. What moves was Sergio making with Philips at the moment?.


Were they coming after her? Had the police gone to arrest them or were they still wasting time, thinking she had lied to


them?. She started thinking of the implications if Sergio and Philips got arrested.


Would they expose her? .


She considered the thought and smiled. Neither Philips nor Sergio knew much about her. They didn’t even know her


surname. The two things they knew about her were her first name and then her relationship


with Hillary Gunters. Those were only her shadow and they wouldn’t go far with them.


She smiled again and was suddenly brought back to the reality when she looked ahead and noticed a huge man carrying a young lady from a black Jeep to the boot of a black Toyota. It was Rowland Reagan carrying the unconscious Stella to the boot of his black Toyota.


Lucia watched as the huge man opened the boot and heaved the lady into it and then sped off.


Something told Lucia that her luck rested with the huge man and she smiled and decided she was going after him. She turned to the driver and saw him dialing his phone. She knew he was trying to call the cops, “Don’t try that.”


She said and pulled out a gun. The driver became terrified and his body began to shake.


Lucia blinked, “Pull over.” She ordered, pointing the gun at him. The driver obeyed immediately as his nerves began to tighten.


Lucia got out, buried a bullet in his head and pushed the corpse out of the car. She quickly got behind the wheel and sent the car speeding, praying she caught up with the huge man. After some minutes, she spotted the black Camry at the peak of Renowned Avenue as it turned right and started moving into the busy main road of Zion Avenue. The traffic of Zion Avenue was always continuous and heavy and Lucia was glad for the route the man had


chosen. She smiled and mumbled, “I finally got lucky.” She could now clearly see the


Camry as it crept behind the long line of cars stuck in the traffic jam. She knew it was risky driving the taxi, so she quickly pulled over, abandoned the car and hastened to the main road of Zion Avenue. She flapped down another taxi.


“Where to?” The driver asked as he leaned back and pulled the rear door open.




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