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Love Affairs – Episode 34

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Episode 34




The driver applied brakes before the gate of Optimus Hotel and gave a sharp toot of the horn. A uniformed guard hurried and opened the gate. The driver engaged the gear and edged the car forward. He turned right and drove to the garage. He parked and Lucia got out. She leaned on the window, “Stick around,


I won’t stay long.” She opened her handbag, dipped into it and pulled out a bundle of cash.


She counted four notes and gave him,


“Here,” The driver collected the money from her and smiled. She had paid more than


agreed and the driver was happy and told himself he would wait until whatever time she was done. Lucia returned the bundle into her bag and started towards the main door. As she approached the door, she looked around the exterior of the building. It wasn’t her taste but she decided to manage until she found another alternative. A guard opened the door and she got in. She approached a receptionist seated behind a desk and was checked into a room.


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Her room was in the tenth floor. In the next minute, she was already in the elevator and in another three minutes, she was in front of her room. She took out the key from her


bag and unlocked the door. She entered the room and liked it. The room was huge with high-beamed ceiling. It was expensively furnished and decorated with attractive wallpapers. She moved to the bureau, leaned on it and kept wandering her eyes excitedly


about the room. She wondered why the outside was a mess while the inside was exceptionally cute. After a while, she strode to the bed and sat. She opened her bag and took out a pack of cigarette with a blue lighter,


then, she zipped up the bag. She tapped out a stick, held it between her lips and lit it. She


dragged twice on it, released smoke andremoved four dailies from her bag.


She started smiling as she stared at the major headlines on each of them in turn:


The late president’s daughter murdered in broad daylight.


Tragedies befall the late president’s wife.


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Stella Bruno joins her dad.


Country torn apart.


After some minutes, she folded up the papers,


shifted them under the pillow and pulled on her cigarette. She had not felt such excited in her life. Very soon, she would be absolved of all her crime and she would live freely like every other innocent citizen. She smirked as she thought of the secret she now


controlled; a secret that would buy her freedom, a secret that even the smartest of the security forces would never come to know unless she was brought in the loop, and she


felt absolutely terrific. She suddenly fixed her mind with smiles on how she ran into such sensitive secret.


After Lucia had escaped from the police vehicle, she had run into the bush with the handcuffs still on her wrists. As she wandered in the bush, she intermittently pressed her


palms on her waist to make sure the gun she had taken from the cop was still intact. Her thoughts went to how she had professionally killed the three cops who were transporting her to the police headquarters and she found


her lips smiling callously. She thought of the pair of handcuffs and prayed she found someone who would take it off her wrists.


Where was she even going? She asked herself. She thought for some minutes and realized


she had no destination. She considered heading to the airport but quickly ruled that out as not being an option. Though she had enough cash on her, she knew that all the


airports would already be filled up with angry cops looking out for her. She made up her


mind that she would rather die in the bush than walk into any goddamn trap. She was still wandering, lost in her thoughts, when she


caught sight of a young boy hunting in the distance. He was holding a sharp dagger and was aiming at something Lucia couldn’t tell with the rifle that hung over his shoulder. He was tall, handsome, about fifteen years of age and was Unclad except for his brown, dirty shorts. Lucia thought of using the gun but felt



the boy was harmless. She changed her mind and thought quickly for what to do. An idea


immediately struck her and she quickly struggled out of her jacket and managed to tie


her ankles together with the jacket. She threw herself to the ground and started waving her arms around frantically, “Please help me, help me please!” She shouted repeatedly. After about seven shouts, the boy heard the shout and ran towards her direction. He saw the young lady lying in the bush in handcuffs and he held his gun in place.



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