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Love Affairs – Episode 32

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Episode 32




Dennis looked at the clock in his office; it was 1:30PM. He picked his cell phone and called her. When she picked, he said, “Remember the lunch by two o’clock. Hope you’ll still make it?” He listened for a moment and said,


“That’s very good. I love you angel,” and he hung up. He quickly did finishing touches to the file on his desk, closed the file, pulled out the drawer and removed a blue casing from it.


He stared admiringly at it for some seconds and slid it into his pocket with smiles. He


pulled in the drawer, adjusted his tie and left the office. It was exactly 2:00PM on the dot


when he got to Celestina Restaurant. It was a renowned restaurant, unique for its relaxed atmosphere, delicious dishes and prompt services. Dennis stepped out of his car and hastened to the tinted glass door of the restaurant. A waiter pulled the door open and he entered.


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“Welcome to Celestina.” The waiter said politely.


Dennis smiled and said, “Thank you,” then he walked past him. He looked searchingly sideways, looked straight ahead and spotted


Vivian talking to a waitress. God, I kept her waiting. He thought and strode quickly towards her. When he got to her, the waitress was gone. He smiled, held her arms and


pulled her up, “Sorry I kept my angel waiting.”


He kissed her on the cheek and sat. Vivian sat and a waitress brought two plates rice with two bottles of Coca-Cola. She served them and left.


“That’s lovely; you’ve already made an order.” Dennis said happily as he uncorked the bottles.



Vivian smiled, “I know you’ll be hungry darling.” She started eating and Dennis joined her.


They were silent until they finished. Vivian dabbed a damask serviette at her lips and said, “Hope you enjoyed it?”

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Dennis smiled, “No meal eaten with an angel is not enjoyed.” Vivian burst out laughing, “You’re always funny, darling.” “I don’t think so.” He smiled.


Vivian ran a hand down her long hair, “How has work been?” Dennis smiled, “Stressful, but we thank God.”


For the next twenty-five minutes, they discussed Dennis’ work. Dennis told her about dead criminals, wanted criminals and even gave her some tricks the Intelligence


Department of the police force used on professional criminals. He told her everything she could comprehend about investigations and interrogations. At some points, Vivian found what he was saying boring and felt like


asking him to stop, and at other points, she found it so enticing and couldn’t help laughing aloud. When Dennis thought it appropriate, he asked her to close her eyes and she quickly obeyed. He took out the casing from his pocket, lifted the lid and placed the casing on his laps. He took out a diamond necklace, stood and dropped the casing on the seat. He moved across to Vivian’s back and gently but slowly wore the


necklace around her neck, “Don’t open yet.”


He said calmly and went back to the seat. He bent to the casing and took out an emerald ring. He was conscious of the stares of other people in the restaurant as he stretched out to Vivian and held her left hand. He straightened it, then selected her ring finger, encircled it


with the ring and said, “You can now open your eyes my angel.” He sat down. As Vivian


opened her eyes, the restaurant broke into clapping and everyone stood up with smiles, their gazes were on the two lovers. Vivian hid her face in her palms, embarrassed, while Dennis played the man and sparkled with smiles as he waved happily at them and


shouted, “Thank you, thank you very much.”


He kept smiling until everyone settled down and went on with their business. When he turned to Vivian, her head was already up. She stroked the necklace shyly with her right hand while her eyes were fixed on her ring finger; the necklace and the ring were beautiful and



she liked them. She was still staring from the necklace to the ring with mouth agape when Dennis said, “Will you marry me my angel?”.




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