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If The Ring Fits – Episode 9

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Seven years later.


I sat down sipping my coffee while I typed quickly. I had a presentation to do tomorrow.


I sighed and decided to watch a video to reduce my stress.


“Mom… Mom, I can’t sleep. Come to bed”, Ariel said sleepily as she rested her head on my shoulder.


I pulled her on my laps while she wrapped her arms around my neck.


It’s been seven years since I left Genovia. I started a new life in Oklahoma. I work for the most richest billionaire in the city.. Julius Mendes.


He was rude and arrogance.. what can I do..he was still my boss.

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Even when I was pregnant, well he said that’s not an excuse for me to stay at home.


On the day, my water broke, I was in a meeting with him.


But he helped me by taking me to the nearest hospital.After I delivered, well I made sure he held the baby and we both named her Ariel. Since then everything changed, we became friends. Ariel had grown fond of him due to the expensive gifts he buys for her.


And Rihanna visited last year.. my daughter is found of her too.



I missed Nicholas and I hope he missed me too.He was right. He had ruin me for other men. I just want him and no one else. I’m sure he had found his bride by now. Seven years is a way long time.


“Mommy.. . let’s go to bed”,she said and i carried her in my arms.


We moved to the bedroom. I slept close to her.


“Tell me a story..”,are said softly.


“Well… You want a bedtime story”,I said playfully and she nodded.


“There lived a Prince in a far away land. He was so handsome but in his castle there was a ring. Any maiden who wears the ring will be his wife. ”


She sat up smiling at me, “What happened”


“Well the Prince had other plans.. unfortunately he fell inlove with his maid. The maid loved him too but when she tried the ring on, it did not fit so she decided to leave. She couldn’t contain the pain of being with him in the same castle while he gets married to a different maiden so she decided to leave”


“Is that it?”,she asked.


“Yes, that’s it …”


She stood up walking on the bed, “She shouldn’t have left..She should have stayed. He loved her”


“Yes.. I guess so”


She pouted sitting on the bed.


“What’s wrong sweetie..”,I asked.


“Why do I feel the story you told me is about you”


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“Yes… it’s about us”



“I want to see him mom. I want to know how is like..”


“We can’t go…”


“Okay..at least can you tell me his name mom”


“Prince Nicholas of Genovia. That’s all i know”


“And you really don’t want to see him”


“No… I don’t want to see him”


“But what about me. I’m bullied because I don’t have a dad”, she slept on the bed covering her face with blanket.


“I’m sorry but I can’t go back”


“Please mom, l want to be alone. You are just breaking my heart.”


“No matter what happens, I did it because I loved you”


She kept and I slowly closed the door behind me.


I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I just kept thinking about what we talked about.




I woke up and my alarm peeped . I groan getting up from the bed with my messy hair.


I stood up and stretched. I really feel tired. I moved to the kitchen making some coffee for myself. I checked the time.


It’s 7: 30am. Why isn’t Ariel awake yet.


I past by my laptop and something got my eye.


Prince Nicholas picture on my laptop.




I hope she didbt do anything stupid.


“Ariel !!!!”,I ran upstairs checking her room.


She wasn’t there. I rather saw a letter.



Don’t look for me mom. I’m okay. You don’t want me to see my dad so I’m going to see him myself. Well I will surely be hungry so I took your credit cards and your phone. Just prove to my dad that I’m your daughter.


Don’t worry about me, and I won’t misuse your money. Trust me mom. I will be okay and I’m a big girl and smart . You said so yourself .


Your lovely daughter




Oh no… God no.She can’t do this to me. I need to see Julius.




Prince Nicholas




Seven years, two weeks. I haven’t seen her. I thought she would be pregnant but I was wrong.


It’s seven years since I saw her. No calls, no text messages. I’m now my old self.


I visit clubs every day,have rough sex women on weekends. I will be single forever.


She doesn’t even cared about it, if she did then she would come back but she didn’t.


As for Maggie, she apologised for her ride behaviour so I had no choice to release the ban. And truly, during this seven years, she had really behaved.


Tonight is another ball. Raymond was behind me while I sat down staring at the maidens.. All prominent people were also there.


I just sat down with my hands on my chin as I tried to study the room.


Maggie and famous princess were in the queue. Raymond squeezed my shoulders.


“Don’t worry your majesty..”,he assured and I sighed.


I looked at the other side finding people dancing…


Then suddenly I heard a loud “Yess”


“The Ring fits!!!”, I saw a little girl jumping. She may be six or seven.


“Raymond… how come you allow kids to this party”


“I don’t know how she got in,sir and finally you got a wife. A seven year old wife”,he said and i grin.


“You are silly”,I said moving downstairs as everyone gathered around the young girl.


I moved closed to her and she turned staring at me.


Her mouth widened and she looked at her phone.


She smiled and damn it’s reminds me of Daisy. Her green eyes shines with happiness.


“Your majesty, the ring fits my finger so when am i marrying you”,she said and i burst out laughing while everyone joined.


She can’t be serious. She held my hands and slowly music started as we danced around.


She was carefree and smiled at me. She looked like Daisy.. After two hours.. She looked sleepy.. All the ladies were blushing.. . The Ring fit a seven years old girl and honestly I just don’t get it.


She slept on my laps and I slowly carried her on my chest. Where is this girl from. Where is her mom?



I waited till midnight but saw no one… I carried her in my arms and sent her to my room. She was so cute to be ignored. I removed her bag. I checked her bag seeing photos of her and Daisy.


Daisy had a daughter and she didn’t tell me.


And this cute girl here is my daughter.










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