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If The Ring Fits – Episode 1

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Prince Nicholas


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Royalties do have problems, you know. I have money, fame and I’m even the Prince of Genovia but to be honest i don’t like what I’m seeing now..


I was in my royal suit while I sat at the top floor of the grand hall, staring at the ladies in queue who were on trying the royal ring owned by my mom.



I’m the only child of my parents and the Prince of Genovia. My dad died before i was born. I never knew him anyway.


At the age of 15, my mom had contact with a strange disease which killed her but before she was at the edge of dying, she removed her diamond ring telling me that anyone who wore the ring, would be my bride… And after she died, the news was all our my small country, Genovia. Since then every maiden wants to try the ring on.


Princesses and Duchesses from different continents tried it on but it doesn’t fit and they still never give up.. they still come to balls continuously just to put the ring on.


And I’m now 27 years old now. It’s 12 years since I have been seeing one thing over and over again. It’s either you see a lady forcing the ring on her finger till she gets bruised or sometimes, the ladies fight eachother just to wear a ring.


“Please fit… You can fit. You have to fit you precious little thing. I’m going to show Prince Nicholas that I’m his”,she grunts while she was on the floor with her gown forcing the ring on her finger.

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The other ladies in the queue just laughed at her and I sighed.


I can’t believe she is humiliating herself for just a ring.


That lady on the floor was Governor Dante’s daughter. Maggie. His father had been a friend of my family and he was hoping that even if the ring doesn’t fit her, she is all mine but dude this lady isn’t my type. She is too controlling and so annoying.


Oh mother, why did you do this to me?


You just bothered my soul. I made a promise that I will marry to rightful maiden who wears the ring but it’s seems like it would take forever. I will be single till death.


But that doesn’t change a thing.. life goes on and for the past twelve years, my life had been enjoyable.



Well women clinged around me and I had no choice but to have one night stand with them. I’m a blooded man for God sake. Who can really by pass those attractive women.


“Your majesty, would you like to see the maidens please”,my personal adviser.


“No Raymond, I prefer to have my rest”,I said moving away from him as the guards followed me to my room.


I sighed taking a glass of whiskey while I sat on the bed watching television to see what’s going on in the world.Kindly share out some of our interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button below.


My hands raked through my hair in stress and frustration. This week had really been tough for me with meetings, balls and donations.. I just stared at the ceiling.


As a prince, I’m still going through stress. What if I become king? That’s when my feet would be firmly on the ground. I won’t even have time to travel, enjoy beautiful experience. I don’t think i will be able to fu.ck anymore or go to clubs at midnights.


Shh.. .it’s my secret. It’s said that royalties, do not go to clubs. Well we find it dirty but for me it’s really pleasurable. I know what I gain from clubs, that is beautiful women.


I know, I will be single forever so now, I just need to relax and enjoy life before i become king.


My eyes suddenly became heavy. I please the glass whiskey by the desk next to me and slowly slide down the bed, closing my eyes till i drifted off to sleep. .








“Mother, I need to leave to stay with aunt. I know I promised that I won’t ever see her again but I don’t enjoy life here mom. No one likes me because I say the truth. I was fired for my eighth job. I know you must be disappointed in me but I’m sorry. I



need to start a new life in Genovia with my aunt.”,I said softly wiping the dirt from my mother’s grave.


I placed down the roses, “Goodbye mother. I love you so much and tell dad that I miss you all. I miss all of you”, I stood up waving goodbye and returned to the cab.


The driver was patient with me and honestly I was glad he was still there.


“Thank you very much for waiting”


“No problem ma’am”,he said smiling through the mirror, “Where should we go ma’am?”,he asked.


“Take me to the airport”,I said softly.


Well, this is me, Daisy Bells. A twenty two years old lady like me being fired for my eighth job just because when I try to tell how grumpy and arrognant my bosses are.


I know I had a big mouth and I shouldn’t have said it but i can’t help it . I just took care of myself after my parents died because I knew staying with my aunt will be a nightmare for me.


Now i had no choice but to be there. I just miss my childhood friend Rihanna. She was transferred as a teacher in Oklahoma two years ago and I was all alone.


Now, I’m just excited to see her. She have me the address of her home. I took it in my purse checking it carefully.


Finally I’m going to see her. Have fun with her and knows if I may get a better job.



I reached the airport and breathe in the Genovia air. I hope my life change here. I took my luggage and head outside.


This place is really amazing and beautiful. I stopped a cab and entered while I looked through the window staring at the city. I took my friend’s address.


I need to see her first before visiting my aunt.


I pressed the door bell patiently waiting for her to open up. I pressed again.


“I’m coming”,I heard Rihanna voice inside which made me felt joy within.


She opened the door and she gasped, “Oh my God, Oh my God. Daisy”,she hugged me tight and I laughed.


“You are here”,she sobbed.


“Yes I’m here”,I released her hug and wiped her tears. She helped me with my luggage while we moved in.


“Where is your grandma?”,I asked curiously.


She sighed and poured me a coffee, “That’s what I wanted to tell you.My grandma had been in the hospital for two weeks and I’m ok financial crisis. She been suffering some sort of kidney disease and I need money for her surgery”,her eyes watered and I hugged her.


I wrapped her back more while she sob, “I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my everything. I just don’t know what to do”


“Shh.. .we would figure something out okay..We will try to get the money today”


She pulled away wiping her tears, “That’s impossible, Daisy.”


” Everything is possible. We would look for a job”


She laughed, “I tried looking for a suitable job to quit my teaching but I couldn’t find any. The only job are strippers”


I smiled.


“Daisy.? What are you thinking?”,she asked curiously and my eyes go more wider.


“You know what I’m thinking baby girl”


“No! Don’t tell me we are going to dance as strippers”


“Oh yes, right we are”,I said.


“I can’t dance Daisy. I suck at it”


“I’m dancing for your grandma and not for you. I did a little of ballet dance at high school and I could add some strip tease and seductive moves.. they would love it”


She just nodded.


“I’m ready.. just show me the expensive club tonight. I’m going to drive the rich men crazy and hard”, I said while Rihanna laughed.




“So this is the club”,I said looking at the ladies dancing around the pole. Wow..


“This is really classy.. I’m sure we are going to get the money for the surgery”


I tapped one of the waitress shoulders, “Where is your boss?”,I asked.


“He is upstairs on the fifth floor”


“Thank you”


“Daisy? No, please don’t do this”,Rihanna said holding my wrist..


“I will.. it’s your grandma we are talking about here”.


I pulled my wrist from her grasped and press the button waiting for the elevator.


It dings and we entered. None of us talked. I think she is angry but honestly I’m doing this because I love her.



She had helped me through my difficult times and this is my first time trying to help her out. I just want her to know that she can rely on me no matter what.


I knocked and heard a faint “Come in”.


I entered and saw one of the strippers on his laps while they were kissing eachother so really deeply while they moaned.


Rihanna’s mouth was opened as she ran downstairs. She was surprised.


I cleared my throat making them stop.


“I’m sorry for disturbing you”,I moved closing the door behind me while the lady was on his laps.


“What do you want here?”,he scrowl. I know he is pissed at me for spoiling his moody horny moment.


“I want a job sir”,I said softly.


“Go home”,he said and he continued kissing the lady on his laps.


“I’m Daisy bells. I need the job sir.. Just a one night job. I need to rescue my grandma, she is so sick”


He paused and have the lady a sign for her to leave.


She closed the door behind us and he asked to me to have a seat.


“Thank you so much sir”.


He nods staring at me, “So tell me, are you a dancer”


“Yes.. a very good one sir”


“Stand up”,he said and i stood up as he eyes raked down my body.


“You will be dancing at the VIP and if you fail me..I have no choice but not to pay you at all.. ”



“I won’t fail you sir”,I said excitedly.


He took his phone, “Hello Cassy, I have a new employee for the night . . can you take her to dressing room”.


I was still seated when the lady came in. It was the same lady who was kissing his boss.


He opened the door for me while we moved out. He walked to the dressing room..


“Here.. You can select any kind of lingerie her and the VIP is at the last floor”.


I nodded and she left me while I just stood there.. staring at what I should wear.


Maybe its not neccessary to wear any sexy lingerie… it’s not about what you wear..


it’s about how to turn them on and besides what I wear underneath is sexy too.


I entered the elevator and tried to ease my nervousness down. I tried to breathe in and out.


The elevelator opens. Honest my I was expecting a lot of famous billionaire’s there but I guess I was wrong. I checked my watch and it was almost midnight.


I saw someone sitting but the room was dim so I couldn’t see him clearly.


I stood by the pole.. removing my purse around my shoulder. The spotlight was just on me. I swallowed when I stared at him. I couldn’t see him clearly.


I turned around and I try to breathe. I just one person and I’m nervous as hell. My heart was thundering, and I could feel it beating rapidly at the base of my throat.


I turned again facing him. The music started. I move one step, two steps, swaying my hips in a seductive way.


He watched me with this unreadable expression, his face partially covered in shadows, his big body imposing.


Goose bumps popped out along my arms, and this chill raced over me.


I started moving then, pressing my body against the pole, swaying my hips again.


My eyes were still closed, my focus still on the dancing. The moves were sensual, seductive.They were a mix of my ballet and I knew his eyes were still on me.


And then I moved away from the pole and started undoing my dress, still swaying my hips, still being sexual.


I let the material slide down my body until it fell to my waist, showing my bra. Even though I felt hot, the air touching my nipples seemed chilled, making the tips pucker, elongate.


I kept my bottoms on, though, because a little mystery always turned them on more.


The music turned off suddenly, and I was pulled out of my haze, my trance. I faced him, staring directly into his eyes as he got up from his seat.


He walked towards me and circled me staring at my body.


“I didn’t tell you to stop”,he said in a husky voice which me tremble over.


I swayed my hips while his hands moved to my waist. I quickly removed them and kiss knuckles in a seductive way.


“Green”,he said softly.


I was confused, “Excuse me?”,I asked.


“Your eyes. They are beautiful. I like them. Green”


I blushed and he hauled me in his arms and buried his nose in my hair..


“What’s your name?”,I asked with my hands on his muscular chest. He was in white shirt with his sleeves rolled on his arms.


“Nicholas..”,he said as we danced around the middle of the room.


“What’s yours?”, He said.


I pulled away from him but he caught my wrist drawing me in his embrace..


making my back faced him while I felt his buldge against my ass. He was turn on.


“Flower”, I said softly.


“Is that your name or you are giving it a clue”


“It’s a clue..Flower is the meaning.. find out the real name”,he gave a husky laugh and damn it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.


I pulled away from him and quickly ran to the elevator taking my clothes and purse along. I saw him chase after me but I quickly press the button as the elevator closed.


I covered my lips with my hands and smiled.














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