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I Will Wait – Episode 32

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We had left Quonnie’s house and now was on our way to Kabwe, I needed to rest and I knew Lusaka was not just the place to do that. Cornelius had stayed behind and I was pretty sure it was because Yolanta needed him now more than ever.


Death was a huge thing and accepting that the woman she had believed to be her mother was gone would take some time.


We got here in the late evenings, a hot bath had already been prepared for me by one of the house helps. After putting our bags in the bedroom I rushed into the tub, I stood in front of the mirror and starred at the woman I had become. I was still very beautiful despite my age and the kids, Quonnie’s death had hit me in a way that I couldn’t imagine.


You see we knew her as a free spirit and it was hard to believe that she had been fighting these battles for a while, it was hard to believe that even the strongest looking people were fighting their own wars in silence. I laid in the tub until only my neck and face were out, the water was just the way I liked it and the lavender scent just made me feel at home. I used this time to think about my life and my kids, the boys were not the best of friends and my husband didn’t hesitate to it that he preferred one to the other. I made a strong note that I would call for a family meeting, I had seen my friend die and I wouldn’t want to see that ever again. Meanwhile Kaluba had decided to finally leave the Country, the events that had transpired the last month in Zambia had given him the urge to go back but his doctor was against this.


‘Wane needs me.’ He had told her

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‘Both you and I know that she doesn’t.’ his doctor had said bluntly



Was a slender lady in her late twenties, she wore really huge glasses that were even too big for her face. She had curly natural hair for a white girl and her skin was crimson.


‘Are you staring at me?’ she asked not even once removing her eyes from her tablet


‘What is there to look at?’ he asked bluntly


She smiled to herself knowing that once again she was doing the right thing, she was used to men calling her all sort of names because of the way she presented herself and she loved it that way. She wasn’t always like this, she never chose to be a counsellor. In her early twenties she had her life figured out, she knew what she wanted to do and exactly how she wanted to do it. But she fell in love, beyond her brains. She was on a tour to France and had made the one man she termed as a demi god, it’s like the gods had sent him and she was at his mercy. From the moment they met she never suppressed her feelings and he knowing that she could do anything for him was the worst mistake.


She abandoned her studies in the States and travelled back with him to his birth country in Spain, her mother was against this but who can tame a child in love? She squandered her life’s savings on trying to impress him and his family until she was eating their breadcrumbs, only then did she realize the kind of man that he was. He cheated on her numerous times, he made her abort a number of times, and making her guilty each time that she wasn’t exactly the mother figure.


Unknown to him she had ran into a counsellor on one of her aborting escapades, the lady had encouraged her to come to the clinic regularly and that is how she started her healing process. She was quick enough to accept her mistakes and that made the healing process much easier, in no time the clinic hired her on a part time basis and when they wanted to transfer her to the states she couldn’t be more thankful.


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She left Spain eight years ago and never looked back.


‘What is on your mind?’ Kaluba asked when he noticed how tightly she held her tummy


‘Hungry?’ she asked forcing a smile so as not to be caught ‘Sure.’


He had noticed this so many times, most times she drifted away and she was quick to change the subject. From the little information he gathered about her he knew that whatever her past held had not been totally forgotten. She lived in the shadow of her past and she knew too well that such people were dangerous. He knew this



because George had been the same, for years he wanted to revenge his sister’s death in the process hurting the people he loved.


‘Let me help with that.’ He said taking off her glasses She was caught unaware but did not protest.


‘There. You have pretty eyes, like my late sister’s.’ he said ‘You had a sister?’


‘I did, lost her years back.’


‘Tell me about her?’


‘Only on one condition.’




‘Have dinner with me.’More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App










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