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I Will Wait – Episode 22

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It was getting a little too chilly outside but I still didn’t have any intentions of going back inside the house, so I decided to call dad.


11:30pm was the time and I knew dad would probably be still in his study working on God knows what. I grabbed my phone and called him but it went unanswered twice.


‘This is strange.’ I said to myself


I called mum but then she did not pick up as well, so I decided to call my brother Yotam and this time he picked the call.


‘Munchkin.’ I said with relief


‘Hey Yoyo.’ He said with sleep in his voice ‘Did I wake you up?’ I asked feeling guilty


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‘It’s all good, Uncle George just dropped me home.’ ‘Dropped you home, this time?’


He hesitated before answering


‘Yotam I am talking to you.’ I said trying to keep calm


‘Well I was by his place and I wanted to spend the night there but I started feeling


sick so I decided to come back.’ He said


‘Yotam you are lying.’


‘Yoyo it is late, can I get some sleep?’ he asked


‘I want to talk to dad.’


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‘Call him.’ He responded


‘I have been doing just that but he is not picking.’ I responded sensing that something was not right


‘Well for your information some people sleep, he will call you tomorrow.’


‘I am Yolanta and dad picks up whatever time I call him so what are you saying?’ I asked


‘What makes you so special huh, we are all dad’s children and you always make it seem like you are the special one.’ He said ‘What is wrong with dad?’ I asked


You see every time Yotam went down this road with me I knew that something was totally wrong, yes I bragged about how I was dad’s favourite but not once did my siblings get jealous, maybe because I was even considered the weak one in the family.


‘Yotam I asked a question.’ I yelled


‘I am scared Yoyo.’ He cried


I felt a lump form on my throat, what could be wrong back home. Too many thoughts ran through my mind but I chose to wait for his response.


‘Calm down Yotam, please calm down.’


I heard him slowly compose himself before he began to speak again. ‘Dad has been sick Yoyo.’ He said trying hard to hold himself together ‘Sick? Since when?’ I asked


‘Well please I was told not to tell you anything but I just can’t keep it anymore.’ ‘Who are you talking to?’ I heard mum’s voice ask in the background There was silence.


‘Yotam let me talk to mum.’ I commanded but the line went dead


Now I was in a state of panic, who was I going to possibly talk to now? I searched through my phone back and landed on Uncle George’s line. I called without hesitating and he picked up on the first ring.


‘Yolanta I was about to call you.’ He said before I could even say a word ‘How is dad?’ I asked


‘What have you been told?’ he asked me back



‘Tell me what is happening to my father or I am driving to Lusaka this instant.’ I threatened


‘Yolanta I would advise you stay in Kabwe for at least another week until things settle here.’


‘I don’t have any relatives here and you expect me to stay another week knowing


too well that my father is not okay and none of you cares to tell me anything.’


‘Okay I am only telling you this because I don’t want you risking your life by


driving to Lusaka this late.’


‘I am all ears.’


‘Your mother showed up.’


‘What do you mean my mother?’


‘Quonnie, she showed up and has demanded that she gets to see you. Seems she is dying and that is her dying wish.’


I felt a wave of pain pass through me, this woman had the guts to show up after 25years and she expected me to just run into her hands like that?


‘Yolanta are you there?’


‘Yes Uncle














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