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I Will Wait – Episode 19

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There was silence in the room, no one dared to say a thing. The only sounds heard were those of mum’s silent cries. I knew that my brother hated me but not to this point. Growing up we had been the best of friends but I guess growing up changes people, at first we thought they were just hormones but he never changed.



I didn’t know what hurt me the most, the fact that he had slept with my fiancée or that he had cheated on Yolanta and he couldn’t even hide it.


‘So you think that by sleeping with your brother’s fiancé it makes you more man than him? Dad asked


He was about to respond but I cut short


‘Stop it Cornell, I have had enough for the day.’ I said settling back into my chair Many thoughts were running through my mind and I didn’t know if I would digest everything that I had just heard.


‘You cheated on me?’ I asked looking in Esther’s direction ‘Baby listen.’

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‘I think that question wasn’t at all right. Why did you do it Esther?’


‘I was a fool, it only happened once and I swear I was never going to do it again.’


‘That hasn’t answered my question.’


‘Corny I love you, I really do.’


‘But?’ I asked expecting that word


‘You are too rigid, you don’t want to have fun. You always want to be serious.’ I couldn’t help but laugh


‘Esther how long have we been together?’ ‘Two years.’


‘And in those two years how many times have I gone out of my way just to make you happy?’

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‘That is the problem, I don’t want you to go out of your way. I want you to be flexible.’ She said


‘Woman you knew I was like this when we met, woman you knew the things I like and I told you I would never do anything to hurt you as long as you stay true to me.’


‘Was it hard to just do the same for me?’ I asked ‘I am sorry.’


‘That is all you can say? You are sorry? After two years and all you can say is that you are sorry?’


Tears were flowing from her eyes, crocodile tears. I was hurt, I had loved Esther and had made it my personal mission to make my family love her. But here I was broken because she had managed to yet cause more damage to the already broken relationship that I shared with my brother.


‘It won’t happen again.’ she said


‘I know.’ I responded


Everyone turned to look at me



‘You can keep the ring.’ I said as I stood up to walk away ‘Cornelius you can’t do this to me, to us.’ She cried ‘Esther do not make me the man I am not.’ I said softly ‘We have a child on the way.’ She said


I looked at her remembering the many times she pushed me into engaging her, the mornings she woke up sick and sometimes moody; then smiled to myself.


Mum moved to where she was sitted and wrapped her hands around her. ‘My first grandchild.’ She cried


‘Son I am sorry but you know I don’t allow children outside wedlock.’ Dad said looking at me


‘I know dad, but I am afraid I am not responsible.’ ‘What do you mean?’ mum asked


‘I have dated Esther for two years but not once have we made love, or have you forgotten that my love?’ I asked looking in her direction


I moved away from them but just as I reached the door, I turned to look at them. ‘I do hope it’s not my brother’s.’




How could I have been careless, I had planned on sleeping with Corny on our wedding night and immediately throwing the pregnancy in his face but somewhere along the way that useless Kendra child just had to mess up everything. As he walked away, his mother slowly removed her hands from my body. The truth suddenly hitting me.


‘I will be in my room, I guess your son has managed to ruin our lives again.’ His father said


‘You know he is yours too.’ She responded


‘I question that every night.’ He said and walked out Now it was just myself, Cornell, his mother and Yolanta. ***


Every mother wants the best for her children, she wants to be able to look at them and say I raised them right. She wants to be able to show them to the world because they are the fruits of her womb. But then again they are those children who no matter how much society degrades them you still hold them dear, because only a mother knows the joy of holding her child the first time.


Being able to push so hard just so the new fragile infant can be brought to life. I always had a soft spot for Cornell, not because my husband saw him as the black sheep but because despite his ways I saw good in him. He had hurt me so many



times, broken my heart in ways that couldn’t be mended but I had still welcomed him back home. But here he was, hurting me for the hundredth time.


‘Where did I go wrong with you?’ I asked as tears freely falled ‘Mum I tried.’


‘You did not try enough Cornell, your brother’s fiancée really?’ ‘Mum I only said those things to hurt him and dad.’


‘To hurt your own family?’ I asked as I looked at him ‘They hurt me too’


‘Why do you think I am always on your side despite the things you have done to break my heart in pieces?’


He kept quite


‘Well because I love you and I was really hoping that my love would be strong enough to make you a better child, but I guess it wasn’t.’ ( Topster Stories App) Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


‘Mum what are you saying?’


‘I am leaving this in your hands Cornell, mend what has been broken. I am done.’ I said before walking away.











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