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I Will Wait – Episode 17

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There is no greater betrayal than that caused by the people you love, there is no pain as bitter as losing the one you have loved to someone you called your friend.


‘Hai.’ He said pulling me from the back


‘This has to come to an end Cornell.’ I told him without looking into his eyes


‘It just started.’


‘Nothing has started.’ I snapped


‘Don’t tell me you didn’t like what we had last night.’


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‘Seriously nothing happened, you know I didn’t give myself to you.’


‘Some day you will, maybe when we are married.’ He said


‘Cornell Kazadi are you out of your mind?’ I asked this time looking at him



‘Don’t tell me you want to let this go, don’t tell me you don’t feel sane around me. Don’t tell me you don’t want to go wild with me and make mistakes with me.’


I cut him short before he could even finish speaking, standing on my toes as I reached for his lips.


‘We have to do this in private.’ He said moving away from me


‘Exactly, it is bad enough that we are doing this so let us stay away from each other.’ I said before walking away


‘By the way this is Zambia and certain things are not allowed.’ I said without turning back

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‘Like what?’


‘This.’ I responded shutting the door in his face


I saw from his corner of his eye that he was staring at me, I had made a decision and it was final. I wasn’t going to cause any drama this weekend, the Kazadi’s looked like good people and the last thing I wanted was to ruin their reunion.




I was so lost in thought that I didn’t see Cornelius standing behind me.


‘Hai.’ I said when he sat next to me


‘You have been staring at the pond for some time now.’


‘How long have you been standing there?’ I asked


‘Enough to know that you have a lot on your mind.’ He responded


There was silence between us, I didn’t know if I was supposed to bring up what happened last night or maybe just brush it off but then the air between us would be weird and I just wanted to let him know that we couldn’t have anything more.



‘Have you ever read the story Joys of being his mistress?’ he asked


I couldn’t help but laugh, yes I had read it before but I didn’t know why he was bringing this up.


‘I have.’


‘Good.’ He responded


*More silence*


‘Who was your favourite character?’


‘I liked the man, he certainly knew what he was doing.’ I responded recalling the story I had read years back which at some point made me feel like going out with a man who is committed is okay as long as you know how to stay in your lane.


‘Would you say, you would go out with a man who is committed?’


‘I would be desperate to do that.’ I said without even blinking


He held me by my neck and made my face to turn in his direction.


‘I don’t know what you are doing to me but it has a strong effect on me.’ He said


‘You have to fight it.’ I said as I turned to look at the pond again


‘I don’t think I want to fight it.’


‘Cornelius all this isn’t right.’


‘I like it when you call me by my full name Yolanta.’


I just smiled a little, my cheeks flushing a colour that sold me out.



‘Nothing is ever right my lady, we just decide which one outweighs the other.’ He said


‘By that you mean?’


‘Esther is not perfect but she hasn’t wronged me in any way neither are you and somehow I want you.’


‘You are selfish!’


‘And you are naïve for choosing to play this little game with my brother.’


I turned to face him.


‘I am sorry but I overheard everything, you don’t love him anymore and this is just a façade to show my parents that you are both happy.’


‘Is that the reason why you have been after me? You think you and your brother can just toss me around?’ I asked now screaming


‘Calm down, you got it all wrong. I am not playing with you Yolanta.’


‘Unlike you Cornell is not engaged and just maybe I might decide to be with him once more.’


‘Boo woh Yolanta, great speech!’ Kendra said


‘Princess leave us alone.’ Cornelius ordered


‘I am not going anywhere, she is a whore for wanting to mess with two brothers. If it were up to me I would have sent you packing but because I don’t want to ruin my parents anniversary I would suggest you stay away from Cornelius because he is engaged to marry.’ She said this time upset


‘Princess!’ Cornelius ordered


‘Come on, you know she is a whore.’



I felt the hot tears run down my cheeks, I don’t know why this was happening to me but I wasn’t going to stay in this house and watch everyone humiliate me.


I thought of Wane, the only one I could trust so I ran to the house with the tears still streaming down my face.


I went straight to the room she was sharing with Kendra. I went in but no one was in there, just as I was about to leave; I heard voices coming from the bathroom.


‘What happened between us was a onetime thing and it will never happen again Esther.’


‘Cornell please, I am a grown woman and can satisfy all your wildest desires.’


‘I love Yolanta, I can never betray her again.’ He said


‘Oh really, and last night? That was you proving that you love her right?’ she asked him


‘What are you talking about?’ he asked


‘I saw her little sister getting out of your room. Or are you going to deny it?’


There was silence


‘Yolanta cannot have knowledge of this.’ He said almost pleading


‘Then satisfy me once again.’


I heard little noises, probably kisses they were giving to each other. I felt numb in my knees


They looked startled when they saw me after coming into the room; their clothes almost torn apart.


‘Yoyo.’ He began



‘Forget it.’ I said as calmly as possible


I walked back to his room and started packing my clothes, I wasn’t going to stay here and allow them to insult me and humiliate me like this.


‘Come in.’ I said in between sobs when the knock at the door kept getting harder.More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


‘You are leaving?’ Mrs Kazadi asked


‘I need to least I ruin your anniversary.’ I responded wiping the tears off my face


‘You know growing up I have seen so many things, I am at an age where I understand a lot of things better than you kids. Whilst you are here feeling like crucifying your sister remember you are messing with another lady’s man.’ She said


‘I saw it all last night.’ She said when I stopped to look at her


‘I don’t know how you kids will sort this out but remember messing with another lady’s man doesn’t make you holier because you haven’t been caught unlike the one caught in the act.’











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