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High School Mum – Episode 7

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(I love her like that)










⏪Taylor POV⏩


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Getting to school the next day, I tried to concentrate on what’s going on but no, my mind keep drifting to the question Avala asked me last night.


Who is asking her this questions?


For a girl of her age that, it means someone asked her about it before.


I need to be careful, for the mean time I will stay here in Korea I don’t want the students to know that I’m a mother.


Just then ‘the armies’ came inside the class.


Everywhere became silent since suger is around.


Jun sat besides me, he doesn’t look good.


His he sick?

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It’s weird I’m concerned about him.


I just care because he’s the owner of this school, if anything happens to him this school is gone too.


He doesn’t even have a child yet.


He keeps holding his chest on intervals. He is very sick, but which sickness is that?


I couldn’t concentrate, the thought of Jun filled my mind.



Why am I thinking of him?


I looked at him and I can see tears in his eyes.


His he crying?




Whatever the matter is, I hope his okay.


⏩Miso POV⏪


That Taylor of a girl, how dare she call me ugly.


She called the most beautiful face in Juner high ugly, is she blind?


She humiliated me in front of the students.


Who does she think she is?


I know almost every member of this class, their family and everything concerning them.


But Taylor, I don’t know anything about her, all we know is that she is Taylor Kim, from america.


I need to find out that thing she’s hiding, that thing that makes her leave america and come to Korea, I must find out.


Your secret must be found out Taylor Kim.


⏩Jun POV⏪


Doctor Lee told me that I have just three months to stay in this world.



If I want a donor, it would have been found since, but no, I don’t want someone who will donate his/her kidney to me for the sake of money.


I want someone who will do it because she wants to, because I am me.


The pains is getting stronger day by day.


Doctor Lee’s drugs ain’t doing anything


The boys does not even know about my sickness, they don’t have any idea that I’m sick.


I also don’t want them to find out.


The school day ends and I was coming out of the school with the boys.


The boys entered the limousine, while I went to my car.


Just then my phone ranged, I looked at the caller and it was Jay.


“Hello Jay” I greeted.


“Jun, about our discussion yesterday, you said her name is Taylor Kim? He asked “Yes, Taylor Kim ” I said.


“Well I know her, hope she haven’t caused any problems in your school”he asked.


“No, tell me about her.


“She is a very stubborn girl here in beacon hills, unfortunately for her she was raped and she quit school, I heard she had a baby girl “Jay said.


“Raped? I asked not sure of my ears.


“Yes, and she have a daughter of about three years old now”Jay said.


“Okay, thanks”I said disconnecting the call.


Taylor have a child?


Is that why she is always quite?


I saw her coming out of the school and jail a cab.


I entered my car and followed the cab.


Within some minutes the cab pulled up in front of a school.


She came down from the cab and went inside the school, shortly she came out with a very beautiful girl.


I came down from my car and immediately Taylor saw me she hide her daughter behind her.


“What are you doing here”she asked nervously.


“We have to talk” I said to her.


Her daughter looked at me and frowned


“What’s your name? She asked


“June, but call me Jun” I replied.


“Daddy! She shouted running towards me, I bent down to her size and she hugged me tight.


I don’t know why she’s calling me her father but I guess she needs me.


I looked at Taylor and she was crying profusely.


“Daddy, you won’t leave me again right? She asked


“I won’t leave you my princess ” I said and carried her up.


We left for her house, after Ava has fallen asleep she drew me out of the house.


“What do you think you’re doing? She asked angrily.


“What am I doing? I asked innocently.


“Stop giving her false hopes, stop pretending to be her dad it makes me look pathetic, please I’m begging you, I’d Care how you find out but please, don’t do this again ” she said slamming the door behind her.


I just want to help, I know she’s sad, I know its not easy to raise a child alone.


I just……. Just want to help her.


Why do I felt hurt by her words?


⏪Taylor POV⏩


Oh my gosh!


How did he find out?


I shouldn’t have talked to him like that.


I’m sorry, you wanted to help me but I chased you away instead.


I’m deeply sorry Jun.


I don’t know how or what my heart is saying but one thing am sure about is that I like you.


You’re the first guy I’m feeling something for, weird right?


I think am in love with you Jun.


This crazy Taylor, this mother of one is in love with you.


I don’t deserve you, I hope someone better, someone that worth you will come your way.


My feelings are nothing bit trash.


T. B. C.

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