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High School Mum – Episode 4

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(I love her like that)










⏩Taylor’s POV⏪

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“Mommy ain’t you taking me with you? Avala asked.


I don’t know, am just confused I can’t leave Ava here, I will be lonely.


I bent to her size and cupped up her chin.


“Of course I will sweetie, you and mommy will be going to Korea” I said.


“Are we going to see daddy? She asked taking me unaware.


“Em…. Em honey, daddy went on a business trip, when he comes back you will


see him” I said fighting back the tears that already gathered in my eyes.


Am sorry my child, you are just too young to understand.

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“Okay mommy “she said and peck me.


Such a smart kid.


“Ava, you and grandma will be doing some shopping today, now let’s go ” mom said.


I don’t know what I would have done without my mom by my side, that woman is


a rare gem .


Later in the day, when am trying to do some packing, Allison visited.


“Hey babe” she greet pecking me.


“Hi” I said, I still feel ashamed talking to her.


“Come on Taylor, what’s with the look on your face, I know you feel awkward talking to me after everything that has happened but hey, i don’t mind am still Allison your bestie nothing has changed okay? She said



“I know you care for me and I appreciate that, I just wanna say thank you for everything, since I would be going to Korea we won’t be seeing each other for a very long time, I will miss you ” I said as tears streams down my cheek.


Allison was speechless, she was surprised and angry at the same time.


“You mean, you have this type of plan in your head and you refused to tell me? Taylor you’re leaving me here in California? She asked tearing up.


“Am sorry Allison, I just decide about it today, I planned on telling you but here you are”I said.


“Don’t feed me that shit Taylor, the truth is that you never planned to tell me anything, it’s just a slip of tongue”she said


“Anyways, I forgive you, I know that you need a change of environment and am cool with that”Allison said.




“I hope you find the one you love there”Allison said smiling.


“Love? For a man? I hate men” I said zipping my bag.


“Let see then”Allison said.


⏪Taylor’s mom POV⏩



Am happy about Taylor’s decision, at least she decided to take her daughter along with her.


I was scared before, thinking that she will develop hatred for Ava, but as things got twisted, she loved Ava more than her own life.


Taylor went through series of pains while she was pregnant, she really suffered.



I never thought that I will have a grandchild so early though am still happy, my child is just so beautiful.


“Thanks for bringing back happiness into your mother’s life”I said pecking her.


Taylor and her daughter left America for Korea.


She stayed in her father’s house there in Seoul.


With the little money her parents gave to her, she took some in it and start school for her daughter.


When her daughter want to start school, she sat her down.


“Avala, I know you are still young to understand what I’m about to say, but the little bit you understand, please work with it”she said


“Beware of little boys, they can destroy someone’s life, be sure of the type of people you talk to, just be careful my child “Taylor said crying


“It’s okay mommy, I will be careful, stop crying now” Ava said while Taylor smiled.


For the past few weeks that Taylor start living in Korea, she never talk to anyone except her daughter, whenever she need something she just bought it and leave immediately.








The armies are Korean band group, made up of six boys.


Jun is the leader of the group, he is kindhearted, cute and above all he helps the needy.


Tho some people still see’s him as an arrogant jerk.



Jun is the owner of Juner high, tho he is the owner of the school, he still went to the school and stay in the same class with others, he love keeping a low profile.


Only his dressing will show you that he is an idol.


Jun is a quite type, you rarely hear him say a word, also he never dated any girl before to the extent that some paparazzi even makes it seems like he is a gay.


Taylor applied for Juner high and luckily, she was accept to the school.


⏩Taylor’s POV⏪


Juner high is a popular school know internationally.


It is my dream school.


Being accepted to that school is to me like gaining visa to France.


After I dropped Ava in her school, I rushed home to prepare mine.


The school uniform is just so short.


I rushed to the school, oh my gosh I’m late on my first day in school.


The cab dropped me in front of the school.


I rushed to the school compound and immediately I made to enter the principals office I bumped into someone.


“Why are they so many bad luck here in Korea,”I yelled and look up.


And the Armies we’re the one staring at me.


I bumped into the leader in person.


Oh my bad, am done for.



Taylor think …. Think of something I said hitting my head.


I raise my head again and our eyes met.


“Are you a new student?




Who do you think asked that question?


What will be the fate of Taylor at Juner high?

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