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High School Mum – Episode 2

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The next morning at beacon hills high school.

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Students gathered around murmuring inaudible words to themselves.


“Omg, what happened to Taylor? A student asked.


“Whatever happened to her will teach her a lesson, she act too bossy”another student said.


Just then christian and his friends came to the place.


“Whoa, whoa, isn’t this the great Taylor kim? Christian asked mockingly while others laughed.


“Come on, let video her and upload in the school blog” Brian said bringing out his cellphone.


In a matter of minutes, different cellphones were seen videoing Taylor.


Taylor woke up and saw herself laying on the ground with lot of cellphones videoing her.

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“Wha…. What the heck is going on”she stuttered checking herself.



“Oh my, Taylor what happened to you “Allison who is just noticing the scene said rushing to her.


“I don’t know “was what she could say.


Allison help her up, but she felt pains all over her body.


When she turned to walk away she heard students laughing at her.


“Jeez, was she raped? A student asked.


“Taylor Kim was raped in the school premises, great” Another student said while others laughed.


“Allison, tell me this is not true, It is not true is it? Taylor asked hot tears gushing down her cheek.


“Taylor how did this happened? Allison asked sadly.


Just as the students keep videoing the scene, the school manager came.


“Guys, to your various classes”she said sternly.


Within some minutes students disperse.


“Allison Bernardino, help Taylor Kim to my office “she said walking away. Taylor POV


“Tell me this is not true”I said to the school manager after I was taking to the school health lab for test and it was confirmed that I was raped.


“Tell me this is not true”I said crying profusely.


“I’m sorry miss kim, but this is the truth “the school manager said.



“Taylor, this is the truth, I told you to be conscious of the people you have issues with, now see what happened “Allison said crying.


“This can’t be, am frustrated, am ruin for life, what will be of me, my education, what will my parents think of me.


“Taylor, let’s go home”Allison said and they went out of the lab.


The news is already all over beacon hills and the school around.


“Look at her, there she is” a student said pointing at me.


Oh God take me will you?


I got home and met my mom already crying, she saw the news already, I felt ashamed of myself.


“Have you see what I have been telling you? You can’t listen, you just can’t “she said crying hard.


“I’m sorry mom” I said bowing my head.


“What a shameful act is this, let me tell you one thing, and listen carefully, as soon as this semester come to an end, you are going to Korea” my dad said


“What! Dad I don’t want to go there”I said.


“Let see then” he said walking out on me.


Christian POV


“We did it guys, she can’t stand the shame “I said while they laughed.


“Christian, what if she get pregnant “Brian asked.


“She can’t, besides even if she get pregnant, she didn’t know that I raped her”I said nonchalantly.



“You are right, pregnant or not we have teach her a big lesson “Austin said smiling.


“Yea, that bitchy bitch need some sense”I said smiling.


Taylor was so embarrassed with herself.


She stayed indoor for some days, refusing to go to school.


She just can’t stand the shame of people mocking her.


The next week Allison visited.


Allison POV


I know the pain Taylor is going through right now, it’s embarrassing.


She haven’t been in school for quite some time now.


I need to check up on her, at least to booze her up a little.


She didn’t do it intentionally, so she shouldn’t feel ashamed of herself.


“Taylor, you need to go to school, you have missed alot”I said to her.


“Allison, you know me more than any other person, you know I hate embarrassment, I can’t go back to that school, not now”she said.


“Taylor, do you know that some ate happy because you quit coming to school, you are going to school tomorrow and that is it”I said standing up.


“Okay I will do as you say”she said.


Taylor went to school the next day, and the rumor that have already died down started again.



“She is in school, she isn’t even ashamed of herself “a student said glaring at Taylor.


“Hey bitch watch your stinky mouth, I won’t take any insult from any of you, listen and listen good, I will cut off you tongue “she said walking to her seat.


After taylor’s encounter with that girl, no one bothers or abuse her again.


Taylor’s life became normal just like before.


She have forgotten about the rape incident until one day.


“Taylor, we are late already”her mom shouted from the door.


“Give me a minute mom”Taylor said checking herself out.


Taylor went out to meet her mom after she was through with her checkings.


“You look great honey”her mother complimented her.



“Ooh, am blushing thanks mom” Taylor said.


“Let go” her mom said taking a step down the stairs.


Just then Taylor rushed back to her room, she slammed the bathroom door behind her.


Few minutes later she came out looking like someone who performed a marathon race.



“What was that? Her mom asked.



“What do you mean mom, what is what


“Are you pregnant?


Do you think that Taylor is pregnant too?






? She asked back.



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