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Her Personal Taste – Episode 2

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Her Personal Taste



(Love Triangle )



Written by Authoress Jenny



Not edited


Chapter 2


Kyle pov

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After eating i packed the dishes


“Thanks kyle i really enjoyed it “she said and i smiled


“Go get ready i have a shoot in two hours”she added before i left the room


I went into my room and locked the door properly before running into the shower Robots dont bath ,i hope she dosent catch me one day


After taking i bath ,i wore one of the clothes she bought for me and brushed my hair


I checked my self out and i look perfect


I waited for sometime before going out


she was also coming out of her room ,damn she looks so beautiful

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immediately she saw me her jaw dropped ,i walked to her and lifed her jaw up with my hand and she flushed with embarrassment


“shall we”i said and she nodded


“You look beautiful “i said to her sa we entered the car and she blushed


“You dont look bad either”she replied


With directions we arrived at the venue for her shoot


Luckily her director already made arrangement for us on how to enter that the reporters wont fill everywhere


she introduced me some of her associate ,and soon the shoot began while i sat down and watched them


I have always watched jenny movies but never in my life did i ever belief i will be right her watching her live


After hours into the shoot ,,she kept running to me a planting a kiss on my cheek ,no wonder shes an actress because we behaved like real couples


Soon they called it a wrap and we were set to leave before the director walked up to us


“Jenny there will be a new person in the movie ,his name is Albert stewart “the director said


“Wow ,i have been looking forward to work with him “jenny said smiling


Yeah i also know albert stewart a popular actor like jenny ,handsome and all that but i dont like him or his movies


“so when is he coming “jenny asked with so much exictment in her voice



“His already here”the manager said and jenny’s eye widen


“who do we have here”albert said walking towards us with his bouncers following him


“Nice to meet you”jenny said smiling


He took Jenny’s hand and kissed it and jenny blushed



Show off


“finally i get to work with the city sweetheart”he said and jenny blushed


“Albert meet my boyfriend kyle “jenny said and alberto looked at me


Finally they remembered me i thought,i was beginning to think i was invisible


“Nice to meet you kyle”he said and we handshaked while i force out a smile


“Jenny you and albert will be working together ,so you guys need to make out time and get to know each other properly “the director said


“Well i will be looking forward to that “albert said


“How about i buy you lunch tomorrow “he said


“That will be great “jenny replied




Jenny pov


I couldnt be more exicted that i will be working with Albert ,his been an actor for like ten years and i have always looked forward to work with him


His handsome ,well not as handsome as kyle,well i cant use him to compare with kyle since kyle is a robot and robots are handsome because they are made



i agreed immediately he asked to my me lunch tomorrow because i will be having the opportunity to know more about a celebrity like me


Soon kyle and i arrived back home ,and i went i to my room to change


The event that happened earlier came back


Gosh first he saw me in transparent nightie and later he caught me drolling that he had to close my mouth


That was my most embarrassing moment ever


Since his a robot i dont even know if i should be bothered


I quickly took a shower and head downstairs when a sweet aroma hit my nose Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com by using the floating social media icon buttons .


Kyle is at it again ,i walked to the kitchen and watched him while he cooked ,gosh why is this guy not human ,he is everything i want and desired


“Hungry”he said and i nodded


“Just give me five minutes”he said and i nodded


Soon i finished eating and we sat down together in the sitting room watching movies,when two people began kissing


“Kyle” i called softly and he looked at me


“have you ever kissed someone”i said


“Yes on the cheek”he said smiling


“I dont mean that ,i mean on the lips”i said touching his lips


“no “he replied shyly



“Close your eyes “i said and he did


i placed my lips on his and kissed him passionately


I need no soothsayer to tell me that i have fallen inlove with a robot in just two days


I broke the kiss and placed my head on his laps and slept off


To be cotinued ……..


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