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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 40

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I managed to open the door and the sight I saw broke my heart, Azure was on the floor with blood oozing from her leg and Melisa was curled up into a ball and she looked like someone who had just lost her mind.


‘What have you done?’ I asked her as tears rolled down my cheeks but she couldn’t even look at me


I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen towel, I used it to carry the gun then I placed it safely in one of the kitchen drawers before I locked the kitchen all together.


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Afterwards I carried Azure to the spare bedroom and called the family doctor to come over, I could have taken her to the hospital but being a gun shot I knew I would have been required to provide a police report and that would mean turning my wife in; and I wasn’t ready to do that. On the other hand I didn’t trust her with herself so I had to be there to watch her movements.


I had told the doctor that the case was critical so he came prepared, he had come with two nurses and in a few minutes they had turned the spare bedroom into a surgical room and I was asked to stay outside.


I stood in the living room, making circles around the room.



‘You are walking in my brain.’ Melisa muttered under her breath, speaking for the first time but I ignored her


‘I said, you are walking in my brain!’ she said more strongly


I stopped then she started to rock herself back and forth as she held her head. I felt my heart shutter, I didn’t have to be told twice that my wife had lost her mind.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


The doctor and the nurses were out of the spare bedroom an hour later. ‘How is she?’ I asked


‘Whoever shot her is a professional, the bullet didn’t reach any vital organs but she still needs good medical facilities.’ He said and I knew exactly what he meant

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‘I wouldn’t hurt her.’ Melisa said causing all of us to turn around ‘Is she okay?’ the doctor asked me


‘Yes she is.’ I lied


I wired the money into his account and thanked him for his services, I decided to use another doctor to check on Azure the days that followed because I didn’t want to be asked questions. As time went by Melisa got worse, she would talk to herself and run around the house na.ked, some days she would pretend to be me and other days she would just be quiet without saying anything to me. **


‘So.’ Both Azure and I said at the same time


I had driven her to the airport, she was leaving for South Africa and that would be her home. I was genuinely happy for her because she had seen some really dark days here and I had contributed greatly.


‘I have no doubt that you will be great where you are going, they are actually lucky to be hiring you.’ I said shoving my hands deeper into my pockets


She smiled lightly but I could see that it was genuine She looked at her watch.


‘You should be leaving now.’


‘Yah.’ She responded getting the case from my hands ‘Azure I am sorry.’ I said


She moved closer and touched my cheek


‘We made a share of our own mistakes, hurting each other in the process. What’s been done is done and we can’t continue crying over spilt milk. It is time to move on.’ She said warmly


‘I wish it was that easy.’ I told her rubbing her hand


‘You are a strong person Jason, I don’t think I can survive what you have been going through.’ She said



I knew what she meant, I had enrolled the kids into a boarding school because I knew it would break their tiny hearts seeing their mother in that state.


‘Thank you for not going pyscho on me, I needed the sanity that you offered.’ ‘I was a good side chick wasn’t I?’ she joked causing me to laugh


‘Another time another place I would have loved to get to know you Azure, you are a good lady and I have no doubt that the man that will sweep you off your feet will be lucky.’


She smiled


‘Take care of yourself okay.’ I said as I embraced her






By this time she was out of my embrace


‘Admit her into a health facility, she needs all the help she can get.’ I shook my head


‘That will be me admitting that she is sick.’


‘And she is Jason, I know you love Melisa but you have got to do this for her.’ She said sternly


‘I will think about it.’


‘Jason it has been six months, what else is there to think about?’ ‘But.’


‘Here, I know a good doctor. It isn’t her specialty but I am certain that she will be able to work with Melisa just fine. Give her a call.’ She said handing me a card


I took it and watched as she walked away, when she had disappeared I turned the card to check the number. I knew I had to do this, I had been battling with myself for a while. I knew just what I had to do but accepting that she was crazy was just crazy on it’s on.


I got into the vehicle and decided to go to Mandahill, I had to buy groceries I also decided to use this time to call the doctor.


‘Dr. Chikombola’s office.’ The voice said on the other end of the line I was quiet, the voice sounded familiar


‘Anyone there?’ she asked


I cleared my throat


‘Sorry, good afternoon doctor.’


‘Good afternoon Mr. Mtonga.’ She said


‘I have been waiting for your call.’ She quickly added


‘Well it took a lot of courage to do this.’ I responded honestly ‘It always takes courage.’ She said



We talked for a while and she told me she would come home the following morning. True to her word, she was there by eight O’clock. ‘We meet again.’ She said


I smiled weakly opening the door for her to come in.


She walked in with her hands in her coat, she looked around the place before I asked her to seat.


‘Anything to drink?’


‘No thank you I am fine.’


There was some silence between us.


‘You do know you are doing this for her right?’ she asked I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.


‘It is hard enough seeing her like that.’


‘You have got to let her heal, allow us to help her.’


I allowed the tears that I had been holding in for six months to pour, not once had I thought that things would get to this. But above all else I still loved her.


‘What guarantee do I have that she will be fine?’


‘Faith is the substance for things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ‘What does that even mean?’ I asked


‘In the phrase faith is the substance of things hoped for, Paul is saying Faith is the foundation for what we hope, the foundation for our relationship with God and everything that it implies within His purpose. Faith is the very beginning of everything that really matters spiritually. By saying that it is the evidence or assurance of things hoped for, the author comes much closer to defining what faith is. In its simplest form, faith is merely belief. As our understanding becomes more complex and operative, when we begin to put faith to work, it becomes confidence, and finally, in its best form, when it becomes fully operational, it is trust. This trust, this full measure of faith, is alive and works within our relationship with God.’ She paused


‘Do you believe in God Mr. Mtonga?’ she asked ‘Well I do, I know he created me.’


‘Get yourself together and make amends with your God.’ She said now on her feet. ‘We will take it from here.’


I walked to the bedroom and got Melisa, I walked slowly with her.


‘Hey Melisa.’ The doctor said but Mel didn’t smile instead looked at me with worry


‘You will be fine baby.’ I said but she was looking scared ‘You will be fine.’ I said more to myself than her.’

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‘Jason I don’t want to go away, I am not crazy.’ She said speaking to me for the first time in six months


‘No you are not but the good doctor here will help us.’


‘Jason please.’ She begged tears rolling down her eyes but I looked away as she was taken.


This was my life, I loved my wife and I was committed to her, I had made my share of mistakes but before God, our friends and our family I had vowed to remain with her till death did us part and I would do just that.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


This was my story and I was going to make it right, my mistake was thinking that Melisa was flawless and that is why when I saw the other side of her it left me in a cold and dark place. Good isn’t good enough and had I known earlier maybe things would have been different but it wasn’t time to cry over spilt milk. Marriage is not all roses and accepting another’s flaws is one of the best ways to live an honest and happy life, my wife portrayed herself as flawless, I don’t blame her because her past was too dark; even upto now I am still trying to accept that it is her past. My names are Jason Mtonga and I am trying to build from what is broken.




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