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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 39

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I woke up in the early hours so I could have my laundry done, I had just gotten myself a new job in South Africa and I was expected to travel the following day. It came at a time when I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore, I still had my old job but I couldn’t go back there because it reminded me so much of the many bad decisions I had made in the past months.


I removed the beddings from the bed and walked to the back yard where I was going to do my laundry from. I was half way done when I heard a loud knock on the door, which was strange because I rarely received visitors and I didn’t have too many friends.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Yes?’ I said to the man that was standing outside when I opened the door ‘Ms. Mwila?’ he asked


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‘Yes please.’ I responded with a blank face


‘I have a parcel for you. If you may sign here.’ He said removing a pen and showing me where I had to sign on the note pad.



I signed and I watched him leave before getting back into the house. I opened it with care as it wasn’t indicated where it was coming from.


I found a flash drive nicely wrapped in a box and I couldn’t help but wonder who had sent it or what was on it. I didn’t allow my curiosity to get the better of me so I went back to my laundry then cleaned the house thoroughly. By the time I was taking my bath I was feeling like the weight of the world had fallen on my shoulders.


It was only after dressing up that I remembered the flash drive so I decided to plug it to my PC to see what was on it.


When I opened it there was only one file and it looked like a video so I hit the play button.


There was darkness on the screen before a figure that I recognized was shown. ‘I hope you are not expecting that nonsense of; if you are watching this then I am dead.’ Oswald paused then drunk from a bottle of alcohol


‘Well Azure if you are watching this it means I am dinning and wining with the devil himself.’ He said before laughing

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The way he laughed I could have sworn that I felt him in the same room as I was as it sent chills down my spine.


‘I am sorry about that, let me try to get a little serious.’ He said laughing again ‘Azure you are a really nice lady but you messed with the wrong woman, I don’t know why you felt the need to get close to Jason because honestly Melisa is someone that you don’t want to mess with. I am here telling you all this because I feel bad about the things that you have gone through, from the accident to losing your baby.’ He said then paused


I felt my stomach turn, I was still not over the fact that I had lost my baby and it being mentioned now just made me feel a kind of way.


‘Melisa is.’ He paused


‘She is a good woman who had a dark past and in as much as I love her, and I have helped her do everything she has done; I feel you have the right to know that she is the mastermind behind your accident which was no accident. I am telling you this because I don’t want you to keep questioning yourself how you couldn’t protect your child or anything.’


I didn’t hear the rest of the things he said because my blood was boiling and I felt like something had just added an amount of crazy in my system.


I picked up my car keys and drove to Jason’s apartment, I had driven past it so many times whilst running errands so it wasn’t difficult getting there. I found the



security guard by the gate, he asked for my identification but I drove past him and opened the front door.


Melisa was pointing a gun towards Jason when I walked in and in that moment all I wanted to do was grab the gun from her hands and kill her a million times over. ‘Three is a party, see who just joined us?’ Melisa asked now her focus on me


I wanted to respond but Jason beat me to it ‘Azure get out of here.’ He said


‘I am not going anywhere, your crazy wife and I have unsettled issues.’ I said pushing him out and I locked the door


‘I had no idea that you are this dumb.’ She said the gun pointing at me but I didn’t show any fear, I had lost a child to her craziness and if I had to die today in this room with her then so it would be.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘You seduced my husband, had him get you pregnant; I almost lost my marriage and now you are here; to do what exactly?’ she asked


‘I have never met anyone as insane as you, you need psychological help.’ I said ‘Help from what exactly? I have been a good wife to my husband not once did I ever make him feel like he had to go out there to look for comfort in another until you came along.’


‘Melisa I have no justification for having an affair with your husband, yes I had sex with him and it was just that. We don’t even love each other, it happened and it can’t be undone but you causing the death of my child; now that is extreme.’ I said breathing heavily


‘Oh so you found out.’ She said without remorse in her voice


‘What sort a human are you? I mean why would you do that to another woman?’ I


asked now feeling my insides break


She laughed


‘You brought this upon yourself Azure, you messed with the wrong man and trust me I would have done worse to you and I am just glad your child didn’t survive.’ ‘You need help Melisa, you need serious help am afraid not even Jason can be your saving grace.’ I said trying to open the door.


‘You have no idea what Jason is to me, without him I am nothing but a shadow of myself. I am nothing but the same old person that I keep running away from.’ ‘Melisa you have been trying to drown your demons but they learnt to swim. You have gat to learn to stand on your own, you have gat to face your demons head on and only then will you be saved. But until then I am going to make sure you go down for all the crimes you commited.’ I said this time unlocking the door


I was about to walk out when I felt a bullet hit my leg and I fell to the ground.


‘Melisa.’ I said looking at her


‘I didn’t want to do this.’ She said as if losing her mind


She sat down and curled herself in a ball, holding herself tightly and crying like a child. For some reason even in my state I felt sorry for her. Sorry that she had to battle herself from within.
















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