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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 38

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1|07|18 (Unedited)








The past two weeks had been really tough for me, I had tried to get in touch with Melisa but she kept avoiding my calls. I was really hoping that she would come to my rescue after everything that had gone wrong but she kept telling me that she didn’t want to have anything to do with me because her life was going just fine.


I picked up my fifth bottle of Miller and walked out of the house, if she didn’t want to see me then I would force her into seeing me.


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I was struggling to walk but I didn’t mind because I just wanted to let everything out of my chest.


I fidgeted with the keys before I could put them in the ignition.


‘Melisa if you don’t want to see me I will make sure that you face me.’ I said laughing to myself.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


I drove out of the yard after much struggle with reversing then got into the main road.


I picked up my phone and dialed her number again and this time she picked up. ‘Oswald what do you want?’ she asked


I restrained myself from laughing


‘IS that how you greet your future husband?’ I asked


‘Oswald if you don’t tell me why you are calling I swear I will cut this line.’


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‘Melisa honey what happened to us? What happened to everything we shared? The bond that we swore would never die?’


I could hear her breathe on the other end of the line.


‘Oswald we both have different priorities now, you don’t except us to be the way we used to be.’ She said without much emotion


‘And these priorities, you couldn’t include me huh?’ I asked with bitterness in my voice


‘Oswald you know where I stand, you know I am a married woman with kids and being close to you would have raised suspicions.’


I kept quiet trying to digest everything what she had said, I was still drinking from my bottle and this time I was on the sixth one. I kept swaying away from the road as the alcohol was getting deeper in my system.


‘Melisa I never stopped loving you.’ I said now crying ‘Oswald are you drunk?’


‘What does it matter to you? I am telling you the truth and how I feel, that is all that should matter right now.’ I said almost yelling


‘I think this is goodbye Oswald, the fact that I haven’t told the cops about the cameras that you installed in our house which led into my husband being suspended from work makes us even.’


This time I missed a hump but I was still drinking from the bottle.




‘Yes even Oswald.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘IS this what it has been to you Melisa? I loved you from the very beginning, I found you when your father was abusing you. I took you in when you were the cruelest, I still loved you and never judged you and this is the appreciation I get? You making it sound like a game?’


I paused


‘Even huh?’ I asked more to myself than her


‘Oswald that is the old me, I am not that person anymore. I have changed and what you need is help, I am trying to live with my demons so the best you can do is get some help.’


‘Now you think I am crazy?’ I asked


‘Oswald I am sorry but this is the last you are hearing of me.’ ‘Is that so?’ I asked drinking from the bottle again ‘Yes.’ She said


I could hear her sniffing on the other end, it was like she was crying but I wasn’t going to allow her tears to destroy my plans.



‘How will your husband like it knowing that you are the one responsible for Azure’s epitomic pregnancy?’ I asked


‘Oswald you wouldn’t dare.’ She said the tone of her voice changing ‘Oh yes I would.’ I responded before cutting the line


I watched as my phone continued to ring, she was busy calling but I wasn’t going to pick up. she had brought this on herself and I wasn’t going to allow her to make me change my mind.


After the fourth unanswered call, I dialed Jason’s number. I called twice before he could finally pick up


‘What?’ he asked on the other end


‘I see after everything you are still standing tall.’ I said picking up my eighth bottle There was silence


‘Are you there?’ I asked as my view became blurred ‘What do you want Oswald?’ he asked


‘Your wife is the devil herself Jason, she is not as innocent as she looks.’ I said with a smile


‘IS this why you called me?’


‘Jason Melisa is a murderer and she likes every bit of it.’ I said as I tried to pick up my bottle but my phone fell down instead


‘Whatever.’ I muttered under my breath as I continued to reach for my bottle but the next thing I heard was a loud thud and I tasted my own blood.


The seconds became slower as I heard distinct noises, I could hear people talking in low voices and I could feel some trying to remove me from the vehicle. All this while I just wanted my bottle of miller, the blood was oozing from my body but I couldn’t feel any pain as the alcohol in my system was subsidizing it.


I was rushed to the hospital and was taken to the emergency room, I couldn’t lift a


muscle but my brain was fully active.




The loud thud from Oswald’s side sent a cold chill in my body, after a few minutes the line went dead and I was debating with myself on whether to call him or not.


I could feel my body shaking for an unknown reason and my phone finally rang I almost jumped out of my skin.


‘Hello.’ I said picking up on the first ring


‘Oswald talk to me.’ I said in fear


‘Sorry sir, we removed this phone from the vehicle that just crushed.’ ‘Crushed?’ I asked now sweating like a pig



‘I would suggest you rush to the university teaching hospital right now because your friend might not make it.’ The person on the other end said before the line went dead


Luckily I was at Road Transport and Safety Agency doing the fitness for my car so driving to UTH didn’t take me a lot of time. I went straight to the casualty department to ask about a patient that had just been brought in and I was directed to where he was.


I almost dropped to my knees when I saw the state in which he was in, one of his legs was crushed beyond repair and the other one had a lot of cuts.


His fingers were all chopped out and he had a deep cut on his head but somehow he was still smiling.


‘I have never come across anything like this, I mean who still finds strength to smile in a situation like this?’ I heard someone ask


I turned around and was faced with a doctor


‘There is nothing much we can do, he has lost too much blood and taking him to theatre will just quicken his death.’ He added


I turned to look at Oswald who was still smiling


‘You came, my saving grace.’ He said as the blood continued to ooze from his cut


‘You need to save your strength.’ I said


He tried to shake his head but he couldn’t


‘I loved you as a brother Jason but you took away the most important thing from me.’ He said accusingly


‘This is not the time or place Oswald.’ I said now moving close ‘This is the right time, hell awaits me.’ He said with a little chuckle


‘Melisa is a good woman but she was the devil herself at some point; well only because her father abused her and she took away his life.’ He said blurting out the words like they were not going to hurt me




‘Oh, your wife. She is not as innocent as she appears to be.’ He said again


This time I noticed that he was losing more blood and he was having a hard time breathing


‘Azure’s accident was no accident.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘What do you mean?’ I asked but it was too late because I saw him breathe his last then his eyes turned


‘Oswald what do you mean?’ I moved closer as I shook his body but it was too late The doctor moved me from him and covered his body with a cloth before he signed the papers declaring that he was dead



I sat in the lobby and watched as his body was wheeled to the mortuary, a part of me going with him. Yes he had made his share of mistakes but at some point we were close. He was like the brother that I never had and I genuinely loved him After making sure that his body was nicely put I drove home because I had a score to settle with my wife.


I drove like a maniac and I found her seated in the living room tapping her foot on the tiles.


‘Babe are you okay?’ She asked immediately I walked in noticing the blood on my shirt


‘What the hell happened to Azure?’ I asked with rage ‘Jason honey are we still talking about Azure?’


‘Woman I don’t want to repeat myself, was Azure’s accident an accident?’ I asked a little calmer this time


‘Babe listen.’ She said tears rolling down her eyes as she tried to touch me ‘Who are you?’ I asked moving away from her


For the first time I looked at my wife differently, for the first time I questioned her love, her loyalty and everything she had ever been to me. What sort of a woman found pleasure in causing pain to another woman?


‘Jason if I could only take back the hands of time.’ She said but I was there looking at her disgustedly


‘You killed your father.’ I said the words tasting bitter on my tongue ‘That was the old me Jason, he raped me, he took my innocence.’ ‘And Azure?’


‘Baby listen, you said we could do this together. You said we could work this out.’ She now holding her head with both hands.


‘I don’t know you anymore.’ I said rushing towards my room


I changed my shirt then rushed downstairs so that I could head out ‘Jason listen to me.’ She begged but I didn’t want to so I walked past her


‘So you think I am a fool huh? You think you can just toy with my emotions any time you want to?’ she asked


I turned around and there she was pointing a gun at me


‘I am not dealing with your crazy a** again.’ I said holding the door knob


But she cocked the gun and shot into the bar area sending the glasses to the floor ‘You think I am a fool huh?’ she asked now moving close


‘Melisa if you have to kill me, do it now because I have a woman to apologize to because of your craziness.’ I said



She cocked the gun again and pointed it at me but just then the door opened and Azure walked in


‘Three is a party, see who just joined us?’ Melisa asked now her focus on Azure ‘Azure get out of here.’ I said


‘I am not going anywhere, your crazy wife and I had unsettled issues.’ She said pushing me out and I heard the door lock from inside


I tried to knock but the next thing I heard were noises then a gun shot

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