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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 36

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#36 (Unedited)










The president was seated in his office waiting for his secretary to send the email, very few people could understand his ways. When he put Jason on suspension people thought that he was guilty of the crime but they didn’t know was that the President was an intelligent man who wanted to keep Oswald close in order to get all the information he needed.


‘You had something up your sleeves all along?’ the minister of home affairs asked The President smiled cunningly

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‘I mean did you believe that I bought that story of Jason wanting to harm me? The boy is as faithful as a dog to it’s master.’ He said now on his feet


‘Well you sure did a good one on the country, you managed to get the press talking.’


‘The press feed on anything you give them, I knew they would make the news go viral. They played an important role in making sure that everything was in place.’ he responded


An email popped on his phone and he opened it. He felt a part of him burning with anger. He had been right all along, Oswald was a conniving snake who just wanted to get the power that came with being President, he didn’t even have a heart for the people.


‘Mr. President are you okay?’


‘Never been better.’ He responded picking up his office line


‘Come to my office.’ He said into the receiver before putting it down.


He went to seat just next to the Minister of foreign affairs as he waited for his guest.

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A few minutes later the door was opened.


‘Mr. President.’ Oswald said with a smile



‘Oswald.’ The president said pointing at an empty seat ‘Please leave us alone.’ He said turning to the Minister ‘Sure.’


There was an awkward silence after the Minister had left.


‘You called me.’ Oswald began


The President sighed not knowing how best to handle this situation ‘Sir is everything fine?’


The President smiled then moved to the bar area ‘Whisky?’


‘Sure.’ Oswald responded


He got a glass and poured the alcohol before handing it to him, he walked over to the coffee maker and poured himself some coffee.


‘I thought you too were drinking.’


‘It is too early for a man in my power to drink.’ He said sarcastically By this time Oswald was holding his glass with shame.


‘Tell me something Oswald.’


‘Anything Sir.’


‘How far would you go just to have power?’


‘Well Sir we all want power, I mean I could do so much with power at my




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‘With power I could be able to make the world a better place economically, I mean I could make sure we don’t have street vendors in the streets. I would demolish unstable buildings in the capital city and build houses that would be presentable.’ ‘And where would the people go? I mean would you give them the new houses for free?’


‘Well Sir they would have to pay a certain fee in order to be able to acquire them. Besides they can go to the village, the capital could do better with less poor people.’


‘Wow.’ The President said


‘Did I say anything wrong Sir?’


‘IS that what you are planning to do to the majority of the country when you are put in power?’


‘That and more sir.’ He said sternly


What Oswald didn’t realize was that the President was playing mind games with him.


There was a deafening silence between them



‘What were you thinking organizing all those meetings behind me thinking you can throw me out?’ the President asked now out of patience ‘Excuse me?’


‘Of course you heard me. Honestly were you thinking that I would never find out? That all along you just wanted to be President and in the process making Mr. Mtonga look incompetent?’


This is not what Oswald had hoped for and so he didn’t know how to respond ‘Sir.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Don’t you dare Sir me!’ he yelled


‘Oswald this government employed you because of what you could bring to the table not because of the relationship I once had with your father. Sorry to say this but he was a lazy man that almost brought the economy of this country down and you think I would have used such credentials to work with you?’ he asked him furiously


‘Sir with all due respect you can say all you want about me but I won’t allow you to.’


‘Won’t what? Allow me to insult him? Of course I am not insulting him if I am telling the truth. I want you out of this office right now and I am firing you because of your incompetence and threatening to over throw me. Now out!’


He stood up not believing what had just happened, he tried to look at the President but he had his back against the wall. Despite everything he needed this job to help him put things in place; now how was he going to do all he needed to do. **


Jason had been informed that Azure was discharged from the hospital and he made a mental note to go and see her later but first he had to go home to check on Melisa. Of late their marriage seemed to be taking a down pour and with each passing day he could feel that he was losing a bit of everything they once shared. He parked his car in his slot and noticed that her car wasn’t there, he sighed deeply wondering where she had gone.


He got out of the vehicle and walked into the house with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The house was awfully quiet, not having the kids around was also taking a toll on him and he told himself that they had to get them soon.


Walking to the bar area, he poured himself some alcohol. He took a sip and allowed it to burn his insides, after which he moved to the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fridge.


When he was done biting on it, he decided to go and take a bath when he was met with the divorce papers and his wife’s wedding band on the bed.


‘No babe, no.’ he said desperately as he searched through his pockets for his phone














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