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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 23

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If you want to really offend a man, insult his ego, have an affair with his wife or take away his job.


I couldn’t believe anything that had just happened, news had already travelled through the walls of state house that I was suspended from my job. I could see my enemies rejoicing and media houses were already flocking into the premises trying to get a hold of the story.


After packing, I drove straight home because I needed to think, there was no way that the phone I had dumped in the fire place had left my house unless of course my house had been bugged and someone was watching.


Melisa was waiting by the front yard when I got there, she had this welcoming look on her face.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App

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‘It’s going to be fine.’ She said embracing me


I really needed the hug, I needed her now more than ever because I was so sure that things would get worse than they already were. The media would probably start fabricating fake information; everyone would want to be the first to publish my story when neither I nor the President had given out details of the suspension. She grabbed my suitcase and walked hand in hand with me to the bedroom, I was really glad that the kids were on vacation and out of the country because I didn’t want to imagine the kind of things they too would have to deal with; at their age. I removed my tie and placed it on the other side of the bed as I sat down; it was 3pm and all I wanted to do was just sleep because honestly I had no idea what had just happened.


‘Do you need me to get you anything?’ she asked in her loving voice


I kissed her forehead, it was good to have her here in this difficult situation. Women just had a way of calming the fiercest storms and my wife was no different in that area.


‘I need to be alone.’ I told her


I saw the hurt in her eyes but I needed to go into my cave, whilst women felt better by talking about what was bothering them; men just wanted to be left alone in their cave.


‘Don’t shut me out.’


‘I wouldn’t babe.’ I told her

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‘I promise I won’t.’ I said when I saw she wasn’t too convinced


I watched as she walked out of the bedroom, she closed it behind her and I just sat there in that position for I don’t know how long.



I had told myself that I wanted to get some sleep but with each passing hour my head kept pounding, I needed answers and only the people in the house could give them to me.


Hour after hour the migraine got worse until I told myself that I had to call for a meeting with all the house helps.


Luckily they were all live in maids and even though it was 7pm they were all around.


‘Babe.’ Melisa said putting her book down


Reading was one of her many passions, in her hands was a bestselling novel by Ethel Noble; Affairs. She loved the book, she had read it a number of times and each time she cried just how great the writer had brought out the emotions in the book. Tackling different marital disputes.


‘Is everyone home?’ I asked


She looked lost


‘The house helps I mean.’


‘Yes they are.’


‘Please call them.’ I said sternly


She disappeared into the corridor and came back with the four maids and two garden boys.


Melisa came to stand where I was and the six had their eyes on the tiles.


‘Sorry to call you here this time, but what I have to find out from you can’t wait.’ They looked up then down again


‘Who cleaned the study this morning?’


I saw one maid look up, she was the youngest ‘I did Sir.’


I sighed and pushed my hands deeper into the pockets


‘Did you by any chance remove anything from the fire place?’ ‘Well Sir each time I clean, I remove the ashes from there.’ ‘Apart from ashes, did you find anything out of the ordinary?’ She shook her head


‘Well did anyone else go in there apart from you?’ ‘No Sir, I am the only one that cleans the Study.’


I sighed, these are people that had worked for us for years and I didn’t think they would ever betray me or my wife.


‘Okay then, sorry for disturbing you.’ I said dismissively


They all matched out of the room in a line, I could see they had fear in their eyes.


We had been good to them and so had stuck by us.


‘Babe talk to me.’ Mel said but honestly I didn’t even know what to tell her


I paced a bit in the room my head still hurting until something crossed my mind ‘Mel do we have cameras installed in this house?’ ‘Uhm, not any that I am aware of.’ She said


I walked to the study and started moving things around until I came face to face with something that gave me goose bumps


‘Melisa!’ I screamed


She came running


‘Yes babe.’


‘What is that?’ I asked pointing at the tiny camera that was installed just on the corner of the ceiling


‘How am I supposed to know, it is your study after all.’ She said I looked at her with blood shot eyes


‘Melisa there is a camera installed in my study and I don’t know anything about it!’


Her face lightened


‘Oh that, Oswald had it installed weeks back saying you had instructed him to I felt my insides tie into a knot


‘He did what?’


‘Yes he had come here with an electrician and they did it.


‘And you didn’t think it was wise to tell me?’


‘Babe Oswald is your assistant, I mean I didn’t see any reason to tell you when he had mentioned that you sent him.’


‘Melisa no one apart from you and I are allowed to the study, you know the important things I keep in here. How could you be this careless?’ I asked barking ‘Babe I didn’t think it was something huge.’


‘God damn it you just cost me my job woman!’ I screamed then stormed out of the house


‘Jason!’ she called but I wasn’t having it


I walked out of the yard and grabbed the nearest taxi, I gave instructions to the cab driver.


I got to my destination in less than an hour and was knocking at the door step. This was the last place I thought I would go but it for some unknown reason I just wanted to feel her skin and smell her under my breath.


She opened the door and was only in a baggy t shirt and house slippers, her hair was tied in a messy bun.


‘Come in.’ she said moving away from the door



Immediately the door closed I grabbed her by the waist and crushed my lips on hers


‘Jason this is not right.’ She said with her innocent eyes pushing me away ‘Azure I want you.’


‘Don’t string me along in your problems.’ She said I stood a few meters from her.


‘I know this is wrong but I still want you, I know I am married and it is selfish of me to still want to have you; but Azure look at you.’ I said pointing at her legs ‘Just the legs?’


‘You are beautiful, you are intelligent and you are strong willed. Any man in their right senses would die to have you.


‘Words always get me in trouble, flattery turns me on.’ She said looking at her feet I moved to where she was and lifted her by the bum, then crushed my lips on hers as I walked us to the couch.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App















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