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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 20

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She stood looking at the blood that was oozing from his head, she looked at him with blood shot eyes. She had wanted to do this from the very moment he laid his



hands on her and now more than ever she felt satisfied. The monster that had taken away her innocence; her father, was gone and would never bother her again.


He looked at her trying to see if maybe, just maybe she would be showing any sentiments but the look on her face told him everything he needed to know.

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When he first met her, he had wanted to instantly make her his, she was in her third year in varsity and top of her class. All the men had tried to pursue her but she had her head in her books and had not even dared to spare him a second glance.


Unknown to the world in the night she spent her hours doing everything considered immoral by society but only because no one knew her story. She made it her personal mission to destroy every man who took advantage of young girls, she made it her mission to deal with any man that was committed and yet having an affair with another lady.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


On a particular night she had gone to the club to have a few drinks and look for the next man that she would take down but it so happened that Oswald was in the same club as well. He counted this as his lucky day, following every move she made until he had caught her almost killing the man. He had been sick to the stomach, promising that he would report her to the authorities but she did not beg him, instead she took out her victim and left the crime scene.


He started to avoid her hence forth, but curiosity got the better of him that he was forced to ask her why she did what she did.


After explaining how her father had been taking advantage of her from childhood, he felt her pain and promised to help her do everything she had to just to make sure that they were less men like her father.


From that day, they hurt, killed and tortured any man that did anything wrong to a female child. They were never caught and no one ever suspected them because they always remained top of their respective classes.


Today she had graduated and the best present she was giving to herself was taking the life of the man that had caused her nothing but pain. The man that had done her more harm than good.


‘He is gone.’ Oswald said, his voice cold

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‘I have always wanted to see him beg for his life, to plead that I let him go. That I spare him.’ She said kicking the corpse


‘And how do you feel now?’ that he is gone?’ ‘Alive.’ She responded taking in a huge breath


He moved to where she was and embraced her, Melisa had always been a strong girl but within Oswald knew that she was scared and wanted someone to protect



her; she too wanted to be loved but was too scared to allow a man close because the only image she had of men was that of her father.


‘I am here for you.’ He said holding her close and allowing her to cry


She cried her heart out, for the first time she felt raw and vulnerable. She cried for all those girls whose innocence was taken by the men they loved and respected, men who were supposed to protect them and yet were the first to tear down their walls.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


She cried for all those women that had to nurse broken homes all because their husbands had found solace in the arms of another. And when she wiped her tears away, she promised herself that she would leave this life. That she would give herself a chance at happiness and would never tolerate a man doing her wrong or cheating on her with another.


And that is how she buried the cold self and gave birth to the wife and mother that she was this day, her husband not having an idea of what she was capable of doing.




Oswald drove straight to the restaurant where he was supposed to meet Melisa, he really didn’t want to unleash the demon in her but then his loyalty lay with her. She was already sipping on some coffee when he got there, she had always been puncture.


He walked to where she was, his heart in different places, he had never really gotten over her but he knew that she was better off with Jason than himself.


Jason made her a better person, he made her a mother and a wife; a totally different person from what she was in her past. Had she ended up with him; he didn’t want to imagine the kind of ruthless things they would have been doing together.


‘Hey brother.’ She said getting into his arms


He smiled, she had never stopped calling him that.


The waiter came and brought him his ice tea – the usual.


They chatted a little before she asked him the question he had been dreading ‘Who is she?’


‘I want you to know that there is nothing going on between them.’ She eyed him


‘Well they kissed, but it was nothing.’ He said putting some photos on the table He had managed to get them through Azure’s secretary.


Mel looked at the photos with a smile, a cold smile that Oswald knew all too well. ‘Please don’t do anything that you will regret.’



‘Have I ever regretted anything?’ she asked putting them nicely in her bag He sighed


‘Now tell me about this woman that wants to destroy my home. A home I have built with everything in me.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


This time Oswald knew that there was no turning back, Mel was going to destroy Azure and even though he didn’t want to see that side of her again; he had no option but to tell her the truth.


‘She is working for Mark Anthony printers. The best journalist they have, she was


supposed to work on a huge story for the President but he dropped it but then Jason


hasn’t done as much.’




‘He is still stuck on it.’


‘And this Azure.’


‘Yes?’ Oswald asked


‘Does she know that he is married?’


‘My husband I mean?’ she added


‘Yes she is aware.’


Melisa laughed


‘So she is aware that he is committed and yet wants to have a relationship with him? Azure is a bad girl, I say she goes.’ Mel said with cold eyes

















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