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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 19

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The Minister sat in his chair not believing what had just happened, a great war was coming and now more than ever he needed back up. He picked his phone and dialed the only person he trusted.


‘I am sending you a file, open it on a new phone. Immediately you see it; destroy the information, that is if you value your life and that of your family; your pets too.’ He said and dropped the line without waiting for the person to speak




I held the phone a little tighter as if waiting for something else to come through even when I knew that the line was dead. The Minister of Finance was letting me in on something and I knew it wasn’t good and the fact that he told me, it meant that I was involved and I was in the whole thing. And the worst part was that I had no idea what was going on.


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I closed my computer and decided to head home, I couldn’t continue being at work lest I run mad.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘I will see you tomorrow.’ I said to my secretary She looked at her watch then at me.


‘But Sir?’


‘If anyone wants me ask them to leave a message, I will deal with everything tomorrow.’ I said and walked out before she could say another word


I was really getting tired of working in state house, the secrets were really building up and if I didn’t find out the truth soon I was afraid I might just explode. ‘You are leaving?’ Oswald asked


He was really getting on my last nerves and if I didn’t do anything about it, it would get really bad.


‘Yes I am.’ I responded unlocking my car


He moved to where I was.


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‘Is there anything you need?’ I asked


‘How are the kids? Melisa too?’


I eyed him suspiciously


‘They are okay thank you, if you will excuse me.’ I said and got into the vehicle but I noticed he didn’t move


‘Jason?’ He called




‘Melisa is a good woman, don’t do anything that will ignite the fire from within.’ I looked at him without a word then drove off, I drove straight home. I knew Melisa wasn’t expecting me and I thought I could use this time to just reflect and try to figure out what was happening.


In a few minutes I was parking in my spot, I spotted Melisa in the garden obviously with her friends. I never liked them but she said she saw good in them and so I had to respect that.


She stood up and walked towards me, she was in beige chino pants with a white loose top. On her feet were white sandals that I had gotten her the first time I visited Paris. I smiled, I had wanted to go there with her but she was heavily pregnant for our first child and she had been against it. Paris being the city of love I had managed to collect every good thing that would make her aware of just how much I loved her. Oh the good old days, I loved her with a passion but now I couldn’t figure out why I had been so careless as to kiss Azure. I made a mental note to stay away from her lest I start cheating on my wife.


‘Baby.’ She said kissing me fully on the lips


I loved this about her, she was the kind of woman that would show me off to the world and it gave me a certain pride. I knew her friends were looking and so we stayed in that position longer than we should have.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Hey.’ I said smiling at her


She smiled shyly like a little child and dropped her gaze


‘Babe we have been together a long time.’ I said almost laughing


‘I know but that still doesn’t mean that I can’t blush or feel shy, you know you still have power over me.’ She said


I kissed her forehead with a smile


‘I decided to work from home today.’ I told her


‘I can see that, but why if you don’t mind my asking.’


By this time she was walking me to the front door, I waved at her friends and I saw how hungrily they looked at me.


‘You do know they flirt with me right?’ I asked grossed out


‘That is why I keep them close.’ She proudly said and I couldn’t help but laugh ‘How does that even work?’


‘Babe if I keep them far away from me, I might never know what they are plotting. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ She proudly said ‘Cliché but true.’



‘Now you go and entertain them whilst I work.’ I told her once in the house ‘You are sure you are okay?’


‘If I need anything, I will call you.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘I am always here for you.’ She told me swinging her hips in a way that made me laugh


Once she had closed the door behind her, I went to my study and locked myself inside. I really wanted to know what was going on and why the Minister had sounded with urgency in his voice.


I had a phone in one of the drawers that I had never used, it was one of those donations our network providers made to the government and since I had no use for it; I had dumped it home. I removed it and switched it on, luckily it already had most of the programs installed all I had to do was send the file to it.


As it continued to load, I sat there impatiently; all sorts of thoughts running through my mind. When it was finally done, I took a second to breathe before I opened it.


‘Oh my word.’ I said when the document opened


What I was looking at scared the wits out of me, I could make out images of secret meetings that were being held in the cabinet office. The Minister of Finance in the presence of Oswald and other state house officials were there.


They were also video clips of the meetings, from what I saw and heard they were trying to bring down the President. The last images were those of Oswald and his father.


I sat back in my seat trying to digest everything, all this had been happening right under my nose and I had no idea that it was.


I made a secured copy and made sure to burn the photo in the fire place that was in the study.



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She had just finished working, it was five in the after and all she wanted was to rest her head. The past days had been really busy for her and she couldn’t remember the last time she had a good night sleep.


After making sure that her lap top was nicely shut down and secured, she locked her office and walked out. Her secretary was still a pain but the only reason she was still being kept there was that she was good at her job.


‘Whoever wants me please tell them to leave messages.’ She said and walked out without waiting for the response



Azure was shocked to find Oswald standing just against her car, she composed herself and walked past him to the driver’s door. ‘I need to talk to you.’ He began


‘I don’t have time and besides if anything I would rather talk to your boss.’ She blurted out making sure to add weight to the word boss. He was hurt but quickly shielded it.


‘I am not like Jason, I don’t play games.’


‘And what is that supposed to mean?’ she asked now her attention ticked


‘Stay away from him, his wife is not someone you want to cross paths with.’ He warned


‘There is nothing between me and Jason.’


‘I believe you, from Mr. Mtonga to Jason.’ He said walking away


She kicked her foot in the tyre cursing inwardly for selling herself out easily.


She grabbed her phone and called Smith.


‘I need something.’ She said without greeting him


‘What is it Azure?’


‘Who is Jason’s wife?’


‘By that you mean Mr. Mtonga.’


‘Jason Mr. Mtonga I don’t care. I just want to know who she is.’ ‘Azure let this be, Jason is not good for you.’


She sighed heavily.


‘Who is she?’


He scratched his head deciding whether to tell her or not


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