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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 18

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I locked the car door and just sat there blocking out whatever thoughts kept flooding my mind, this is not how I imagined my morning to go. Never had it crossed my mind that I would ever cheat on Melisa, much less with a person that I had just met.


‘Crap!’ I heard myself say as I hit the dash board


And the worst part of this all was that I enjoyed kissing Azure, her lips were soft on mine and just the way she was pulling back made me want to do more to her. ‘Jason this is not you, you have got to behave yourself.’ I told myself


I sat there for some more minutes before I drove back to the office.


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‘Sir you are back?’ my secretary asked more of a statement that carried shock. ‘Of course I am.’ I responded and walked straight to my office


I stopped in my tracks when I came face to face with Oswald and Mark in my office.


‘Well, well, well. What do we have here?’ I asked banging the door behind me Oswald was seated in my chair with his legs on my table and Mark was on the visitor’s chair, now the both of them were on their feet. I could smell the fear from Mark from where I stood, Oswald on the other hand was showing me a side of him I had no idea existed. It was like he was ready for whatever war was coming his way.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Can I have my office back?’


I noticed they both looked shocked but this was no time to try and stoop to their level; whatever they were planning, I would find out real soon.


I watched as they slowly walked out of the office, probably hoping that I would stop them to ask what they were discussing but I didn’t. When the door closed behind them, I called Azure.


‘Can I see you after work?’ I asked when she picked up on the third ring ‘Depends with what time I will get off work.’



‘I will wait, there is something really important that I want us to talk about.’ I said before dropping the line

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The rest of the day was rather boring, nothing much was happening as the President was touring the Copperbelt.




He paced about in the room with his hands in the pockets, things were getting out of hand and too many people were getting involved; which was not okay for their operation or reputation.


‘You need to stop doing that or we might all develop headaches.’ Oswald said putting his cigarrete down.


The Minister looked at him with fury, if anyone didn’t know better they would think he was a dragon breathing out fire.


‘You know you are the reason we are all here so stop pretending like everything is fine.’ He barked through gritted teeth


The rest of the people in the room shivered, the Minister of Finance was not a man to mess with. They all knew that he was a man of anger and he took away anyone that got cross with him, they also knew that he was ambitious and power thirsty; that is why they were all here in the first place.


‘Sir you need to come down.’ The Minister of foreign affairs said


He shot her a dagger and she shrunk in her chair like a cat that had just been poured cold water.


There was silence in the room, everyone afraid to speak.


‘Are we all going to seat here and keep quiet? I mean we have jobs not so?’ Oswald asked with a smirk on his face, the only one who seemed to be at ease in the room


The rest of the people nodded their heads, they were afraid to speak and that is why having Oswald around made them comfortable.


‘You can all go.’ The Minister finally said


They got up as quickly as possible and in a split second there was only Oswald and the Minister of finance in the room.


‘What was that about?’ the Minister asked ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’


‘Your father brought you here as a small boy, as nothing. I made you who you are and that is why I will not seat in a room full of people and watch you insult me.’ Oswald laughed



‘You might have helped in putting clothes on my back but you never made me! I came here with a mission, with a plan in mind and what you have done is just provide the incentives for me to get a step closer to what I have always wanted.’ ‘You son of a’


‘You wouldn’t dare.’ Oswald said cutting him short


‘I watched you as a little boy, I made you Oswald. How could you disrespect me like this?’


‘Now listen to me you old hag, I will never allow you to be President of this nation. You will never rule Zambia, you are too old to be the President of this country. I mean even your health keeps going down.’


‘Oh so this is what this is about right? You and your father have harbored the pain of not being the first family all these years?’


‘My father lost his chance of ruling this country, I am not making the mistakes that he did. The current president and all of you old hags need to retire. You keep stringing this country along in your old age, we need fresh ideas. We need young people to rule!’ he yelled


The minister moved back, he couldn’t fight Oswald because the venom in his voice was great. He knew he was fighting a lost battle; this boy was as angry as his father; angrier than his father. And a man who has nothing to lose doesn’t care about what is at stake.


‘Since we are on the same page, the next time we have a meeting; you will tell the committee that I am running the show and once we take the party I am standing as President.’ He said


He straightened the Minister’s jacket, patted him on the back then walked out of the room. Now his only enemy was Jason and he had to take care of him.


The Minister sat in his chair not believing what had just happened, a great war was coming and now more than ever he needed back up. He picked his phone and dialed the only person he trusted.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘I am sending you a file, open it on a new phone. Immediately you see it; destroy the information, that is if you value your life and that of your family; your pets too.’ He said and dropped the line without waiting for the person to speak











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