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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 17

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She picked up her phone and called the only person she trusted.


‘I need you to keep me in the know of things.’


‘Why?’ he asked

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‘Oswald I think Jason might be cheating on me.’ He laughed


‘Come on, you can’t lose sleep over such assumptions. Jason adores you, he literally worships the ground that you walk on.’


‘Oswald don’t bullshit me, you know I have a dark past and I won’t hesitate to resurrect my dead bones should anyone try to break my marriage apart.’


He felt goosebumps on the other end of the line, he knew what she could do.


‘I will get you everything you need.’ He said and the line dropped dead.




It was seven in the morning and Smith was already waiting in Azure’s office, he didn’t like coming to this part of the city often but she was trekking on a dangerous path and he had to have a talk with her.


Each second that passed he would look at his watch just to see the time, thirty minutes past seven she walked in. she was in cigarrete mustard pants and a long sleeved white polyester body top, on one hand was a mustard hand bag and on another was her phone.

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She looked startled when she saw Smith sitting in her office.


‘Good morning.’ She said closing the door behind her


He sighed heavily, his nostrils almost releasing fire.


‘What did I tell you about your little games?’ he asked trying to keep his voice down


She looked at him with little concern then went to put her bag nicely ‘Azure I am talking to you.’ He yelled


She turned to face him, looking deep into his eyes.


‘Smith you are my boss yes but when it comes to everything out of this office, you have no say in it.’ She said sternly


He shook his head, he had taught her well and now all he could see was a younger version of himself which scared him to the coil. Azure was young, vibrant and ambitious and with such energy he knew she could do a lot of harm. He sighed again and slumped his weight into the nearest chair.


‘You can’t start fighting the government Azure, they are too powerful.’



‘I am not fighting them, they have been reckless and we both know that they are doing what we the people who put them into power; didn’t think they would do.’ ‘But this is too huge, let their term finish and we can vote them out.’


She laughed, almost a dry laugh.


‘I know exactly what I am doing, by the time elections come people would have forgotten what the government has been doing to us. It is my job as a journalist and lobbyist to keep these things fresh so that we won’t easily forget.’


Smith looked at her defeated, she had a point but there was so much at stake and he couldn’t allow her to know more than she already did. ‘Take care of yourself.’ He said after much silence


She watched him walk away and stood by the window, this was not Smith. This was not the man she looked up to, the Smith she knew was fearless and he could do anything just to find loop holes and let the public know what was going on. The man that had come to see her was a shadow of everything he once was, everything he once represented.


When she saw his car driving off, she got back to desk and buried herself in the newest stories.




I convinced myself that Ms. Mwila was crazy and like Smith had said, I told myself that I would stay away from her because she wasn’t good either for me or my marriage. I had reported for work and we had a meeting in the early hours with the President before he dismissed us. I was working on something when I remembered the President had not signed the newsletters that we had to send to different schools.


I walked to his office and after showing identity I was made to wait because according to them he was having a meeting on call.


‘Do whatever you can to get her off the case.’ He said into his receiver


He listened some more until he dropped the line, my main concern was that he had called the man on the other end of the line by his name; Smith. My curiosity had been tickled again and now more than ever I was convinced that there was so much happening in the shadows and if Ms. Mwila wanted to bring it to the open; then I would help her considering the resources and power I had.


‘You forgot to sign these.’ I said with composure looking at the President


He didn’t even take time to look at them, he signed them immediately and I walked out.

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‘I will be back.’ I said to my secretary without much thought


The drive to Ms. Mwila’s work place was fast because of the less congestion, I got there and straight away bulged into her office without considering the normal procedure of making an appointment.


‘What is going on here?’ she asked looking at her secretary who had come running behind me


‘Ma’am he just walked here without stopping by my desk.’ She said I could see the anger written all over Azure’s face.


‘This should be the last time this is happening or you will kiss your job good bye.’ She said dismissively


I felt for the poor girl, her eyes glistered with tears but this was no time for sentiments.


I heard the door bang behind me then I focused my eyes back to Azure, this woman was beautiful and each time she looked a lot younger but I had to remind myself that I was married; happily married.


‘What the hell is wrong with you?’


I sighed, yes I had done wrong but profanity was the last thing I was expecting ‘We need to talk.’


‘Hell yeah we need to.’ She said moving away from her chair to the door She locked it then came to stand just close to me


‘What!?’ she yelled


‘There is so much going on and I think we could do this together.’


‘For Christ’s sake Mr. Mtonga I told you not to involve yourself in all of this, I can do this on my own and if you love your life and job and family; you would have listened.’ She barked


‘Now you listen to me, you might know things that I don’t but that doesn’t give


you the right to talk to me the way you are doing. I swear to God the next time you


dare stand cross with me I will.’


‘Will what?’ she asked


For a moment it was quiet, I could see the determination in her eyes. We were both breathing heavily with anger.


I turned around and walked to the door then turned back and crushed my lips on hers.


‘You are so stubborn.’ I said I said with anger, my lips still on hers


‘Let me go.’ She responded trying to fight me away but I was too strong for her ‘Relax.’ I said between her lips this time with a smile










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