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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 15

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I looked at her my mind refusing to believe what she had just told me, I mean I had worked for the President for a very long time but not once had I ever imagined that there was a lobby group somewhere that was either campaigning for him or against him.


I slumped back into the seat and watched as she sat, she didn’t at all looked moved and that was my worry.


‘You are a lobbyist?’ I asked more to myself than to her


She didn’t respond but from the corner of my eye I saw that she was nodding her head.


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I held my head a little as if it had suddenly become too heavy for me. ‘So, this lobby group you are in; how many are you?’ I managed to ask ‘I can’t disclose that.’ She said sternly


I looked at her in disbelief


‘Well so are you for or against the government?’

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‘I am a good Zambian citizen who believes that we all have equal rights and deserve equal opportunities.’ She said


I couldn’t help but laugh, I don’t know if she knew it but she sounded like a recorded cassette which one would play, rewind and repeat and it would still sound the same.


‘Mr. Mtonga, what happened yesterday was quite unfortunate and trust me I don’t


like that you had to go through any of that. All I can tell you for now is continue


being the man that you are and continue serving your President and your Country.’

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She said dismissively


I laughed again


‘Now you are telling me how to do my job.’ I sighed


‘Mr. Mtonga.’ She began


‘Oh Azure, Ms. Mwila whatever your name is! Just shut up!’ I yelled allowing my anger to show


She didn’t look moved


‘The President, your Chief in Command gave me a story that he wanted to go


public. I gave it to you to write and you refused saying it had a lot of missing


pieces. Before I know it, he is telling me to drop it. My assistant is acting in a way


that I can’t fathom, I come back to you for answers and I nearly get killed. I can’t


give my wife answers and for the first time since we got married, I left home


without telling her where I was going. Now tell me why I shouldn’t squeeze the


answers out of you right now. Now tell me why I shouldn’t just put a bullet to your


head for being a threat to this Country and this nation.’


‘I can’t tell you that, when you were appointed as Chief advisor to the President you were given a mission and I am sure that also includes taking out anyone that seems to be a threat to him even though you people don’t say it out.’


She paused then stepped forward, so that we were standing face to face


‘So you Mr. Mtonga have every reason to put that bullet to my head right now.’ I could feel my heart pounding really fast, she had challenged me. No one ever challenged me.


I was about to say something when the door opened.


‘Babe.’ A sharp voice screamed but immediately stopped talking when I turned to look at her


‘Hey babe.’ Azure said moving away from me so that they could embrace ‘And who is this?’ the lady asked looking at me with wondering eyes ‘No body, he was just leaving.’ She responded quickly


‘I am not done with you.’


‘You never started with me in the first place.’ she responded not taking her eyes from me.


I could have said more but because of her friend, I decided to leave.


I walked out and got into my car, this was not working. I needed to know whatever was happening and if I decided to let this day pass I would never be okay with myself.


I found myself driving towards Kafue, I had to see Smith. From what I saw he was close to Ms. Mwila and if she couldn’t give me the answers, for the sake of the respect he had for my late father; he would give them to me.


I had driven past the farm a couple of times, I knew it but not once had I ever thought that I would be visiting it.


I parked just at the shed that was made for the cars and got out of the vehicle, I


could see workers already busy and from where I stood; an old lady was standing


and giving instructions to some people in the garden. She stopped when I started


walking towards her.


I smiled – courtesy


‘Good morning ma’am.’ I said still smiling


‘Good morning.’ She responded with a beautiful and genuine smile


I had never met her before, the wife of the great Smith Anthony. Always in the background, the black woman people thought had only gotten married to Smith because of his color and the money his father had left him. But she proved them wrong, the woman who helped him shape everything his owned. She was the brains behind his empire but not once had she been in the spotlight. He had stayed loyal to her, not once had a story been heard about him cheating on her or her on him. The only thing missing was that they were not blessed enough to have a child, or maybe they were blessed enough to only have themselves to each other – who knows.


‘You are a replica of your father.’ She said wiping some dirt from her face with the back of her hand.


She was still beautiful in old age, her silver hair reminding me of my own mother; who by the way I hadn’t seen in ages.


I smiled


‘Please come with me.’


She gave more instructions to the workers then led me to the main house, she removed her gumboots at the door and I couldn’t help but smile at her nicely done nails.

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‘You have to remove your shoes.’ She said pointing at my feet when I was about to walk in


She was so much like my mother; I did just that and she welcomed me in her kitchen. It was enormous and elegant.


‘Hot chocolate?’ she asked


I smiled, I was getting used to it.


‘Yes please.’ I responded


She put a kettle on the cooker and excused herself. I got my phone and decided to check Oswald’s movements, I had his car bugged but he had no idea. The President’s idea, he said I would thank him later. From what I saw he was heading towards me and I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew where I was.












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