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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 14

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I woke up the following morning not feeling any better than before, I had slept less and now more than ever I wanted answers from Ms. Mwila. It was a Saturday and I knew that she wasn’t working but I still felt the need to see her.


I got into the shower and allowed the hot water to pour on my skin. I heard a light tap at the glass door then it opened, I knew it was my wife.


‘Are you going out?’ she asked calmly


‘Yes I am.’ I responded trying not to look at her ‘Should I prepare casual or formal clothes?’ she asked ‘Casual please.’


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She closed the door and left, I could see that she too had questions and in my heart of hearts I prayed that she never asked because how could I give her answers when I too didn’t know what was happening.


I finished showering and went to the bedroom, on the bed were a pair of fresh boxers, a white vest, khaki pants and a white t-shirt with Khaki moccasin shoes. I



applied some lotion then went downstairs where I found everyone waiting for me at the dinning table.


‘Good morning daddy.’ The boys chorused


I kissed each of them on the forehead then sunk into my seat ‘Good morning.’ I responded


Mel said grace then we dug into our food, the boys were happily telling me about what they had done at school the previous day and I just smiled and nodded whenever I could.


‘Daddy mummy is taking us to Kafue for a boat cruise.’ Jason said I looked at Mel, she hadn’t mentioned anything ‘That is very nice, I hope you guys have fun.’ I said


We finished eating our food and I helped with washing the dishes.

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‘You didn’t tell me that you are taking the kids out.’ I said when we were done and I was leaning against the sink


She sighed then put away the mutton cloth that she was holding in her hands. ‘I was going to tell you but you seem rather distant.’ She said calmly


‘That is no excuse for you wanting to go out without saying anything.’ I accused ‘Jason you know I never do things without telling you, you know I always make sure to keep you in the know of things; but with your coming home late last night without an explanation, your wanting to go out on a Saturday; which of course you never do, how am I supposed to compete with that?’ ‘Compete?’ I asked


‘You know what I meant.’


‘Of course I know what you meant, you know the nature of my job. The family is always at risk and I need to make sure that I know where you are at all times.’ I said


She kept quiet, not saying a word to me.


‘I am sorry.’ She apologized


I kept quiet, being angry at her wasn’t even right because she had not one anything wrong to me.


‘It’s fine baby, I am just stressed with work.’


‘Work and that should shut me up.’ She said walking out on me


I sighed, Melisa was a good woman and didn’t deserve to be kept in the dark but at the point which my work was at, I couldn’t afford to bring her down with.


I had earlier called one of the IT guys at work to trace Ms. Mwila and her address and what I was looking at now was the sent information. Her place was in Meanwood and so I drove there immediately.

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I sighed when I got there, the security officer allowed me inside and he showed me her flat after asking him.


I knocked at the door twice before someone came to open.


‘Mr. Mtonga.’ She said, shock registered on her face.


She was in grey loose pants and a white baggy t shirt with house slippers.


‘I didn’t mean to bulge in on you like this, I just need answers that’s all.’ I said This was the first time since last night that I was acting really vulnerable and this was because she was the only one that could tell me the truth.


‘Please come in.’ she said stepping away from the door


I took in her apartment, it was painted white. There was an azure and white carpet on the middle just under the glass table. Her blinds were azure as were, she only had one picture in her living room and it was of her and Smith.


‘Make yourself at home.’ she said


I made myself comfortable on one of the white chairs.


‘Can I get you anything?’ she asked


‘I am fine thank you.’ I said


She went to the adjourning room which I guessed was a kitchen and came back with two cups of hot chocolate. She handed me one.


‘Thank you.’


‘I have cookies too.’


‘I am not a sweet tooth.’ I responded


She looked at me with a face I couldn’t put a finger to.


‘Okay.’ She said then sat in a couch just opposite me, putting her feet on it.


‘It’s called hot chocolate for a reason.’ She said taking a sip from her cup


I almost laughed, she was full of humor and had a funny way of showing it.


I took a sip and I loved it, it was even better than the one I had tasted from the restaurant the previous night.


‘This is nice.’ I complimented


‘I know.’ She responded and I found myself laughing


‘About last night, I am nothing but a journalist Mr. Mtonga but I have connections with a lot of people and I am sure you know that journalists have a way of finding out information. Somehow I found myself knowing things I wasn’t supposed to.’ She said




‘Ms. Mwila.’ She corrected


I sighed


‘Ms. Mwila, we had people following us. You drove me to I don’t know where and


you want me to buy your lies of saying that you are a journalist and have a way of


finding out information?’


‘Mr. Mtonga.’


‘Don’t bullcrap me Azure!’


‘Ms. Mwila.’ She corrected again


I was on my feet and she was as well, the room was heated and I could feel my temper getting the better of me.


‘I am a lobbyist.’ She finally said


I laughed.


‘You are not joking? ‘ i asked when she didnt laugh ‘No I am not.’











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