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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 13

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‘Spin the car.’ he yelled



She looked at him fear holding her back. She was never a reckless driver and for some reason best known to himself he thought she had to change that.


‘Azure stop being a chicken and spin the damn car!’ he yelled again

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Her heart was pounding, she had once been afraid of driving and even learning had been because she hated public transport. She had vowed to herself that she would never over take another vehicle or go at a high speed and now here was Smith teaching her how to be the opposite of what she was.


She saw him drive just right behind her and hit into the vehicle that she was in, the air bag was released and she choked trying to catch some air.


Her door opened and there he was standing with a disappointed look.


‘I expected more from you, I mean you are good in other areas but this is pathetic Azure. Just pathetic!’ he screamed banging the door


She felt the hot tears roll down her cheeks, this is not the legacy that she wanted to leave behind. She refused to fail in anything and so even if it would be the death of her; she decided to prove Smith wrong. She started the ignition again and spun the vehicle with everything in her hitting into his abandoned car a number of times.


When she was done she stopped the car and saw him smiling from where he stood. ‘You are not an ordinary journalist Azure, some day you will thank me.’ He said and walked away


Smith was like a father figure to her, more than just her boss but that day she hated his guts, she hated the power he had to make her do what he wanted. She never thought she would ever forgive him for that day till later. PRESENT TIME


She drove as fast as she could, she knew the route very well and also that if she could get out of there in less than five minutes; they would never find them. Jason was looking at her his heart in many places. He had questions, a lot of questions but he also knew that this was not the time or the place to ask.

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In less than five minutes she had made it out of the gravel road and now had connected into a tiled road which led them straight to a ware house. Once there, she asked him to get out of the vehicle and they got into another one except this time someone else was driving them.


She used this chance to put her shoes back on and nicely straightened her jacket, Jason was in a moment of shock and surprisingly Ms. Mwila was acting calm. After thirty minutes of driving, the car came to a halt and Azure got out. Jason didn’t see a reason to remain behind so he followed and was shocked to see that they were at a shopping mall and standing next to their cars. He was trying to



process everything but it wasn’t making sense so he just laughed as the car that had brought them drove off.


‘I had the same reaction the first time.’ Azure said unconcerned ‘Like what just happened, it’s a dream right?’


‘If you decide to call it that, suite yourself.’ She said going to her car Jason quickly grabbed her hand so that she was now facing him. ‘Mr. Mtonga.’


‘I demand for an explanation, there is no way something like that could have happened without me knowing what is going on. I could have died or maybe it could have been some sick joke.’


She looked at the hand that was holding hers, then his face.


‘Do I look like I enjoyed what just happened? You should thank God that you are still alive and breathing.’ She spat pulling off her hand


‘Go home Mr. Mtonga, pretend all this never happened but if something comes up; I will be in touch with you.’ She said and got into her car.




I watched her drive off, I couldn’t believe what had happened. How can someone make you go through such and leave you with no explanation? I looked at the time and saw it was after 9pm, I had not intended on going home after that hour.


I drove straight home and noticed a car that I recognized, it was Oswald’s. I sighed, at this point I didn’t know if I could trust anyone.


I straightened my jacket and walked into the house, I was met by the rich scent of hot coffee and coconut biscuits; my wife’s specialty.


Jason junior came to hug my feet with Matthew behind him.


‘You boys are still up?’ I asked lifting Jason


‘They couldn’t sleep.’ Mel said emerging from the kitchen


‘And you are not in bed?’ I asked remembering that she had not been feeling too fine


‘I am okay baby.’ She responded coming to where I was and kissing my lips lightly


She got Jason from me and put him down, helped me out of my jacket and got my


case then went upstairs to our room.


I went and sat just opposite Oswald.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘What are you doing here?’ I asked


‘No greeting, is that how you welcome visitors in your home?’ he asked with a smirk on his face



Mel chose that time to come down stairs, she asked the maid to take the kids to bed whilst she came to sit with us.


‘I just wanted to make sure that you are okay, I noticed you didn’t look too fine when you left earlier.’ He said now on his feet


‘You could have just called me.’ I said on my feet as well


‘Don’t mind him, thank you for checking up on us.’ Mel said warmly holding my hand


We walked Oswald outside and waited for him to drive out then went back in the house.


‘Should I serve your food now or maybe after you bath?’ ‘I am not hungry.’


‘You are not hungry?’ she asked with a raised eyebrow ‘Yes Melisa I am not hungry.’ I said and walked out on her


I felt bad for that but I had to think and I couldn’t do it with her on my case.










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