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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 11

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‘Ma’am I told him not to enter but he insisted.’ Cathy said just after Mr. Mtonga had walked in


‘Leave us alone.’ Azure responded


She looked at the door as Cathy walked out and closed the door behind her, now it was just her and him. She had seen his face a number of times on the news, he was a family man. She had read about his family some years back.


‘I believe you are Ms. Mwila.’ He said looking deep into her eyes ‘Yes I am.’ She responded

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Mr. Mtonga was different, he didn’t take time to look at her body like other men. He didn’t even flinch when he looked into her eyes, she liked it because it showed just how professional he was.


‘I would like to have a word with you.’


‘Please take a seat.’


She moved to her side of the table and sat down, he waited for her before loosening his buttons then seating.


‘I don’t think there is a need for pleasantries.’ ‘No there isn’t.’


‘So what can I do for you?’


‘Ms. Mwila the story that we asked your company to write is very delicate, something that can do a lot more harm than good if taken into the wrong hands and I don’t see why you have refused to write it. I mean Smith assured me that you are



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the best in the company but I am beginning to think otherwise.’ He said making a face that spelt out that he was not at all impressed with her


She smiled, not because he was amusing but because he had just insulted her fluently.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘With all due respect Mr. Mtonga, I chose not to write that story because it has a lot of loose ends. I chose not to write it because my name could go down the drain faster than I got my masters if it goes public.’ ‘I don’t follow.’


‘If you are to look at the papers that you gave me; again, a lot of things don’t add up. Most payments that were paid don’t add up to the work that was done by the contractors hired.’


Jason looked at her in shock.


‘I see you didn’t see that just like the last man that was here.’


‘You see Sir, my job as a journalist is to dig and my digging made me stumble upon these.’


She handed him some documents that were in her drawers.


He opened the file and started perusing through them.


‘Yes, your own people are betraying you and I don’t know how deep this goes but it will get real messy when it gets into the wrong hands.’ She said seriously Jason couldn’t believe what he was looking at, yes he had always known that he didn’t have to trust anyone but seeing this from a person he had just met; ticked him off.


‘How the hell did you get hold of this information?’ he asked angrily getting on his feet


She watched him pace about in his office, she had expected this kind of reaction. ‘I am a journalist, it is my job to dig.’ She said calmly


Jason wiped the sweat from his face using the back of his hand.


‘The President of the Republic of Zambia trusted me with this, he gave it to me knowing fully well that everything was in order. Why then would you start telling me all this?’


‘I think it is now your duty to try and find out what exactly is happening, huge sums of money are being transferred from the government into a private account.’ She said looking at him


Jason looked at the documents once again, the photos were showing some of the most important officials in government having secret accounts and their signatures were everywhere as evidence.


‘And if this is not as it appears to be?’


‘Well that is all I have got, if it is not genuine then you can hold it against me.’


‘And your source?’


‘I am acting alone.’


He eyed her suspiciously, it was not possible for someone to have such information and act on their own but here she was trying to protect her source.


‘I will get back to you.’ He said and left without another word


Azure sunk into her seat, when her source had given her the information; he said he didn’t want to be involved. This was a delicate matter and it could go back for them but Azure was willing to bring the perpetrators to light. She just couldn’t seat there and watch as her country went into an economic crisis when something could be done to stop it.


Jason could feel his head pounding, this is not how he had expected his day to go.


Now he had to do a lot of digging or so much would be lost.


He texted Melisa telling her that he was passing through the office, of course she was not happy about it but at the end of the day it was work and if she had to eat; she had to put up with it.


‘Good morning Sir.’ The security guard greeted at the entrance of State House ‘Good morning.’ He responded as he scanned through his ID ‘You are good to go.’


He got his identity card and put it nicely in one of the drawers and drove to the car park, he parked in his spot and walked towards the entrance.


On his way he greeted one or two faces that he recognized and headed to his office. Oswald was holding a conversation with some people but immediately dropped it when Jason walked in.


‘Sir.’ He said


Jason eyed him, there was something suspicious about the way he was talking to him so he made a mentor note to find out what it was.


‘What have I missed?’ he asked trying to make conversation ‘Well nothing much.’ Oswald said gaining composure There was silence.


‘Let me see the President now.’ He said trying to walk away but was blocked ‘Oswald.’


‘Sir the President is in a very important meeting right now and I would advise you to wait.’


He looked at him from head to toe





Oswald moved away and watched Jason head to the Head of State’s office, he got his phone and dialed some numbers.


‘He is coming up, clean up the mess.’






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