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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 10

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There was silence in the room, none of them saying a word to the other. Azure had Oswald exactly where she wanted him. She had told herself more than once that before anything she was going to give the world the correct and accurate information. Yes the company she worked for was out to make money but she wasn’t going to do it at the expense of telling the country lies. ‘How do you know all that?’ Oswald asked suddenly feeling hot


And the fact that Azure was extremely beautiful wasn’t doing him much justice. ‘I don’t think that is why you are here right?’ she asked


She stood up and walked to the dispenser and poured some water in a cup. ‘Thank you.’ Oswald said getting it from her


‘I went through the information that your boss left here and I must say it doesn’t add up.’


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‘What do you mean?’


‘Did you even look at this?’ she asked with a raised eyebrow


He swayed in his seat, he felt like a pupil in a class with no idea about what the teacher was talking about


‘I will need to talk to your boss.’ She said dropping them on the table just near him Oswald straightened his jacket when he got up, regaining composure. He had been in the security service for a long time and he wasn’t going to allow a journalist to intimidate him.


‘My boss is paying your boss a lot of money so that this story must go public and you need to write it.’ He said pointing at her


‘Well initially it is your boss’s boss, but hey, I will allow your boss to take the credit; just for today.’ She said grabbing her office phone


‘Good morning Sir.’ She said into the receiver ‘I am good thank you.’


‘I have dropped the story, let them give it to someone else.’ ‘I am sure.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


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‘Thank you sir.’ She said and dropped the line


‘I guess that is settled, I just talked to my boss and he knows that I am not going to write the story anymore.’ She said her face still calm


Oswald felt his blood boil, he really wanted to strangle Azure knowing the kind of blasting he was going to get from his boss.


‘Mr. Mtonga won’t be pleased.’ He managed to say


‘It isn’t Mr. Mtonga’s story, it is the government. If he cares so much about it, let him give it to another media house or get me the right facts!’


‘What facts? The president himself gave Mr. Mtonga all the information he needed and I don’t think there is anything that he left out.’


Azure sighed in irritation.


‘Get me someone who is intelligent if this conversation must continue.’ She said dismissively


He looked at her, a mixture of shock and anger registered on his face.


‘You will be hearing from Mr. Mtonga soon.’ Oswald said but she just smiled


He banged the door behind him and Azure sighed with relief, her job could be fun sometimes and devastating most of times. Here she was being given a story that could be big but with missing pieces, pieces that could bring the entire government down if at all got in the wrong hands. She looked at the papers again, there were indications of payments to contractors but the monies involved were more than the jobs that were being done. It was like someone had tempered with the figures and



even when she knew she could get everything; she chose not to get involved, the story was incomplete and she had told herself that she wasn’t going to give the world half-baked news.


She decided it was time to head out for breakfast, the company had a cafeteria but mostly she avoided it because most of the gossip was done there and she didn’t want to be a part of that. This day she chose to go there out of curiosity.


She locked her computer and her office before heading there, it was on the second floor whilst her office was on the fourth.


She could feel the gazes that the ladies were giving her, she walked proudly now thanking Tasheni for dragging her to the salon to have her hair done.


‘Good morning ma’am.’ The chef said once she got there


Azure smiled, the Chef’s cooking skills were amazing and all the times she had eaten her food she had not regretted anything.


‘Good morning aunty.’ She responded


‘What are you having?’


Azure looked at the food that had been displayed


‘Can you prepare me a French toast with a hot cup of coffee?’ she asked politely ‘Coming right up.’


She walked to the corner of the room and took the empty seat


Two chairs from where she sat were empty and the next some ladies that she recognized sat, they whispered something to each other before laughing. Azure was used to this kind of behavior, she had told herself that she was above this and so she would never get down to their level.


Her food was brought and she ate in silence as she went through her messages, she didn’t have a lot of friends and so most of them were either from her service provider or her bank.


She finished eating and went back to her office.




‘What do you mean she said she won’t write the story?’ Jason asked with anger Oswald knew this was going to go down bad, Ms. Mwila had just angered the wrong man


‘Oswald the opposition is passing more wrong information about the President, time is what we don’t have. Does that woman know we have power to close down the company she is working for? Does she know I can make sure she never works as a journalist in any media house?’ he asked furiously


Oswald was quiet, afraid anything he said would be used against him. ‘Never mind, I will go there myself.’ Jason said dropping the line



He walked to his room and found Mel sleeping, he didn’t want to disturb her so he just drove out and asked the house manager and the nurses to keep an air on her. Azure was about to step out when she held noise outside her door, she had an idea of who had come. Her secretary was telling the person that her boss didn’t have any other appointment for the day but the man was persistent. She stood akimbo as the door opened











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