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Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 67

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Mid day


I was on the phone with Jessica when Grandma barged in my office like she was


being pushed…


Her:we need to talk right now…


Me:(talking to Jessica,)thank you for doing this, i was a little bit sceptical though…


Jess:i told you yesterday that I’m a pro when it comes to this things…


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Me:and i will never doubt you ever…


Jess:good,what time did you reached home last night?


Me:around eleven…


Jess:and i’m sure my brother was already asleep?


Me:yeaah,and i couldn’t face him in the morning, so i ran away..


Jess:(laughed) you are bad, why?


Me:haaaaaa what was i gonna say to him..


Jess:yah neh.. Anyways I’ll see you later…


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I hung up and looked at grandma who was fuming…


Me:and then? Are you okay?… Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below…


Gran:whaats wrong with you kahle kahle?




Gran:you heard me, why are you sleeping with Lucky?


Me:not you again..


Gran:you are hurting James with your stupid behavior, why can’t you close your legs for once, you staying with another man and sleeping with another, who does that…


Me:i still don’t know what you talking about .


Gran:dont test me nokthula, hlukana no Lucky yangizwa..


Me:why do you guys always think the worst of me..?


Gran:you have never gave us any reason not to, how many men have you slept with?huh?how many?


I kept quiet, i felt so offended…


Gran:exactly….you don’t even know, look at Lelo the only man she slept with is


Troy and you? Am so disappointed in you,i thought you have grown kanti dololo, James is gonna leave you while you busy chasing after useless dick..


(i mean really, is there any useless dick out there?i was speechless, first of all I don’t even know how they came to the conclusion that I was sleeping with Lucky, seriously….


Me:(hurt) i have a solution to this matter, why don’t you come to the house later, you,Aphiwe and Lelo so that we can talk about this… Gran:i don’t have time for your sick games..


Me:please grandma, i wouldn’t ask you if it was not important, please…


Gran:(stood up and left) fine….


My grandma’s words were hurtful, i don’t wanna lie, i was so hurt,i cried so much, i wished she knew that she was wrong about everything, i wasn’t sleeping with Lucky… An hour later Mai walked in,judging by her facial expression she was very unhappy…


Mai:we need to talk…


Me:hello to you too Aunty..


Mai:why are you doing this?


Me:what did i do now..


Mai:cheating on Jay..


Me:(laughed in disbelief) are you being for real?


Mai: yes, stop with your childish behavior, James loves you but you are busy fu.cking another guy for what, don’t you get tired of being played by the same guy



over and over again, he doesn’t love you,he just wants to sleep with you then dump you like the last time(i raised my eyebrows) yes, Dan told me everything…


Me:i see, now remind me how is my “cheating “got to do with you again ? Mai:because it’s affecting my relationship with Dan, he’s stressed coz of you, Thula just grow up man and stop being an attention seeker.. Me:ohh wow,am i that bad?


Mai:what do you think?


Me:okay Mainza listen neh, I’m sorry,i didn’t know that Dan was worried about me and even neglected you, it’s not gonna happen again and I’m gonna make sure of that.. Now the cheating part, iam not Seeing anyone, i swear to God, but i won’t lie and say I’m not hurt by y’all accusations coz iam, i can’t believe my whole family including you think less of me, I’m not a whore, i made mistakes in the past and i have learnt from them, i love James with all my heart, i will never hurt him like that, gosh people, what’s wrong with you.. Mai:then explain your late meetings…


Me:Jess and i were planning a surprise party for James, it’s his birthday today,so you’re invited too and please don’t tell Dan about this.. Mai:(regretful) Thula I’m…


Me:dont apologize, I’m okay(i stood up and took my bag and my car keys) see you


at six…








In James car..


Dan got in and James drove off..


Dan:have you talked to her ?


James:no,i don’t have enough energy ….


Dan:so what will you do to Lucky?


James:i want the truth from that bastard…


Dan:okay but you do know that he will try by all means to piss you off..


James:im ready for him..


They parked outside Lucky’s house then they walked in, meanwhile Lucky was watching the game Chelsea was playing, then he heard a knock,he stood up and went to opened the door,,he was shocked to see the two guys on his door step…


Lucky:well well well, look what the cat just dragged in, gentlemen how can i help you?


James was boiling that moment,he wanted to puch his ass but decided against it, he


was there to find out the truth…


James:what do you want from my woman?


Lucky:the same thing you want from her..


James:you left her, you chose another woman over her, why now…


Lucky:i realized i made a mistake,she made me happy, she loves me and i love her…


James:she doesn’t love you, she loves me..


Dan:(pissed) who the hell do you think you are?


Lucky:(laughed sarcastically)her love of her life…


James:are you sleeping with her?


Lucky:haahahahahaha ohh i wish..


James:dont fu.cken lie to me man…


Lucky:ohh my god, you think I’m sleeping with her?


James:well??… Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below…


Lucky:hahahaha i wonder how she would feel to find out what uncle AKA her ex,


and her beloved boyfriend think of her..


Dan:stop talking nonsense and tell us the truth..


Lucky:here’s the truth, i met Thula a week ago, infact she came here and told me


she has moved on blah blah blah,i must forget about her, which is hard and she told


me she loves you and she’s ready to start a family with you, she told me how you


helped her achieve her dreams and you are the one,it was so boring because I don’t


understand what she sees in you..


James:(calm) she really said that?


Lucky:yeah a week ago and I haven’t seen her ever since,i tried to call her but it looks like she blocked me but now i have a better chance to win her over… James:excuse me?


Lucky:i mean if i tell Thula that you Mr Perfect you have zero trust in her, she’ll


dump your ass and come to me..


James:we’ll see about that.. Let’s go Dee..


Lucky:hahahaahaha I’m surprised you guys are friends yoh,i wouldn’t be friends with my girlfriends ex, by the way how is it like to your niece Danny boy hahahahahaha…


Dan kept quiet, They got in the car and drove off in silence..


Dan:o sharp man…


James:if she’s not cheating me with Lucky then who the hell is she seeing..


Dan:maybe she’s not cheating at all…



James:(took out his phone and called Thula) there’s only one way to find out… Meanwhile i had just finished dressing up and i was doing my make up when i heard my phone rang, i took it and answered… Me:Mkhize…


James:we need to talk..


Me:i was about to call you too, we really need to talk, can you come with Dan


because this concern him too..


James:(confused) o-kay, I’m with him..


Me:good,see you in a minute then..


I hung up and ran downstairs to tell the others that they were on their way ,minutes later we heard his car drove in, everybody went quiet, he opened the door and we all said “surprise”then we sang “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear James happy birthday to you, hooop hoop huuuraay”they stood there completely surprised, James had tears in his eyes….







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