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Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 65

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I don’t how to explain how i felt when i saw Lucky, he was so handsome ,his smile brought back all the memories good and bad… Me:(serious face) i asked you a question?


Lucky:and i answered you… Nokthula i love you and i want you back.. Me:are you sure you not on drugs or something?


Lucky:im 100% sober..


Me:please leave, i don’t have time for your sick games…


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Lucky:(held my hands)babe listen…


Me:dont call me that…


Lucky:okay askies,Thula Iam so sorry for every pain i caused you, i didn’t mean to hurt you, i just wanted to do right by my daughter, i wanted to give her what i never had…


Me:what changed now?


Lucky:it wasn’t working?




Lucky:yes,i got a divorce, i realized that you the only woman for me, i love you so much Thula,i made a mistake by letting you go and i regret it..


Me:and you expect me to believe that?


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Lucky:no but I’m willing to work hard to earn your trust again..


Me:dont you think it’s too late for that?


Lucky:(teary) I know it’s been years and you probably seeing someone else but i love you MaThumbela and i’m gonna fight for you, we belong together…


He kissed me,i found myself giving in to the temptation, i quickly pulled back…


Me:please leave…


Lucky:think about it, I’ll call you later… ..








At Nelly’s house..


Carol was in her room looking herself in the mirror, she couldn’t believe she was free from Darren, she was finally home and the bruises on her body were fading.. Her mom walked in with a glass of juice… Nelly:how you feeling baby?


Carol:(teary) I’m just happy to be back home..


Nelly:dont cry baby girl, you safe now..


Carol:i thought I will never see you again, mama I’m so sorry for everything, i know i disappointed you but i promise I will make it up to you.. Nelly:(hugged her) it’s okay my sweetheart… Carol:how is Tj?


Nelly:he’s fine, you miss him?


Carol:you have no idea..


Nelly:i’ll call his grandma and ask him… By the way how is Nokthula?


Carol:i have a feeling she doesn’t like me, she was a bit cold but she promised to


find me a job…


Nelly:you not the only one, she doesn’t like me either, now it’s even worse because


she found out about the hitman…


Carol:hitman?what hitman?


Nelly:aahh baby it’s nothing, drink your juice..


Carol:mama you hired a hitman to kill her?


Nelly:i didn’t know she was my granddaughter, i made a mistake, I’m sorry…


Carol:oh my god ma, that’s why she hates me, she think i know about this, you are




Nelly:im sorry I just wish she can forgive me….


Carol:forget it, i wouldn’t forgive you either…


Nelly:which side are you on?


Carol:i love you neh but today I’m on Thula were wrong…


Nelly:mxm you’re a fool…








At Dan’s house…


The guilt that I had was overwhelming, i tried to hide it but it was just too much, i


hated myself for betraying a beautiful soul like James, he was my life and Lucky


wanted to destroy that and i wasn’t gonna let him…


James:are you okay?




James:you’ve been quiet..


Me:if someone is quiet it means they are not okay?


James:fine don’t bite my head, i was just asking because I’m concern..


Me:im sorry there’s something I want to tell you…


James:is everything okay..


Me:no,the thing is today i…


Dan and his girlfriend walked in, they greeted us..


Dan:Babe this is Nokthula my niece ,you know James, Thula this is bae…


Me:(shaking her hand) nice to meet you bae..


Mai:Mainza,nice to meet you too Thula.i’ve heard a lot about you..


Me:pity can’t say the same thing about you…




Me:what?its the truth…


Mai:its okay baby, i can handle it.. Dinner is ready, do you mind helping me




Me:(bored) fine…


We went to the kitchen, then my phone rang..


James:(shouting from the lounge) babe Lucky is calling you…


Me:aahh ignore it..


Dan:Lucky is calling her?


James:who is he?


Dan:Nokthula’s weakness AKA her ex, your worst nightmare my friend… James:what?


Dan:yes,when it comes to Nokthula, this bastard knows which buttons to push and he always win..


James:we’ll see about that….











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