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Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 6

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Thursday passed like it never happened..


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It was friday,i woke up washed my face and brushed my teeth,woke Rick up,he love sleeping.I ironed his clothes and packed some because he was gonna head straight to Limpopo after work,which was good because it’ll give me more time to prepare for the party..I went to make him breakfast and after few minutes he came to the kitchen…


Him:hey love(he kissed me passionately)maybe we need to go back to bed..


Me:hahaha no,you gonna be late silly,heres your breakfast..


Him:thnx babe…(he kept quite,i looked at him and i could see something was


bothering him,what was it?)


Me:are you okay?


Him:yeah love..actually no,am not okay,i have a bad feeling about this party of yours,lets go home babe…


yooh this guy was he being for real now,there was no way i was gonna call mandla and cancel,okay maybe i don’t wanna cancel because i had a lil crush with the guy,or maybe a huge crush πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i know its not fair to Rick but


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damn the guy is hot,but he even was being unfair,nothing would happen at the party..I smiled a lil,i was thinking of what i’ll say to convince him to go alone.. Me:babe listen i’d really love to go with you but i can’t because of the issue between me and Nosy,i think you need to go alone and sort this out,i don’t want to make things more difficult..


Him:okay baby no problem, but please promise me that you won’t drink please..


Me:i cross my heart baby..


Him:okay bby..i love you neh


Me:love you too…


He stood and kissed me then we hugged and he left.I felt kinda guilty for lying to him,he’s a good guy he doesn’t deserve this.I cleaned the house and washed our clothes after that i slept i was woken up by mandla’s call


Me:(sleepy voice)hello


Him:are you kidding me?you sleeping at this time of the day Me:what’s wrong with that


Him:its wrong on so many levels, aint you supposed to be preparing for the party?please don’t tell me you changed your mind..


Me:i haven’t but i will if you don’t tell me why you called


Him:mxm who told you,you’re miss south africa,i was just checking if you haven’t


changed your mind…


Me:i haven’t


Him:good, see you later then sharp


I hung up and woke up it was around six.I went to take a long shower,i finished and went to lotion then i took out my outfit,white short dress,silver stilletos and a silver clutch bag,i decided to go call Edna to help me with my makeup..I knocked and Leroy opened, he looked at me and smiled.. Leroy:wow u look beautiful


Me:thanx Lee,can i speak to Edna


Lee:shez in a really are beautiful thula Me:i know


Lee:please come in and wait for her


I was a bit hesitant but i decided to come in,i sat on a couch and he came and sat next to me..


Lee:where are you going?







Me:none of your business (i stood and i headed to the door then nigga grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him and he hold my waist and started kissing me..His lips were soft,his hands were doing magic on my body, and i couldn’t stop him because i was enjoying what we were doing,his breathe was fresh and he was smelling nice,as were busy kissing we heard Edna shouting, Edna:baby who was at the door?


We stopped fast and he sat down quickly, she showed up and she went.. “wow girl wa baba,you going already?”


Me:(with a guilty smile) yes dear,and i want you to help me with my makeup..(she said okay and we headed to my house,i couldn’t believe i just betrayed my friend like that.We got there and she helped me and we were done,i put my bracelets and





I took my phone and sent mandla a text that i was leaving the house,he replied and told me he was at the gate waiting for me.When i arrived i found him waiting,he looked at me and smile…


Him:wooow u look exquisite darling(phela i have a nicki minaj body except for the boobs i guess i’ll have to go add…so the dress was showing everything perfectly..)


Me:thanx mandla


we hugged and he kissed my cheek,then he held my hand we got inside and it was packed.He introduced me to his friends as his “girlfriend” and they were all nice,i guess his the only one who’s rude.The party was amazing, the booze,the food and the music was on point.we danced until i was tired,and i was sloshed and i wanted to go home.


I called him and i told him i was leaving,he held my hand and we went to his house.I have never seen such a beautiful and classy house, Rick’s house is nothing compared to Mandla’s house.We went to his bedroom i knew what was going to happen there.He closed and locked the door then…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




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