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Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 22

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I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss,not because i liked it but because it was wrong,it shouldn’t have happened and and it wont happen again, or maybe am wrong…I love my man,yes we have problems but we gonna sort them out just like any other couple does,but i had this feeling that Rick was up to no good and am gonna find out soon,few minutes later he came back and went to shower while i was busy cooking,Nosy was sleeping..I finished cooking and dished for nosy and i took her food to her bedroom and she was breastfeeding her baby.. Me:hey heres your food..


Her:thanx koni..


Me:whats her name?


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Me:wow,what a beautiful name,where did you got it?


Her:i heard it from another woman at the hospital,when i went for my check up and i loved it..


Me:its beautiful, i love it too,eat your food before it gets cold..


Her:thanx dear..


I walked out and went to set the table, then i called Rick to eat,he came and sat down,we ate and we were quite and it was so exhausting xem.. Me:so,you got your phone?


Him: is the jacket gone..


Me:hebanna Rick,keng ka wena vele?


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Him:i asked you a simple question that needs a simple answer Me:yes..


Him: wow that was fast..


Me:you starting to bore me now Rick,you said you want the jacket gone,i did that now its the problem that its gone,what really do you want from me? Him:i want you to stay far away from men?


Me:(teary eyes)what men now?


Him:the jacket guy,tell him not to call you again and delete his number,now thula…


Me:fine..(I took my phone and sent him a message not call me again and i deleted


his number)there happy now?




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Him:ay phela you not doing me any favours here,this is our relationship, if you cant show me love and respect be free to pack your bags and leave my house…


With that said he stood up and left,i cleaned the table and went to wash the plates and went to take Nosys plates and i washed it,i wanted to cry but i had no tears..i went to sleep and he was busy on the phone as usual, I got in bed and i slept…


The following day i woke up and made breakfast for him,after he lef i did my daily


routine,i went to take a shower and everything came back,how i got kicked out


home,how i mis my grandma and my crazy sister,they everytying to me all i need


is to call my grandma and apologize, i finished and went the bedroom and took my


phone and called my grandma,it rang for a longtime when i was about to drop she






Me:hello gogo its me


Her:i know who it is,ufunani?


Me:gogo am sorry for everything (i was crying)


Her:thula you have to know that i love you, mara i hate your behaviour more than anything,and you need to understand that evry action you take have its own consequences be it good or bad,what you did was an embarrasment,and i dont know if am ready to forgive you,am sorry.. Me:i understand gogo..


Her:who are you staying with?


Me:am staying with a friend gogo..


Her:take care of yourself and dont mess things up with your friend.. Me:i will gogo,how is Lelo?


Her: shez fine and shez missing you,you should come and visit her.. Me:thank you gogo i will


Her:okay sisi,sengiyozwa ngawe ke ntombi..


Me:yebo gogo,bye…


I hung up and i cried so much,if my grandma is not ready to forgive me then am nothing,i missed home,i missed my lil sister,i know sometimes she can be very


annoying but shez my sister,i cried myself to sleep i woke up at around five ,went


to cook and there was a knock,I went to opened and i couldn’t believe my


eyes…What the hell….











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