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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 47

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Chapter 4 ⃣7 ⃣


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Well, eh, huh, I made a lot of research about the wolf god, it’s a thing of shame if a wolf doesn’t know much about their wolf god or wolf goddess.” Isaac quickly explained.


“Oh, and what kind of research have you made so far, Isaac?” Royal demanded.


“Sorry but I don’t answer to a lowly servant like you.” Isaac said.


“Uncle he is my soon to be mate, my better half, at a point you will have to answer any of his questions.” River told Isaac.


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“That is when you are married to him but now, he is not married to you and like I said before.” Isaac said and facing Royal. “I don’t answer to a lowly servant, you can ask your fellow servants or some guards that question not me.” He added.


“Alright uncle, what kind of research have you made so far concerning the wolf god?” River repeated Royal’s previous question.


Isaac was thrown off balance when he was asked, he wasn’t expecting River to peak interest at all. “Like I said before, it’s a thing of shame if we as werewolves don’t know much about our wolf god. I made enquiries and was told our wolf god wolf is very large and special. So I think the fire wolf who came out of nowhere to defeat that creature must have been sent by the wolf god. And if you were paying attention to that Wolf, it was speaking. No wolf including you and I can speak when we are in our wolf form.” Isaac answered smiling sweetly.


“Who told you how large the wolf god Wolf could be?” Royal demanded and River nodded after his statement, repeating the question to Isaac.



“Someone told me, it was a long time ago.” Isaac responded eyeing Royal hoping he won’t say another word.


“So who could that be, uncle, mind telling me the name of the person who had described the wolf god wolf for you?” River asked.


“I don’t quite remember who it was River, nor the face but my brother, your father, would be able to answer you this question if he was still alive.” Isaac replied.


“Why do you say so?” River asked.

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“He once told me about the wolf god and that peek up my interest and I start to make some research about the god and try to know if I could see him, but it was hard. The wolf god hardly comes out.” Isaac answered. “That’s by the way, we have to get to the root of all the recent attacks happening in the palace.” He added diverting their discussion. “I will skin whoever it is alive with my bear hands.”


“Yes, the culprit must be brought to book, he will has to pay once he is discovered.” River said in support of what Isaac said.


Isaac was surprised for a moment and decided to ask her, “How do you know it is a ‘he’ that has been attacking you?” He asked suspiciously.


“Because the two creatures sent to kill me and my mate were males not females, you should know more about that uncle.” River answered.


“Oh, I didn’t see it in that way River, forgive my old brain.” Isaac said.


“Of course Uncle.” River said with a smile. “Since the threat is out of the way now, I and my mate need to return back to our beauty sleep. Good night Uncle, tell the guards to clear up this mess.” She added pointing at the ashes of the fire creature on the ground.


“Good night to you River, and have a lovely and wonderful night.” Isaac said, forcing himself to smile at his niece.



“Jeffrey led the way with the candles.” She ordered Jeffrey who wasted no time in picking up the ones he could carry and led the way to their chamber.


Soon, he carried all the candles back to where they were and closed the door after him, keeping guard over the door.


Early the Next Morning…..


“My Queen.” Jeffrey’s voice woke up River and Royal.


River opened her eyes and saw Jeffrey inside the room, standing close to the door with his head bow in respect.


Yawing out, “Yes, what is it Jeffery?” She asked.


“Tyler is here to speak to you.” Jeffrey answered and that made Royal to sit up right on the bed immediately, the sleep in his eyes was gone.


“Did he come alone or was he with someone?” River asked.


“Yes my Queen, he came with his mate, Beauty, but she said we should call her Queen Beauty.” Jeffrey answered, staring at her.


“A Queen? Her father is still alive and she is calling herself a Queen?” River said to herself. “Anyway tell them to sit and wait for us in the throne room, we are coming.” She told him.


“Okay my Queen.” Jeffrey said


“And on your way out, tell any of the servants that I and my mate want to bathe, they should bring us warm water.” River said.


“I will do that, my Queen.” Jeffrey said with a slight bow and left.


2 Hours Later…..



Royal and River walked into the throne room holding her hands, River was dressed in one of her father’s clothes which fitted her perfectly, Royal also was wearing one of the late King’s clothes.


“Finally, they have arrived.” Beauty said as the duo walked towards them.


Tyler’s eyes were on their clasped hands, burning through them. If looks could kill Royal would have been dead.


Royal who knew what Tyler was thinking smiled at him. “Hello Tyler, so nice to see you in a short time. How are you and my ex mate doing?”


And that enraged Tyler.






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