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Forbidden Passion – Episode 46

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Chapter 4 ⃣6 ⃣



© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


Royal rolled his eyes and turned to face River leaning forward so his lips could reach her ears.


“Fire wants me to let him out, he is going to come out in his full size to drag the fire creature.” He whispered into River ears.


“Then let him out, as far as he can be able to remove the offensive smell from that room, let him out.” River said to him.


“Your father’s room will be completely damaged, River, his height and size can’t contain the whole room, he will destroy part of it if I allow him to come out fully.” Royal told River who gave it a thought and smiled at him.

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“I have an idea.” River said, still smiling. “Make fire go invisible and I will Jeffrey here to get all the candles in the room outside and then you make your wolf appear and he will drag out the creature from the candle, hopefully enough, the breeze won’t quench the fire out.” River told him her idea.


“I totally agree with your idea River.” Royal told her.


‘Go back fire someone is about to enter the room soon.’ Royal message fire whose head entered the wall back.


Nodding his head to River who understood what he was trying to say, she turned her gaze to Jeffrey. “Jeffrey.”


Jeffrey, who was hearing their conversation and was pretending as if he wasn’t paying attention, quickly turned his gaze at River when she called out his name.


“Yes my Queen.” Jeffrey said with a slight bow.



“Enter the room and bring out every candle stick in there, no one should remain in there, do you understand?” River said to him.


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“Yes my Queen.” Jeffrey said and entered the room, the offensive smell hit his nose and he used one of his hands to cover his nose. Quickly, he brought out all the candlestick his other free hand could carry and brought them outside. Keeping them on the floor and hurried back inside to bring the rest.


Soon he was done and every candle were out.


River stepped closer to the burning candles and closed her eyes, the candles disappeared and reappeared at the center of the palace compound.


“They are at the center of the palace compound, let’s hurry.” River told Royal when he raised a questioning eyebrow.


Royal and River hurried up to the place the candles we’re, River leading the way and Jeffrey following them. He wants to know why they had brought the candles outside.


Luckily for them, all candles were still burning.


“Call out your wolf Royal.” River said.


‘You can come out.’ He messaged Fire.


Fire large head was seen coming out of nothing then followed by his whole body scaring Jeffrey who quickly shifted back and went to his behind Royal and River back.


Jeffrey was scared and shocked, never in his entire life has he come across a huge wolf like this. This is no ordinary wolf cause normal wolves fur isn’t made of fire.


River was speechless, this was her first time of seeing fire full body, she didn’t know fire would be this huge. He was very intimidating and she couldn’t wait to see the rest of Royal wolves.


Fire circled the candles slowly. Fire couldn’t sense the creature anymore.


“Who was the idiot that brought out the candles and didn’t set it the way it was?” Fire demanded.


“The idiot is standing behind us.” River answered pointing behind her at a shriving Jeffrey.


“The creature must have known I found it’s hiding place and-” Fire was saying then pause when he felt it. Following the offensive smell, his large nose led him straight to one of the candles. He chuckled loudly and used his right large paw which hovered around the candle, he made as if he was about to pinch the fire on the candle with his sharp claws nails. As soon as his sharp claws nails went into the tiny fire candle, his entire paw magically entered the candle surprising Jeffrey, River and some guards who had started to circle them. Their eyes were as round as a socket.


Royal was the only one not surprised and rolled his eyes when fire wasn’t making any move to remove his paw from the candle.


‘Will you stop showing off to our mate and remove whatever that is in that candle right now.’ Royal messaged Fire. ‘There is still a lot of time to show off to her and now isn’t the time.’


Fire started removing, drawing out his paw out of the candle and a loud hissing noise from the candle was heard, whatever that was making that horrible noise was in pain.


Fire smirked showing all his large sharp razor blade canines.


The guards present draw out their swords and go into their fighting stance, just in case the large wolf needs their help.


What they first saw was two fire horns coming out from the candle held by the paw of Fire and in one swift move, Fire drew out the creature’s whole body out of the candle. Just like Fire himself, the creature’s whole body was on fire.



The smell oozing out of the creature was unbearable as every guard dropped their swords and covered their noses with their hands, including Jeffrey.


Fire released his hold on the creature and moved to where Royal and River stood.


The fire creature roared loudly and the smell oozing from its body increased.


The creature roared and woke up all the inhabitants of the palace including Isaac and they all came out of their various rooms to see what was happening and where the roar came from. Once they were outside their rooms, they had to cover their noses except Isaac.


The creature roars once more as it roams its eyes around looking for two certain people. Once it’s gaze landed in Royal and River, it made as if to move towards them but Fire’s huge frame blocked their view as he stood in front of them, and sat down on the floor. Even at that he was still the same height as the creature.


“Leave them and face me, I was the one who had brought your smello self out of that innocent candle.” Fire told him and that fuel the anger of the creature who roared and ran towards Fire.


Fire didn’t make any attempt to stand from where he sat, he smirk as the creature approaches him.


Lifting up his sharp talons fingers, he brought it down to slice Fire face but as soon as his sharp talons fingers touched Fire face.


“Is that all you could do, smello?” Fire said showing off his sharp razor teeth, his teeth changing into fire immediately. He started laughing.


The creature roared and used its other hand to punch Fire on his head, but Fire showed no sign of pain as he continued to laugh, the fire from the creature body started merging with Fire own.


When the creature saw the fire from its own body was being consumed by the fire wolf, it tried to remove it’s both hands from Fire face but couldn’t.



The fire on the creature was gone. Though the creature still smells but not as before.


The creature gave it’s final roar as he crumbled into ashes.


“Next time, try to pick someone of your own size and muscle smello.” Fire told the ashes and turned around to face River ignoring Royal. His nose almost touches River’s face. “So sweetheart don’t I deserve a kiss for not raising my paw on that creature, because trust me, if I had use my paw, this palace would sink.”


“River ignores whatever fire is saying.”


“I wasn’t talking to you Royal, I was talking to my beautiful princess ” Fire retorted out to Royal. “So how about a peck, beautiful?”


“That is enough! Your presence is no longer needed here Fire, bye.” Royal said.


“Whatever my prince.” Fire said and was gone.


“What just happened?” Isaac’s voice was heard, though he was surprised that the wolf didn’t lift a finger to destroy one of his creatures. “And who owns that fire wolf?” He asked once he reached their side.


“That wolf belongs to me Isaac.” Royal answered.


“You are lying, you can’t have such a large wolf as yours except you are a wolf god.” Isaac told him and stared at Royal from head to toe. “That means you are lying, you are not a wolf god, I would know.”


“And how do you know the Fire wolf belongs to a wolf god Uncle?” River asked.


“Yes Isaac, how did you know?” Royal chips in.






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