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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 44

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Chapter 4 ⃣4 ⃣


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


Lora stepped out of the portal which had appeared.


She and King Darken exchanged a smile and she went straight to the bed to sit.



“Did your meeting with Beauty went well?” She asked.


“Yes my love, it did. She admitted to killing her father but I didn’t disclose the fact that she killed Leon for powers.” King Darken responded and went to stand in front of her. He went on his knees and kissed Lora pa*ssionately. “All thanks to you my beautiful mate.” He added in a whisper into her ears as he removed his lips on hers. He gently pushed her so that her back would touch the bed. He climbed on top of her and started removing the front layer of her clothes.

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“But you have to be very careful with her. She is dangerous and might know of our plan but will decide to go along so that by the time everything has settled, she will destroy us when we least expect it.” Lora told him m0aning loudly when she felt his hands cupping her exposed br3asts.


“I know my love, Beauty doesn’t know I am way smarter than her.” King Draken said, taking one of her nipples into his mouth as he fondled her other br3ast.


“All the same, do not ever let your guard down when you are with her.” Lora said. “I will need to meet with her to see if I can be able to know the kind of powers she has.” She added.


“That will be no problem my love, she has even requested to see you.” King Darken said as he parted her legs to stay in between her legs. “I have missed your body.” He added and pressed his lips on hers.


With magic, Lora removed their clothes and they lay nak3d in each other’s arms.


King Darken slowly made love to his mate.




Witch Kingdom:

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“To what do I own your august visit Latifah?” Mari asked. “You are looking so beautiful and radiant sis.” She added with a small smile. “Sorry I forgot my manners, please have a seat.” She used her magic and brought the chair closer to Latifah who ignored the chair and glare at Mari.



“Why are you staring at me in such a manner? Seriously speaking it doesn’t fit your beautiful face sis.” Mari told her. “Try to smile more instead of glaring.”


“Why did you go to the meeting and you didn’t inform me first?” Queen Latifah threw her question to Mari, even though it was low, she knew Mari heard her loud and clear.


“Oops, did I hurt your feelings sis? I am still the Queen, remember?” Mari told her with a slight grin.


“Queen or not you should have told the reigning Queen which is me about the meeting then I will decide if you are to go or not. Not you attending the meeting without my permission.” Queen Latifah told her sister angrily.


“Last I remember, I was the one who gave you the crown to wear until I found my feet again. You just fill in my space as the Queen of the witches as I went for my vacation.” Mari said. “I am not dragging the throne with you Queen Latifah, but River was the one who had invited me to the meeting herself and you know me, I can’t ignore her order. So sorry for you that you didn’t receive your own letter like the rest of the king’s and Queen’s did, so you see, River still sees me as the Queen and not you.” She added.


Queen Latifah breathed out deeply before she sit on the chair she had ignored. “Mari, please lift whatever you have done to me and let me be as myself. We are sisters and share the same blood. I agreed I was selfish, greedy and not to forget, a bit jealous of you. That was what made me do all that but I have changed for better Mari. I have tried to use all the spells I have to see if I can be able to cure this.” She managed to point at herself with her other good hand and continue her speech. “But I couldn’t, I know I offended you in the past by hiding- no- imprisoned your mate from you but let bygone be bygone, I beg of you, please, find it in your heart to forgive me.” She concluded her long speech.


“I have heard you Latifah.” Mari said after a minute has pa*ssed between her and her sister. She was grateful Luke was still in the kitchen and hasn’t come out. He might have known about her presence and decided to stay in the kitchen to give them some privacy. “I have forgiven you Latifah, but I will still think about it.”



“Think? Why don’t you just reverse a spell to make this go, I am always feeling embarra*ssed whenever my handmaid or a servant sees me, please.” Queen Latifah pleaded.


“About that… was a new spell I was practicing on and decided to try it on you, I


didn’t know it would change you into this. I only wanted to punish you so that in the near future, you won’t repeat this mistake again.” Mari told her sister.


“I don’t understand you sis, what spell were you practicing?” Queen Latifah asked as she was confused by what Mari had said.


“The one I had used on you, I don’t know the reverse spell so you will have to wait


bit, days perhaps, for me to find the reverse spell and use it on you.” Mari explained in a better way making Latifah to understand.


“Okay.” Queen Latifah said getting up to her feet. “I will be expecting you then sis, thank you for your forgiveness.” She added sincerely and was gone.


Luke came out of the kitchen.


“Were you joking when you told Latifah you don’t have a reverse spell?” He asked.


“No, I wasn’t joking my dear, I decided to do a mix spell on her when I noticed a familiar aura coming out of her crown.” Mari answered.




Wolfe Crimson Kingdom:


“Tomorrow, get ready Tlyer.” Beauty told him. “When you face River to challenge her for the throne, do not be scared of her, I shall be there all through until the time for me to speak comes.”


Tyler could only nod his head.



“Oh and we now have a new ally that will join hands with us to help me get your throne my love.”


“And who could be our new ally?”


“King Darken.” Beauty and answered and kissed him and disappeared.




Millennium Kingdom;


River and Royal ate to their satisfaction and stayed awake all through the day waiting for any attack.


It was night and everyone had gone to sleep except the palace guards and Jeffrey who was standing in front of the room River and Royal are.


“Are you sure you heard right, my love?” Royal asked. “Because there has been no attack since.”


“I am very sure he will send.” River didn’t finish her statement when she paused and stared around the room which was filled with lit candles.


The air around them changed, River and Royal noticed and became alert.


Then an offensive smell met their nostril.






Forbidden Pa*ssion (You’re Mine)



Unveiling the Wolf god (Part 6)


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