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Forbidden Passion – Episode 39

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Chapter 3 ⃣9 ⃣



© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (O maisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“My mistake my Queen.” Jeffrey said.


“Good, never make such a mistake again.”


“Yes my Queen.” Jeffrey said taking them straight to one of the clean empty Chambers.



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Mari and Luke enter the kitchen when she suddenly remembers something.


“Stay here and help me out with the meat, wash it first.” Mari told her mate and was out of the kitchen.


Quickly she went back to her study table, and brought out her mirror which she held to her face and whispered some magic words on it and the mirror showed the face of Queen Latifah’s handmaid.


“Greetings to you my queen.” She greeted bowing her head a little.


Every witch in the kingdom has a mirror they used in communicating with each other another.


Nods her head in acknowledgement to her greetings, “Where is my sister?” Mari asked knowing where Latifah would be at the moment but pretending not to.


“She is in her chamber, ever since she became…. you know, my Queen.” Latifah’s


handmaid responded.

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“How is she faring? Hope she is not crying?” Mari asked in a fake care pretence.


“She is always talking to herself and once she sees me she stops mumbling and will not say a word unless she wants something or wants to eat my Queen.” She answered.


“Okay, tell her that King Reed’s daughter is back and is in the palace of the Millennium with her Mate. She called for a meeting for all the whole King’s and Queen’s with their mate’s to come and I went on her behalf.” Mari said. “Kindly pass my message to her.” She added.


“I will do that, my Queen.” She said.


“Oh and tell her also that River, king Reed’s daughter was the one who had killed the fairy Queen.” Mari told her.


“Okay my queen.”


The mirror cleared and she dropped the mirror back on her study table and went to meet her Mate in the kitchen who had started washing the meats. She joined hands with her mate to wash the meat.




“What’s going on?” Queen Latifah asked her handmaid who had hurriedly came into her chamber without knocking. The question wasn’t audiable but her handmaid heard her.


“Former Queen Mari sent me a message to give to you my queen.” Her handmaid replied.


“And what message could it be?”


Her handmaid told her what Mari had told her.


“That is all my Queen.”



“Thank you, you may leave.” Queen Latifah watched until she had left her chamber and heaved out a huge breath.


Why would Mari attend the meeting in her place when they didn’t discuss it.


Even though she had brought Mari pain by keeping her away from her Mate, that doesn’t give her the right to attend the meeting without asking her.


She is still the Queen of all witches and Mari should give her the respect she deserves.




King Lucas couldn’t even sleep once he laid his head on his bed.


Why is all this happening to him and his son now? Why didn’t he see through Ariel’s disguise to know she was River?


He immediately sat up right from his bed. No, he has got to meet king Leon and whatever they discuss will determine if he will still allow his son to remain as Beauty mate or not.


He stood up, went out of his room and headed for his son’s chamber.




King Draken was at the spot when his mate, Lora, returned.


“You came back so soon my love? Forget what I said earlier.” Draken apologized.


“I am no longer angry, my love, in fact I came here to give you useful information I discovered a few minutes ago.” Lora states why she had returned


“What information?” King Darken asked, staring at his Mate to see if truly she was no longer angry, he was happy with what he saw, he saw no anger in her eyes.



“You have to join hands with Beauty if you want to win the throne.” Lora answered.


“But you know her father also wants to sit on that throne, almost all the King’s in supernatural want to sit on that throne.” King Darken told her.


“King Leon won’t be a problem anymore my love.” Lora said, smiling widely.


“And why if I may ask?” King Darken demanded.


“Because his daughter, Beauty, has sacrificed him to a god named Cretin.” Lora responded.






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