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Forbidden Passion – Episode 38

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Chapter 3 ⃣8 ⃣



© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (O maisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


River didn’t know how to reply to that.


“Go.” Royal ordered his wolves and they were gone. “I am sorry about what Fire said, don’t take it to heart.” He said and mumbled the words. “They always find a way to embarrass me at the slightest chance given.” Royal apologizes on the behalf of his wolves.


“It’s no problem.” River said with a smile as she sat down on the same spot she sat when Royal brought her here. “Did you really eat their bodies?” She asked.


“No, don’t listen to what Fire said, please.” Royal answered sitting next to her. “If I allow them to come out fully, these flowers would be destroyed by the time they use their large paws to step on them. I don’t want that to happen so I only made their heads show.” Royal explained his reasons.

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“Oh I get it.” River said. “So what did Fire mean when he said he was going to take me first before others?” River asked.


“He meant to say he will be the first wolf who will possess me when we want to make love with each other.” Royal answered truthfully.


“Wait does that mean I will have to sleep with four of them?” River asked wide-eyed.


“Yes, they each will possess my body and take you and afterwards mark you as their Mate’s.” Royal answered her.



“Alright, so what was my mother like? Did you spend time with her and my father, especially her before she died?” River asked, changing the topic.


“Yes I did River, your mother was one of the nicest werewolf I had ever met. Like I told you before she was a rare gifted wolf. Your father loved and cherished her so much that he would do anything for her just to make her smile. I plan to also do more than your father River, I will love and cherish you forever.” Royal responded.


River smiled, “I know you will do as you said Royal, I am glad we both end up together and soon we will become man and wife.” She said and heaved out a loud sigh. “I just wish I had met my mother and know her a bit before she died.” She added sadly.


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Placing his hand around her shoulder trying to comfort her in his own little way, “Don’t worry River, your mother is always watching over you, don’t forget that.” Royal said to her.


“If she was not pregnant with me, she would have been alive by now. Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t born.” River said as her voice crack, she breathed in to stop the tears from coming out of her eyes.


“Hey don’t talk like that, the Moon goddess knows best and beside if you weren’t born I wouldn’t have met you. Things happen for a reason River, do not blame yourself.” Royal said with a little bit of growling as he didn’t agree with the words River had omitted out.


“But still yet she would have been alive to see today.” River still said.


“It won’t remain the same, she is dead and your father is dead, they are watching over you wherever they are right now, River. Do not ever blame yourself or allow such thoughts in you again, okay?”


“Okay. Let’s go home.” River said standing up to her feet as Royal did the same.


“I like it when you said ‘home’.” Royal said, smiling.



“You are mine now Royal so my home is your home so also I am yours and your home is my home.” River told him as she brightens up a bit.


“Are you going to do your magic or should I carry you and run?” Royal asked, placing his hands around her waist and drawing her closer to his body.


“I prefer you carry me Royal, I want to feel your strong arms around me.”


Royal did just that, he carried River in a bridal style and ran fastly towards her kingdom.




“Guess who I met today my love.” Mari said to Luke once she appeared inside her home and met Luke reading one of her spell books.


“You can tell me you know I am not a good guesser dear.” Luke said to her as he lifted his head up from the book he was reading to stare at his beautiful Mate. He drops the book on the study table and gives her his full attention. “Who did you meet today?” He asked.


“I met your friend, Royal.” Mari responded smiling.


“Royal? He is around?” Luke asked in shocked and wide eyes.


“Yes.” Mari answered.


“It’s been a long time since I saw him, how did you meet him?” Luke asked with knee interest. What will a Wolf god be doing here?


“He is River Mate.” Mari responded this time around her smile was very wide.


“River, King Reed daughter?”




“Wow, I really need to see my friend.”



“Not now or today, you will get to meet him tomorrow. Join me in the kitchen, let’s cook together.”




King Lucas wasn’t at peace with his heart since his son left him.


How could he have accepted King Leon’s proposal of his son having his daughter as his mate?


What had come over him on that day?


If he hadn’t pushed his son to accept King Leon offer and pushed him to come up with the idea of rejection, he would have been the one seated with River.


He didn’t know things would turn out this way. What is he going to do?


The moon goddess has offered them the sit of the Millennium King but his greediness and selfishness prevented it from happening.


How can he change the mind of River to accept his son back?


She had thrown them out when he wanted to plead with her in the secret chamber so he knew she was angry at them.


What will he do? Should he go and meet king Leon and tell him he longer wants his daughter again, Will he accept? Will his son accept? And will Beauty accept?


King Lucas thought hard until he began to feel a headache. He left his throne room and headed for his chamber to relax his brain and thoughts.


He needed a good sleep to calm himself down.





Royal who ran very fast stopped running once he was inside the Millennium palace.


He gently made River’s feet touch the bare ground before letting her go.


“Jeffrey!!!” River yelled as soon as she was standing on her own feet earning a lot of stares from the servants around them.


Jeffrey was seen walking towards them.


“Run you moron!!!” She shouted and Jeffrey ran to meet them highly embarrassed at how she had shouted.


“Greetings to you my lady.” Jeffrey greeted with a bow.


“Have you greeted my Mate?” River asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Sorry my lady. Greetings to you my Lord.” Jeffrey apologized and greeted Royal, bowing a little at him before straightening his body.


“Take us to our room Immediately, we need to rest.” River ordered.


Jeffrey bows a little and turns around, leading them to one of the clean empty Chambers in the palace.


“Before the sun will rise tomorrow, I want you to arrange my father’s chamber by yourself, do I make myself clear?” River told him with her teeth clenched.


“Yes my lady.” Jeffrey responded.


“Point of correction Jeffrey, not my lady, you address me as a Queen and my Mate as the King of the Millennium.”






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