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Forbidden Passion – Episode 36

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Chapter 3 ⃣6 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Where is your Mate? Why isn’t he here with you?” Royal asked Mari.



“He is at home, he doesn’t like to believe in such meetings as you friend you ought to know that.” Mari told him.


“It’s been a long time since I saw him Mari, I have forgotten some things.” Royal said to her.

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“So you were not joking when you said you were as old as the Moon goddess herself?” River chips in.


“No I wasn’t.” Royal answered.


“So since you are the wolf god, how do I address you now? Still by your name or ‘My Lord’ which one do you prefer since you are the King of all werewolves and commands us, including me?”


“You are now my mate so I prefer you call me by my name, and my wolves are dying to meet you.” Royal told her.


“Your wolf you mean to say.” River said in correction.


“No, I said wolves, they have been dying to meet you.” Royal said.


“You have more than one wolf in you?” Mari and River asked together in surprise.


“Yes.” Royal responded. “Why are you looking surprised?” He asked.

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“You are the first person who has more than one Wolf, is that why you are the wolf god?” Mari answered, still in shock.


“Maybe, my father has three wolves and I have four wolves.” Royal responded.


“Wait a minute, you have not one, not two but four wolves in you?” River asked this time.


“Yes, Ice is my main wolf just like when you want to change into your wolf, the other three are bonuses.” Royal replied.



“Can I see them, please?”


“Here can’t contain the four of them, they are times ten of a normal wolf height.”


“Wow, I need to go and see Luke, I will see you both later.” Mari said and was out before they would say a word.


“But you will show me your wolves?”


“Yes, I just told you they are dying to meet and talk to you.”


“They talk too?”




“I need to see them, please.”


“We will need somewhere private.”


“Why don’t we go back to that cave, it’s large enough for them.”




“Where is the Cave located?” River asked.


“I can show you.” Royal replied and lifted up his right hand to touch her forehead, showing her exactly where the Cave is. “That’s it.” He told her standing up to his feet and removing his hand from her forehead.


River stood up and grabbed hold of Royal hand and they both disappeared.




Beauty came out of the dark water alone, her aura more darker than before.



“At long last, I am now a goddess and above that stupid River.” She said to herself as she felt more stronger and powerful.


She disappeared and reappeared in Tyler chamber.


Tyler who was pacing around thinking of what to tell River when he visited her soon stopped when he saw Beauty.


“Why are you here?” Tyler asked. “You made me reject my true Mate. I was greedy and selfish but now I am not. I want my true mate back.” He added.


Going to meet him and touch his jaw softly. “I will just ignore what you just say, all is not lost Tyler, I gave you my word that you will become the Millennium King didn’t I?” Beauty demanded.


“And you also made me reject my Mate.” Tyler growled out the words.


“I also reject my mate because of you Tyler, don’t forget that. Anyway, all hope is not lost, you shall become the next King.” Beauty said with a smile.


“Beauty I am no longer interested in all these, I just need River.” Tyler told her.


“You only need her because of the throne, a throne that is already yours, you will be the one who will sit on that throne and no one else.” Beauty said


“It’s too late already, she has chosen someone who is not ME.” Tyler said, yelling out the last part.


“You and I are destined to be together, you will become the King, I will kill her if she stands in my way. I am not a mere vampire anymore Tyler.”


“What do you plan to do?” Tyler asked.


“You are going to challenge her for the throne.” Beauty replied.


“I can’t fight her, she is a woman and not to mention my Mate.”



“Point of correction, she is your Rejected Mate Tyler, you can’t change the hands of time.” Beauty told him. “Just flow along with the present. The throne belongs to us and the presence of River can’t change that.”






Forbidden Passion (You’re Mine)



Royal and River (Part 5)


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