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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 35

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Chapter 3 ⃣5 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Are you sure you will be able to kill River?”


“Are you now doubting me and my powers Darken?” Lora demanded harshly.



“No no my love, I am not in any way doubting your powers, my love, all I am trying to say, River seems to be powerful, didn’t you see the way she speaks to everyone present without fear?” King Darken

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“I saw it but I am more powerful than her, she’s just the daughter of the dead Millennium Wolf King, so she is not that powerful.” Lora told Darken. “I will show you how powerful I am, more powerful than her.” She added, getting up and making a portal open, she angrily walked straight into it and the portal closed behind her.


“It was just a harmless comment and she took it seriously.” King Darken said to his empty throne room.




Beauty and her father appeared at the Cave where Cretin resides. Releasing her hold on her father.


Starting her chanting, Cretin rise from the dark water.


“What brings you here?” Cretin asked.


“We have a huge problem Cretin?” King Leon answered.


“What problem Leon?”

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“You are asking me? I thought you know everything.” King Leon reply.


“I know but I need to hear it from you, speak, I am listening.” Cretin said.


“You won’t believe what just happened, River is back and she is a female.”


“I know.” Cretin said.


“What are we going to do now? She is standing in my way to the throne, I want to sit on that throne.” King Leon told the hideous beast.


“I need blood so I can make you more powerful than her.” Cretin said.


“If it is blood you want, then blood you shall get as long as I sit on that throne.” King Leon said.


“Good. I need the blood right now.”


“Okay my Lord.” Beauty spoke this time around and faced her father. “Let’s go home and prepare some of our vampire slaves.” She told him and stretched forth her hands to him which he grabbed.


“I will see you soon Cretin.” King Leon said as they watched Cretin entering the dark water back and they disappeared only to reappear above the water and Beauty let go of his hands immediately.


King Leon was taken unawares as he fell into the dark water never to be seen again.


“You are the last sacrifice I had to make for me to become a goddess, sacrificing both my parents and some vampires were part of my plan.” Beauty said as she watched her father struggling to get out of the dark water but all to no avail, at last, the water covered King Leon.


Beauty floated down and stood at the edge of the dark water awaiting the presence of Cretin.


Coming out of the water, Cretin laughed which was followed shortly by Beauty laughter.


“We took him unaware.” Cretin said when he stopped laughing.


“Yes my Lord.” Beauty said smiling.


“All these while, he didn’t know he was preparing his own funeral. He thinks it will be him who will join Darken and the others to battle with River.” Cretin said. “Now that you have completed the final sacrifice, come.” He added and opened his arms wide as if he wanted to embrace her.



Beauty closed the distance between them as she walked on the dark water, she entered his embrace.


“To become more powerful than River, this is the last sacrifice you have to do.” Cretin said and they both entered the dark water.




Isaac was livid in anger as he paced around in his chamber.


‘How dare she talk to me? Now she has unleashed the anger in me.




Jeffery wasn’t at rest when he left the secret meeting room.


If River was the one who had killed Queen Floral, surely she knows he had a hand in king Reed’s death.


If River knows, why then is she keeping quiet and hasn’t announced it yet.






Forbidden Pa*ssion (You’re Mine)



Royal and River (Part 4)


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