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Forbidden Passion – Episode 34

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Chapter 3 ⃣4 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“How will I fix this son? You’ve marked Beauty as your second chance mate.” King Lucas said moving back a bit.


“I will unmark her and break the Mate bond.” Tyler said.


“It doesn’t happen that way, the Moon goddess gives us a second chance mate and once you’ve marked that Mate, it can’t be broken, as the Prince of the Wolves didn’t you read our laws?” King Lucas asked.


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“I don’t care what the laws say father, if I hadn’t listened to you, Ari- River would already be my Mate, I lied about her so I could please you.” Tyler told him, still in anger.


“No, you could have rejected the offer when I told you, I didn’t force you or threatened to disown you, did I Tyler?” King Lucas demanded and Tyler heaved out a sigh. “No, we both fu.cked up so stop pinning the blame on me.” He added.


“You are right father, you didn’t force me but if I didn’t allow my greed to take over me I would be where that stupid servant is.” Tyler said and a thought came into his head. “Maybe she’s trying to make me feel jealous as a pay back for what I did to her last night.” He suddenly added.


“Do you think so son?” King Lucas asked.


With a shrugged shoulder as he answered, his anger fading away. “Just maybe.” And he continued. “I will have to go back and talk to her to give me a listening ear, maybe she might give me another chance for us to start all over again.” He added.


“Don’t you think it’s late for that son? I mean you have Beauty and she has promised you the throne. Why don’t you ask her when you are going to sit on the throne?” King Lucas suggested.


“You are right father but I won’t take chances, I will remind Beauty of her promise and will talk to River to take me back as her rightfully Mate, one out if the two will work out in my favor.” Tyler told his father. “I will be going to my room to practice all the sweet words I need to tell River for her to accept me back.” He added and didn’t wait for his father to speak before he turned and left the throne room with a determined look on his face.



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“Don’t you want to tell me if what my aunt is saying is true Royal?” River asked.


“Mari is saying the truth, River, I am really a wolf god but do not announce it yet.” Royal responded.



“If you are a Wolf god then why are you here, in the pretence of being a servant to the Wolfe Crimson kingdom?” River demanded.


“Told you I needed to pass a message to River, not knowing you are actually the River I have been searching for.” Royal answered. “Never thought you are River, was surprised when you revealed your identity to every King and Queen present today.” He added, still not believing his eyes.


“But you saw my real identity when others except for aunt Mari saw my other disguised face.” River said with a thoughtful face.


“Well it might be because I am a wolf god I was able to see through your disguise, and I am still telling you, you look more beautiful than that Vampire daughter and your hair is so Rare.” Royal told her.


“Thanks Royal, you are handsome and I couldn’t ask for more, you are all I need.” River said and continued. “Maybe the Moon goddess knew I would be rejected by Tyler and sent you to me and you saw through my disguise when Tyler couldn’t.” She added.


“That’s true.” Royal said in support of what she said.


“Now that you’ve known who I am and I have also known what you are, can you now tell me what message my late father has for me?” River asked with knee interest. “You can say the message in front of Mari, she is the only one I trust.” She added.


“Nothing much, just that he said and I quote ‘Tell River to be safe and be careful when you meet, the throne would cause a huge fight when you are about to ascend it but stand firm and do not be afraid to fight back for the throne which has already been ordained to you by the gods’ that’s all.” He finally revealed his long awaited message.


“When did he tell you that?” Mari demanded.



“Sometime ago, he came to meet me and when I saw him he was looking sick. He said he doesn’t want to tell River so he sent me to her.” Royal answered, staring at River as he spoke.


“Did he know where you live?” River asked


“Yeah.” Royal responded.


“So where do you live?” Mari asked.


“Ask Luke, he knows where I live but mind you, my place is very far.” Royal answered her question.




Vampire Kingdom:


“I can’t believe my eyes, Beauty.” King Leon said as soon both were inside his throne room. “River is a girl.” She added.


“That throne is mine and there is no one who will sit on it.” Beauty said, trying to keep her voice down.


“How do you intend to sit on that throne when River has revealed herself and now chooses your Mate as the one who will sit on the throne?” King Leon asked his daughter.


“We need to see Cretin immediately, father.” Beauty answered as she stretched forth her palm for her father to place his own on top of hers.


“Yes, we really do.” King Leon said, placing his palm on his daughter’s own.


They disappeared.




Demon Kingdom:



King Darken was seen pacing inside his chamber. Lora was sitting on the bed and staring at her Mate.


“You shouldn’t be worried about that kid Darken.” Lora said halting her Mate in his movement.


“And why is that? She just came out of nowhere and now wants to ascend the throne.” King Darken bellowed in anger. “I want to sit on that throne Lora.”


“And you shall. Did I not tell you that Mari knows the whereabouts of River?” Lora asked and that calmed king Darken a little as he nodded his head. “Then killing River will be so easy now that I know what gender she is.”








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