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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 33

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Chapter 3 ⃣3 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“I..I.. I… I” Tyler stammered out his reply but shut his mouth when ‘I’ just kept coming.


“Just do yourself a favor and shut that up.” River said with a smirk.


“But a lady has not been given the throne of the Millennium before nor has she sat on it, yours won’t be different my dear River, just pa*ss the throne to the only available relative you have, which is me.” Isaac said.


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“Where does the law states that only the male gender will ascend the throne of the Millennium?” River questioned. “Please tell me where it is written so that I can see it with my two eyes dear uncle.” She added with a lopsided smirk.


“Well Isaac is right, a woman can not rule over us, we won’t agree, right my follow King’s?” King Draken chips in.


All the King nodded their heads in support of what King Draken had said and some even said ‘Yes’


“Oh, I know one of you would say that and all of you would agree.” River said and continued. “But if I am married, my husband gets to sit on the throne of the Millennium.” She added.


“Yes River, whoever you get marry to sits on the throne.” Mari chips in bending her head to glance at Tyler when she spoke.


“So I have chosen him to be my husband.” River said pointing at Royal who was seated beside her.



Mari was surprised, River didn’t tell her that and now giving the young man beside her her full attention, she realized he looked so much like the man Luke had introduced her to. If Luke had been here, he would confirm her suspicion. For now, she hopes he is the one and if he is, doesn’t he recognize her?


King Draken laughed. “But I thought you said Tyler here is your Mate, are you now jumping from one man to another?” He asked.

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“You are deaf Draken, I said he rejected me in front of a lot of people last night which was his birthday.” River answered. “And now I am choosing Royal here who was also rejected by his own mate last night to become my husband and there is nothing you, or any of you, especially Beauty or Tyler can do.” She added with a smile.


“Why did you call us?” King Draken demanded as he found River’s smile irritating.


“Why haven’t the people known about my father’s death?” She asked, she knew who had given out the order not to let others know about his Death.


“Because I gave the order and they followed.” Isaac answered with a glare.


“From now onwards, I give the orders and the rest of you follow, do I make myself clear?” She said with a loud growl that intimidated most of them.


“Yes, we heard you loud and clear my Queen.” Mari answered for all of them.


“Once this meeting is over, I will have messages sent all over the whole supernatural to inform them about the death of my father.” River told them, staring at Isaac to dare go against her words.


“Okay my Queen.” Mari said with a slight bow.


“But his body is missing.” Isaac grunted out in anger. “We can’t perform his burial rights without his body.” He added.



“That’s no problem, I overheard your conversation which you all had in the previous meeting, so I went to meet Zeus who sent his son to take my father’s dead body to the realm of the gods. Now my father’s soul is dancing with the rest of the souls gone.” River told him.


No wonder he didn’t recognize the scent and know who had taken Reed’s body when Jeffery had informed him about his missing body.


Isaac thought to himself.


“Alright.” He said.


“That will be all for now, I will send for you all anytime I feel like too, especially your mates.” River added staring at Tyler and Beauty.


Without saying a word, they all left one after the other, Beauty followed her father and soon, only Tyler, king Lucas and Mari remained.


“I need to talk to you, if you can give me a listening ear.” King Lucas spoke.


“Thanks for your congratulating words on my engagement with Royal, you and your son shall soon be given the date for our wedding, you may leave right now.”


“That was not what i-” King Lucas started to speak but stopped when he felt himself being lifted up from the ground by Mari magic and was flung outside alongside with his son.


The door shutting after them.


“You did well River, I am so proud of you.” Mari gushes out happily and River smiles in response.


Startling Royal when she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Are you daydreaming?” She asked.


Royal faces Ariel, no, River. “So you were Reed’s child and you didn’t tell me?” Royal asked.



“No, I wanted it to be a surprise and I am very happy for what had happened yesterday, if not you wouldn’t be here talking to me instead.” River answered him.


“I am just surprised, I think I zone out when you introduce yourself as River.”


Royal said. “What did I miss?”


“You missed the shock look on Tyler’s face when I said I wanted to marry you and how Mari had thrown them out.” River gave him some hints.


“Sorry to cut in but you look like the Wolf god Luke had once introduced me to.”


Mari chips in quickly. “Sorry I don’t remember your name.”


Staring at the lady who knew his secret, he was trying to crack his brain, though she looked familiar.


‘Where did he meet her?’


Royal thought hard.


“You know I was dressed in a Queen attire not this rags I am wearing, and Luke, my mate has blue hair and blue eyes, does that ring a bell?” Mari explained.




The witch Queen.


He now remembers her.


“Is what my Aunt saying is true Royal, are you the wolf god?” River asked with wife eyes.




Tyler stared at his father in anger as none of them spoke to each other as they journey back home on foot, each with their own thinking.



“You caused this father, I could have been the one who is sitting next to Ariel and not that servant, you made me choose Beauty over my mate!” Tyler yelled out those words as soon as they were in the Wolfe Crimson Kingdom, in his father throne room. “And now, I have marked Beauty as my mate.” He added.


“I am so sorry son, how would I have known Ariel isn’t who she said she is?” King Lucas said.


“You’ve caused me my real Mate father.” Tyler growled out the words as he walked towards his father in a threatening way, scaring him. “And you have got to fix this or else….”






Forbidden Pa*ssion (You’re Mine)



Royal and River (Part 2)


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