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Forbidden Passion – Episode 17

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Chapter 1 ⃣7 ⃣


© Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“And why do you want to steal her crown Aunt?”


“When I appeared in her room, I sensed a little familiar scent that quickly dispersed when she grabbed hold of her crown. I need to check why the familiar scent was in her crown. She seemed scared when she saw me and was muttering something only she could hear when picking up her crown.” Mari answered concentrating on the golden plate she was holding.


“Well good luck with your spell, I on the other hand, is about to visit Wolfe Crimson Kingdom.”


“Okay, take care of yourself and try not to make people know your real identity unless you want them to and oh by the way, don’t forget to invite Royal.” Mari said briefly, removing her eyes from the golden plate to stare at Ariel before returning her gaze to her plate.


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“I won’t Aunt, I am going to see him after I Tyler.”


“Okay, you can go now and come back before it gets dark.”


“I will Aunt.” Ariel said and started walking towards the door, she was about to open the door when Mari voice stopped her.


“Thank you.” Mari said, she was still staring at the mirror.


Turning around a little bit so her side will face her Aunt, “For what?”



“For giving me a hint about my sister. If I didn’t go there I wouldn’t have sensed that familiar scent.”


Ariel smiled and was out of the house leaving Mari who was concentrating on the plate that had begun to take shape.



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Immediately Royal was out of the throne room, he headed for the kingdom healer home. He knows she will be around.


Knocking on the door once, the healer opened the door and was surprised to see him.


“Royal I don’t have any work for you today, I will send for you once I have-” she went still for 30 seconds and then blinked her eyes. She saw no one at her doorsteps and wondered why she had opened the door in the first place, seeing nothing out of ordinary, she closed the door.




King Lucas welcomed his visitors and offered King Leon and his daughter a seat which was closer to his throne chair while he went to sit on his throne.


“So pleased to see you here king Leon, what can I offer the both of you?” King Lucas asked with an excited smile.


“Nothing, I came here because of our last discussion when you came to my kingdom.” King Leon said going straight to the point. “I am still reconsidering your offer after having a little chat with my precious daughter.”


“I am happy to hear this King Leon and I am promising you I will be your strongest ally you will ever have.” King Lucas told the Vampire King.


“I didn’t say I have accepted your offer yet King Lucas, I said I am still reconsidering your offer.”


The smile king Lucas was spotting on slowly faded.


“But I thought you said-” he paused when the large Oak door to his throne room opened and his son stepped in.


Tyler who didn’t know his father was with visitors stopped right in his tracks when he saw the Vampires.


“Father.” Tyler began after greeting the Vampires before him, he couldn’t tear away his eyes from Beauty who also has been staring at him. “What’s going on?”


“Nothing is going on, we are discussing something important son so please excuse us, I will come and see you once my visitors are gone.” King Lucas told his son.


“Okay father.” Tyler was out.


“Sorry for that.” King Lucas apologized and continued. “But I thought you came here bearing good news about our last discussion.”


“…” King Leon stopped whatever he wanted to say when his daughter leaned forward to whisper into his ear. King Leon stared at his daughter in surprise. “Are you sure Beauty?”


“Yes father.” Beauty responded loudly. “Tell him.” She added gesturing with her head towards king Lucas.


Returning his gaze to the Wolf King, “I have decided to make you my ally and accept your request that once I become the Millennium King, you shall rule your kingdom as it Pleases you…but you have to do something in return.” King Leon said, staring straight into the other King’s eyes.


“And what do you want me to do in return, tell me and I will do it.” King Lucas told him.


“My daughter here,” King Leon began pointing at Beauty beside him, “Like your son and want him to be her Mate.”



“But you know each wolf has a Mate they are blessed with.” King Leon said, trying not to show his shock.


“I know, but has your son seen his Mate yet my Lord?” Beauty asked this time around.


“Yes, he has and he told me today my Princess.” King Lucas replied.


“Then let him reject his Mate bond with her.” Beauty told him with a shrugged shoulder.


“What? You know that is not possible, Tyler has just seen his Mate and even though iight agree he won’t reject her.”


“What if he marries me and sits on the throne of the Millennium, won’t that still change his mind?” Beauty asked with raised eyebrows making her more beautiful.


“I will try my best to convince my son.” King Lucas said his greediness taking over him.


“Good my Lord,” Beauty said, getting up to her feet prompting her father to stand up also. “We shall be on our way now, once your son say yes, you know where to find us.”


“Yes my Princess.” King Lucas said getting up to his feet also.


“I will see you again King Lucas, hopefully with good news.” King Leon said with a smile.


“Yes King Leon.” He said returning the smile with one of his own.


Touching his daughter’s hand, they were gone.





“Why did you say Tyler would become the Millennium King after he marries you, you do know I want to become the next Millennium King?” King Leon asked his daughter once they appeared in his palace.


“Father, I just said that to capture Lucas mind which works perfectly. I like the guy who opened the door and wants to make him mine at all cost.” Beauty told her father, smiling. If only he knows.




Royal entered his room and locked his door then went to sit on his bed.


He cleared his throat before speaking.


“Ice.” He called out his wolf name gently.


Coming out from the wall was Ice. The wolf body couldn’t contain the room so half of it stayed inside the wall and the other half was facing a glaring Royal.


“I know you did this as a pay back that was why you had summoned me in this tiny room..” Ice said. “But jokes apart, stop glaring at me, it doesn’t suit you at all. …






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