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Forbidden Passion – Episode 12

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Chapter 1 ⃣2 ⃣


© Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Do you think it’s a coincidence aunty that they bear the same name?”


“I won’t know unless I see him face to face.” Mari replied.



“You know what, more than one person bears Ariel and that applies to the name Royal, so maybe he isn’t the one cus when I looked at him, I see an ordinary wolf, nothing special about him.” Ariel said.


“Probably he is hiding his identity like you are my dear.”

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Ariel thinking about it then nodded her head, “True, but let’s just assume he is a Wolf god like you said, why is he here then? What business does he have with the Wolf king, Lucas, and most importantly, why is he a servant to everyone in Lucas kingdom?”


“That’s what you are going to find out, I believe he is hiding his identity just like you are because a normal ordinary wolf, like you had said, won’t have seen your truly self Ariel, I have a doubt he is an ordinary wolf. Anyway, ask him those questions yourself when next you meet him and don’t forget to bring him here for my inspection.” Mari told her.


“I will invite him over once I am there to visit my Mate.” Ariel said.


“Speaking of your mate, did he tell you who his parents are?”


“No aunty, I didn’t ask him and besides I was in haste to go and to the fairy Kingdom and do my spy job. So I will ask him when I meet him.” Ariel answered with a smile.


“Oh you went to the fairy Kingdom?” Ariel nodded her head and Mari continued. “Let me see.” She added and touched Ariel’s forehead like she had done before, two minutes passed before she withdrew her hand and stared at Ariel in surprise. “Don’t tell me you did that to them?”


Shrugging her shoulders, “I already did aunty. My wolf is more connected to the ground than every wolf put together. So I heard and I did something and I thank the heavens that I went to the fairy Kingdom, and now, I have a clue.”



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“A clue you say? Don’t you know what you did will arouse suspicion, what if they discover it was a wolf that did it and you know no other wolf can do what you did.”


“I don’t care aunty.” Ariel said, turning her back to Mari. “I thought one of the things you had always taught me is to be proud of my powers, I used my powers for good not for evil unlike the unfortunate ones you saw.”


“I trust your judgement Ariel, I can’t help but worry if your identity is revealed when you are not yet ready.”


“I am always ready aunt that is why I have to find out those who inflicted me with a painful open wound and take them by surprise. And like I said before, I now have a clue on one person who also has a hand in my open wound.”


“Whatever that pleases you please me Ariel.” Mari said. “Just be careful.”


“I am always careful and I don’t leave evidence that would lead to me.” Ariel said and began walking towards the other close door, the room she and Mari shared when she stopped and twisted her head so she could stare at her aunt. “I also suggest you visit Latifah, I can assure you she has a skeleton in her wardrobe.”


“And how would you know that?”


“I just told you my wolf is connected to the very ground we match. Since we are in the Witch kingdom, even though you live at the outskirts of the kingdom, I know everything that is going on here, my wolf has connected here.” Ariel responded. “Just monitor Latifah more.” With that she continued her walking to the room.


Ariel doesn’t make any mistake, if she says this person is bad, then that person is bad.




Vampire Kingdom:



“Who was that father?” Beauty demanded stepping out of the wall behind the throne chair and went to stand before her father.


“King Lucas my dear.”


“And what does he want?”


“He wants to be my ally in taking Isaac down.” King Leon replied.


“And what was your answer father?”


“I haven’t given him an answer yet and I won’t.”


“What conditions did he lay out to you father?”


“Nothing much just that when I become the King of Millennium, I should allow him to make his own decisions.”


“Don’t you think you should have agreed?”


“Why should I agree when I am powerful myself, I don’t need anyone’s help.”


“Everyone needs an ally father, his kingdom is the strongest after Reed’s kingdom, and he is a Wolf too. Have him as an ally after all Cretin said you and Isaac will merge and fight alongside, why don’t you make it two, Isaac and Lucas.” Beauty suggested and her father nodded his head after reasoning what his daughter said.


“You are right my daughter, you are not only beautiful but intelligent too. I will inform Lucas.”




At midnight, Tyler had a dream.


In his dream, he saw himself running with all his might and strength through a thick forest. He didn’t know what he was running away from nor why he was



running, he just kept running. The moon was full and was shining, spreading it’s rays all round the forest, letting Tyler to see his path clearly.


He heard deep loud growls that vibranted the ground.


He ran, not knowing where he was running too. He ran until he got to a dead end. A thick wall made of clay and leaves blocked him from proceeding further. He stopped and tried to climb the wall, but couldn’t. He tried and tried again but he couldn’t just climb the wall. The growls were gaining faster on him. Tyler wondered if this was a dream and when he pinched himself hard and felt pain, he realised it wasn’t a dream. What will he do now? He won’t go down without a fight, only one way out.


He turned around to face the forest and put on his bravest face as his fingers folded and formed a tight fist, his veins showing. Whatever it is that is chasing him will have a taste of his fist and fury before they kill him.


Coming out of the dark was a wolf whose fur was fire, in fact the wolf was made of fire but to his surprise it wasn’t burning anything.


Tyler had to blink his eyes when he saw the fire wolf grinning devilishly at him.


Next to the fire Wolf was another wolf in dark fur, dropping all round the dark wolf was darkness.


Another wolf came out of the shadows and stood beside the dark wolf, it had green fur and green eyes seized up Tyler.


They were the largest and biggest wolves Tlyer has ever seen. They were bigger than a horse in height and Tlyer wondered where they came out from and why were they after him?


“Oh please don’t tell me this lanky boy is the one that beat him up?” The green Wolf demanded.


“He is the one green.” The dark wolf answered.



Tlyer was surprised, never in his whole life has he seen or met or heard of wolves talking in their form, this would be the first time he was seeing it. And what ‘him’ are they talking about?


“Hmmm.” The green Wolf mused and started walking towards Tlyer.


“One more move and I will show you the stuff I am made of.” Tlyer threatens the more than horse size green Wolf approaching him. “My fist will do my talking.”


The Green wolf laughed hysterically. One of the leafs on the wall behind Tlyer grabs hold of Tyler’s hand and another one grabs hold of his other hand, pinning them above his head. Tlyer tried to free his caged hands from the tiny leafs which held him but to his uttermost surprise, he couldn’t. He tried and tried but couldn’t it was as if the leaf were made out of irons.


“Where are those little fists of yours boy? I would really like to have a taste of it.” The green Wolf scoffed.


The fire wolf burst out laughing rolling itself to the hard ground.


“What did I do, who are you?” Tlyer finally asked when he realised he couldn’t cut the leaves away.


“Ask those questions to Ice when he comes.” The dark wolf answered and faced the fire Wolf. “And why is Ice not here yet Fire, I thought he was behind you?”


Before the fire Wolf could reply, a deep voice was heard.


“I am here and I must agree with you Green, this kid is really scrawny and skeletal.”


Tlyer eyes widened as it almost came out of their sockets, stepping out of the shadows was a very large, larger and bigger than the other three wolves.







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