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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 8

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I grabbed my face cap and my keys and rushed out of my room but met Jeff at the corridor.


“I saw the news, is it true?” he asked.


I had no time to answer that..


I need to go to Mona. I’m damn sure she’s in trouble right now.


“Where are you going?” he asked.


I wanted to ignore that too but halted.


“To Mona, she’s in trouble,” I said.

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A minute later, I was in my car with Jeff at the passenger’s seat.


I ignited the car engine and drove out.


My phone began ringing..


It kept ringing repeatedly.


I had no time for that. All I could think of was Mona.


Jeff took my phone and answered it.



Hello Mr Kim he said into the phone.


I couldn’t hear the caller’s voice.



Mona isn’t home yet Jeff said.



I picked it because Michel is on the steering. He think Mona is in trouble so we are on our way to Cheonjing


Jeff took the phone off his ear and pushed his dark hair back with a sigh.


“I should keep trying her phone,” he said.


I was in full speed.


Mona must not get hurt in anyway!










I regained consciousness but my eyes were still closed..


I recalled where I am.


I recalled being hit on the face by a guy sitting beside me.


What do I do?


I can’t let them take me to God knows where.


I can’t let my dream become a reality.


I don’t want to be locked up in a dark room and asked to sign to leave Michel. Never!


I have to do something.


Fight! I have to do anything I can to get off this car.


Slowly, I opened my eyes and the guy beside me had his eyes to the window and the two others were focused on the windscreen.


A gun was on the guy’s hand and without wasting a second, I snatched the gun and pointed it at him, the one driving and the girl.


“Let me out or I’ll shoot!” I said.


I’ve never held a gun before. I don’t even know how to hold it properly. My hands were shaking.


The guy looked scared and his hands were already up in surrender but the girl


bursted into laughter.


She was carrying Blue.


‘What’s funny?’



“Wow so you think there’s a bullet in that gun. Of course there can’t be,” she said and I was shocked.


I looked at the gun and of course that was a chance I gave them.


The guy threw me a strong fist which sent me to another unconsciousness.


I blacked out.



Writer’s pov


Immediately Mona blacked out again, the guy collected the gun from her.


“You would have gotten us killed, you moron,” The lady barked at him.


“What? She was unconscious. I had no idea she would wake up so fast.” The guy said.


“Watch her!” The lady said.


A phone began ringing..


The lady took it out of her pocket and picked the call.



Yes ma’am she spoke first.



Get that bitch out of that car right now



The girl raised her brows. What?



Get her off that car and leave there instantly!






Just do what I said!!



Yes ma’am

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The call ended and The lady turned to her team.


“Stop the car. We are dropping her.” she said.


“What? -what?”


“It’s an order from Ms Li” she said.


They pulled to a deserted area and dropped Mona and her cat at the road side.


They switched on her phone, dropped it by her side and left immediately.







[Leo’s residence]





I walked out of the bathroom and picked my phone…


A notification popped up and the headline got my attention.


‘The anonymous singer’s identity had been revealed! See the shocking truth!…’


I sat down on the bed and opened the news.


Mona’s picture was the first thing that showed up.




I read down.


‘The anonymous singer is Mona Lisa Silver -Kim Michel’s girlfriend.


Without anyone’s aware, Michel and Mona Lisa planned on shocking Xspark and the world with her amazing voice and super singing talent. He sent the anonymous song to Xspark to shock them at the end when Mona would finally emerge as the anonymous singer..



Isn’t this interesting? ’


“Wow…” that was all I could breathe out.


The door opened and Lia came in.


“Hey it’s everything okay?…” she asked and sat beside me.


“Yeah…just that there’s a trending news right now,” I said.


“What’s it about?” she asked.


I handed the phone to her and she read it and breathed out a “wow” too. “This girl is amazing.”


“Yeah.. She is,” I said.


“Anyway… Has it been confirmed that she’s the one really? This might be fake anyway,” she said.


“I don’t think.. From the start, I knew there was something extra ordinarily special about Mona” I said.




“Yeah.. Now on a rethink, I think that she and Michel look good together,” I said.




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(Still in the car)





I pulled up at the very spot of Mona’s last tracked but there was no sign of her.


I hit my fist on the steering.


“It’s ringing!” Jeff suddenly said.


I gasped.


He’s been calling Mona’s line repeatedly.


Immediately, I grabbed the phone from his hand and placed it on my ear.


The call was picked.



Hello Mona, Mona are you okay? I asked immediately but it wasn’t Mona who answered.


This is DK Hospital calling. The owner of this cellphone was brought in ten minutes ago and is receiving treatment. Please who are you to her?


What! What happened to my Mona?






[DK hospital]


(Hours Later)


(VIP room)


I sat in front of sleeping Mona, holding her syringed hand close to my lips.


She was in the patient grown and sleeping on the hospital bed with her hand connected to a drip and a plaster on her left cheek.


I was alone with her in the room, I wanted to be.


Jeff left with Manager Park and Tenten and Manager Kim are somewhere in the hospital.


I just want to be alone with her.


I held her hand with my two hands and kissed her hand.


“I’m so sorry for letting them hurt you..” I said.


“I promise to get whoever that did this.. I promise you.”


The door opened and Doctor Kim…my dad walked in.


He took few steps closer and slide his hands into his coat pockets.


“Your manager is still waiting to take you home,” he said.


I took my time before answering. “I’ll stay here with her.”


“She’ll be alright..” he said.


“I’ll be here until she is alright. Please leave,” I said.


“Let’s talk outside,” he said.


I looked at him. “What do we have to talk about? Payment have been cleared. What else?”


“It won’t take more than ten minutes,” he said.


I looked at Mona and exhaled.


“Babe, just give me ten minutes, I’ll be back okay. I love you,” I kissed her hand and gently dropped it then stood up and turned to my dad.


“Ten minutes,” I said.


He shrugged.




In no time we were standing at the rooftop of the hospital building, close to the rail.


“Go on,” I said.


“You’ve been causing trouble lately because of that girl,” he said.


I narrowed my eyes at him. “What?”


“From creating a scene at a birthday party to hitting a car to this moment.. Did you forget who you are for a second ?” he said.


I exhaled, holding my anger. “Do you know who I am?”


“Of course you are Kim Michel, the country’s idol.” he said.


“Wow… Of course that’s what I am.. But”


“You are also my son,” he interrupted.


(Topster Stories) Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com I raised my brow. “I thought you forgot about that?” I asked.


“No way… I have only one son and I can never forget him.” he said.


I chuckled, took few more steps to the rail and placed my hands on the chilling steel then chuckled again.


In a second he stood beside me with his hands placed also on the rail.


“So you would have forgotten about me if there was another son?” I asked.


“It’s hard to forget a son, especially a handsome and hardworking one,” he said.


I looked at him and he was smiling with his eyes up at the sky.


I followed his eyes.


“The sky is beautiful tonight, do you agree?” he said.


I breathed out. “I think so.”


“It must have been very lonely with an enemy dad,” he said.


I chuckled. “I’ve never looked at you as an enemy. You will always be my dad. I’m still hoping that one day, you would realize that I became what I am supposed to become.”I said.


“When I was born, I was never given a profession. I was never signed to become a doctor. My parents let me become what I dreamt to be and I was so happy but I forgot about that… I forgot everything and I was bent on my son becoming a doctor like me. That was being selfish,” he said.


I smiled. “I’m glad you’ve realized that.” I said, turned and was walking away when he said.


“Your fiancé is beautiful.”


smiled. “Of course she is…”




I opened the door and getting in, there was Tenten with a woken Mona Lisa sitting on the bed.


“Mona?” I called.


“Oppa?” she answered.


I ran so fast to her and hugged her.


“I’m so sorry Mona. I’m sorry for letting them hurt you,” I said.


“It’s fine.. I’m fine..but a bit hungry,” she said.


I looked at Tenten.


“I will go right away,” he said and rushed out.


I withdrew the hug and touched her hair.


“Are you okay?” I asked her.


She smiled


“Sure but here hurt a bit,” she said and pointed at her cheek.


“I’m sorry.. ” I said.


“Come on what are you sorry about. You weren’t the people that kidnapped me…” she said.


I promise they are going to pay for doing this to your face, I promise baby,” I said and kissed her.







[Blinks House]





I opened Sugar’s door and gasped at the sight before me.


Sugar was laying the cold floor, unconscious.


Empty bottles of Strong alcohol were everywhere with cigarettes.


I rushed to the cellphone and called for emergency and also called Manager Frank. Then called Babé




It didn’t take forever for them to arrive and Sugar was wheeled into the ambulance.


“Is she going to be okay?” I asked.


“Is she going to be okay?” Babé asked too.

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The ambulance left and Manager Frank turned to us.


“She’s going to be alright. I’ll have to go to the hospital.” he said.





Writer’s pov


(Three days later)


“Ma’am, your daughter is three weeks pregnant,” the doctor broke it to Mrs Li. Mrs Li gasped. “My daughter is pregnant?”


“Yes ma’am. Three weeks pregnant.” The doctor said.


“Oh my goodness..” Mrs Li breathed out.




Days later, the person who leaked the identity of the anonymous person showed up.


His name is Cole, a friend to Vic who is a brother to Toni’s girlfriend.


Toni is Zan’s friend.


Cole was the person who leaked it.




(Five months later)





The Jet landed at Bangkok airport.


Michel took my hand and we walked down from the jet.



There were a hundred of fans waiting for us at the terminal.



Oh my God! Here they come!!



Here they come!


Picture taking kicked up everywhere.


Michel and I waved at them.



I love you Momi!



Momi!! We love youu



oh my goodness… They look so beautiful together



We continued waving at them until we left the place and entered the car waiting for us.


Michel looked at me and smiled.


I smiled back.


“There’s a dirt on your hair,” he said.


I gasped. “What! How could you tell me now! Did I carry it all the way here even in the terminal?”


He chuckled “I’m just kidding, my celebrity girlfriend.” he said.


I hit him playfully on the arm. “Stop joking all the time.”


“I’m sorry.”


The car pulled up at Goldville hotel.


Remember the hotel?


It was the hotel I stayed when I came to Thailand and Michel was in the hotel too.


Actually we are here on a business, a couple photoshoot for the 5 star hotel, Goldville.


The door was opened and we walked out.


Michel held my hand and we entered the hotel.


I was hoping to see the receptionist but unfortunately she wasn’t the one at the counter.


I hope to see her before we leave.


We had our reservation in the same room that Michel stayed.


Once we got in and we finally had our privacy, Michel turned to me and asked.


“How do you feel being in here?” he asked.


I chuckled and answered. “I feel like biting your hand.”


He laughed. “Are you serious?”


“Yap,” I said


“Fine, here, bite it” he said and stretched out his hand…


The same hand I bite on months ago.


The scar has gone completely.


I laughed. “I won’t make the mistake of doing that..” I said.


He smiled.







[Sugar’s residence]





The maid, Amah opened the door and my mom walked in.


I smiled on seeing her.


“Hey mom..”


“Dearie… How are you doing?” Mom asked and hugged me.


“I’m good just that I’m getting a lot of fat.” I said.


She laughed. “That’s good. Very good.. I bought a lot of food and I know you can’t wait to eat them. There’s no weight watching now. You have to eat all the time.” she said.


I chuckled.”Mom. I have to maintain my body. I’m still a kpop dancer.”


That morning, I had all the dishes mom brought from home.


‘My mom is a mom I’ll forever want to have and have also in my next world.’


She left late in the evening because we chatted for hours, watched movies and played games.


We also talked about my baby and it was surely a great day.


‘Well, I’m no more a blinkqueen. There’s no way a pregnant or single mom can continue her life as a member in a girl’s band group but that doesn’t mean my career had ended.


I know it’s going to be tough but I’ll get back to the top again.


I made so much mistakes that I regret.


I made a fool of myself from the start.


At the end, I lost Michel and lost Leo also who’s the father to my unborn baby.


It was a joke to think he’d want me because of our child but he made it clear to me that he love Cheong Lia but he’ll love our baby too.


Now I’m all alone..


Michel and Mona are happy together. Leo and Lia too but I ended up being alone with only my mom and my therapist to talk with sometimes.


Millions who loved me now speak hateful words about me.


The door opened and Amah walked in.


“Ma’am… Dinner is served,” she said.




She bowed and walked out.







[Leo’s residence]





A family picnic at the Bethel’s vacation house in Jeju island.


It’s a one day vacation my family always do every 12th of November in memory of my late mom.


My mom died when I was six and Luna was nine.


Well, ever since I left home, I’ve never came to our VH and I know it hurt mom so much.



I’m doing everything possible to make it up to her for all those years that I neglected this place.


Luna, my dad and I.


We all sat down to eat on the large table at the portico.


The view from her is dealt nice and you can see the beautiful beach from where we sat.


I filled the glasses with wine.


“You know,” dad began. “Whenever I’m here… The memories of my wife and I come so fresh like never before in my head. Your mom is someone I would never forget in my life. She meant the whole world to me. She was the best wife and mother in the whole world. I would love her and will never stop.”


“Leo,” dad called.


“Yes dad ” I answered


“You owe your mother so many apology,” he said.


“I know dad and I will stay wake all night,” I said.


He smiled and raised his glass. “Then let’s toast and eat in memory of Mrs Vera Bethel.


We toasted and drank.


My phone began ringing and I smiled at the caller.




I excused my self and walked to the pool to answer with my glass of wine in my hand.



Hello babe



Hello honey. How’s the vacation going?

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Going great. I’m so excited to be with my family. Family is everything indeed I said.



Yes it is. I miss mine a lot and I’m happy you are sounding excited. I’m missing a lot right?


dont you worry, gonna bring the videos for you I said.



Oh that sound great..



Are you missing me already?



A lot already but Yora is here with me so I’m not that bored but i cant wait to see you tomorrow


me too baby


The call ended a minute later and I headed back to my family.


About Yora..


I know I’ve wronged a lot of people but she was the girl I hurt the most.


I couldn’t believe she forgive me so quickly.


It was unbelievable.


But, I’m happy to say that I’ve been changing over the months.


Another goodness is that, Michel and I are getting along little by little.


I hope we build a friendship soon and be back to how we were years ago.


Li Sugar is carrying my child.


I hope the child be beautiful as she is but tall as I am.


Sugar is going through a rough time.



From her being sacked from BigBeat entertainment to her facing so much hateful speech and criticism from people everywhere.


But it’s surprising to see her coping through all these.


Li Sugar is a strong woman, no doubt.


She has always been.


“Was that your girlfriend that called?” Dad asked.


I smiled. “Yes it’s Lia,” I answered.






(Two days later)



Writer’s pov


“And…Action!” the direction said.


Michel opened the door and and made a wow look at how magnificent the room is.


Mona was outside the door with a smiley face too.


Then Michel stretched out his hand like a gentle man to Mona and placed hers on his and he led her into the room.


“Wow…this is beautiful,” Mona said.


Michel looked at him with a smile.


“This is just perfect,” Michel said.


“I feel like not leaving anytime soon,” Mona said.


Michel smiled. “Let’s not leave anytime soon.”


“Cut! That’s great. It was perfect.” The direction said.


Mona and Michel smiled at each other.





A week later, Mona and Michel returned and Mona continued her training at Xspark.


Two months ago, there had been an audition and four girls passed and became a trainee with Mona for the new girl band group created by Xspark and named, TWINK with a fandom name, TWINKIE.


The training was to be a one year training, the group will then hit their debut with Mona as the group leader.


The other four members are Lala, Gold, Aera and Sena








“Okay.. That’s enough for today. Today was really great.. See you guy’s tomorrow,” Jemah Lee, our tutor said and the class came to an end for the day.


“You guys were great today. We were were great. Let’s keep it up,” I said to the girls.


“Thank you Mona..” They all said.


I walked to the dressing room and got changed and while walking out, my phone rang and I picked it with smiles on my face.






I’m at the lobby waiting for you.. he said.


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What? Why.. You came here?



I’m at the lobby, waiting for you he repeated.



I picked a race, down to the first floor and there he stood with people gathering around him.


I smiled and just then he saw me and smiled too.


The few crowd made way for him and he walked to me.


“How was training today?” he asked.


“It was great..” I said.


“Do you want to go for a ride?” he asked.


I smiled. “Yes.”


He took my hand and smiled. “Then let’s go for a ride.”


I smiled .


We headed out.



Oh my…they look so perfect togrther


There are the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen


My smile widened.












Writer, Author Rejoice Jeremiah.





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