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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 4

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(Hours later )



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Hello Rose, I’m about leaving silver House. Are you on your way?



Yes I am. Please wait for me a little away from our house. She said.



Okay. See you soon. Don’t forget what I told you about.





I ended the call and turned to Michel. I held Blue in my hands.


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“I’ll be on my way now,” I said.


“I’ll call Henry to drive you,” he said and took out his phone from his pocket.


“No no… I don’t need anyone to drive me. The house isn’t far away. It’s the third street from here. I can walk to there,” I said.


“Even if it’s just a stone throw, you should go by car. Have you forgotten you are Michel’s girlfriend?” he said.


I chuckled. “Of course I haven’t but trust me, I really love going by foot. Don’t worry, I’ll be safe and come back to you in few hours time,” I said, smiling.


“Are you really assuring me that?” he asked.


I nodded, still smiling.


He smiled back, dropped back his phone in his pants pocket, took a step closer to me and kissed me. He withdrew and scattered my fringe.


“Ouch… Why did you do that?” I asked and did it well…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com

“‘Cause I will miss you a bit. Go now and please come back before night fall,” he said.


I chuckled. “Alright I’ve heard. I didn’t tell you, I have to also drop by a bookstore and buy some book,” I said.


He raised his brow. “What book?”


“Uhm… Folklores. Halmeoni told me she loves them so I want to buy some of it for her,” I said.


“Really?” he said and chuckled. “Geez.. Halmeoni told you to read Folklores for her when next you come right?”


“Yes. That’s tomorrow. I have to go now. See you later,” I said.



“Okay.. You should go. Do you have money to get them?” he asked. “Wait a bit, I will get you money to.”


I shook my head. “No, I do. I have money to buy them.”


“Sure?” he asked.


“Of course. I should go now,” I said.


He shrugged.”okay. Take care of yourself.”


“I will. You do same too,” I said and hurried towards the staircase.


“Oh my.. Where are you going Mona?” TedyA asked me when I got to the sitting room.


Jeff was with him.


I gave Jeff a smile which he returned.


“I’m going somewhere important. I will be back in few hours. See you,” I said and hurried out.




Soon I was on the road, with Blue in my hands.


It took me fifteen minutes to get to the third street and then I headed towards the house but since Rose told me to wait for her a little away from the house, I had to look for somewhere I would do that.


I found one.


A shop with chairs and tables outside. There were just three people there so I went over, sat on an empty table on dropped Blue on my laps.


‘That Rose! She told me she was on her way but she haven’t gotten here’


My phone beeped of a new message and I took it out from my bag.



A message from Michel.


I smiled. “What’s he sending me a message for?”


I opened the message and read.


There was an attachment. A picture.


“Oh my!” I shut my eyes immediately I saw it.


It was a picture of him with a bare chest and boxers.


‘Why’s he sending me a picture of him in a boxers and bare chest but I can’t keep my eyes shut right. I have to open them anyways. Aighshh that nasty Jerk..’


I opened my right eye first, then the left too.


I read the message.



Bae, It’s sunny so I’m out swimming. I wish you’re here to swim with me. I heard you’re a good swimmer. I think the boys wanna join too.. You agree that you are missing a lot, right?


I smiled and took my eyes down to the picture.


‘He has such a sexy body.. He can take pictures so perfectly too. Why’s there such a perfect man? I have to reply him.’


Yes I agree… Let’s swim together next time.


A minute later, my phone beeped and I opened the message.



Bae, It will be Sunny tomorrow


‘Tomorrow? I’ll be going to Halmeoni’



I will be going to Halmeoni. Let’s swim on Saturday I sent.



Isn’t that Mona Lisa Silver, Kim Michel’s girlfriend?


I heard mutterings behind me.



It looks like it’s her. Oh my… It’s her.



What is she doing here? I’ve been wanting to see what her face look like off the pictures


Spark5 are so close to us but yet we can’t see them



She should look over here. Let us see


I sighed. ‘What should I do?’



Trust me girls, she’s not pretty at all. Li Sugar and Michel were so perfect together


I don’t accept that Gina, Li Sugar broke up with Michel. He was hurt by her. And Mona Lisa is pretty. I bless their Love life


Shush Min ah, you are so noisy. Are you trying to win her attention with that?


Let’s take pictures



Yes yes


I sighed and held Blue closely.


A message beeped on my phone.


From Michel.



I got something for you. You have to come back on time to see them



‘What could that be? I wonder what it is. He’s just looking for a way to make me return on time’



Okay.. I will return on time, it’s a promise I sent.



Gosh.. Her dress sense sucks! Such a lame thing. Oh my Poor Michel, I’m sure he’s being charmed or something. He can’t love this thing


I bit my lips, holding back my rising anger.



Come on there’s nothing wrong with her dressing. She’s beautiful and she has a sweet looking cat


Geez! If only she’d look over. I need to get her face so no one would think I made this up when I upload the them


‘I’ve got to leave here!’


Immediately I stood up to leave, a girl walked to my front.


“Hello ma’am. What would you like to drink, coffee or tea?” she asked.


“None,” I said and instantly, I heard a camera sound.


The girl had taken a front picture of me and ran back to her friends, laughing.


She wasn’t a worker but among those group of girls behind me and she had to pretend to be a worker just to get a front picture of me.


Well she did and I’m out of here.



Oh my.. The picture is clean. Send it to me too Gina


As I walked out of the place, my phone beeped of a message which I know it


would be Michel.


I opened it.



See you soon girlfriend.


“Hey Mona!” I heard Rose’s voice behind me.


I turned and saw her. She was walking?


“Rose, why are you walking instead of being in a taxi?” I asked.


“I know, the taxi got a fault just as it reached the street. There was no need entering another taxi. I had to walk it up here. It’s really nothing, I should be exercising so don’t worry. I’m more worried about how to face my mom,” she said and smiled at Blue. “Awwwn I miss you Blue, come here, look at your pretty self,” she carried her.


I crossed my hand over her shoulder.


“It’s okay. We will do this together.” I said.


“Thank you Mona. You are the best friend I can ever have,” she said.


I smiled. “Let’s go.”


“Yeah,” she smiled back.


“You know Tenten is supposed to be here but his new work didn’t let him but someway I think he shouldn’t. I need to talk to my mom first. I don’t even know about my dad but my mom, I’m sure she haven’t disowned me yet,” Rose said.


“It’s fine Rose. Everything is going to be fine. I’m sure your dad is going to welcome you back. We will do everything to make him do that,” I said.


“Thank you Mona. You know I really love Tenten and I’ve always dreamt of my future with him but we just took things too early thereby hurting the people that love and cherish us. You and my parents, even your parents, I’m sure they are unhappy with us too,” Rose said. Her eyes reddening.



“Yes I was hurt but now, I’m not hurt anymore. When I heard about your growing tummy, I was really happy. I’m going to have a nephew or is it going to be a niece?”


“Niece, I want niece first,” Rose said.


“Why?” I asked.


“TT said he want a daughter first so I’m going to give him that,” she said.


“Ahh..okay.. That’s beautiful.” I said.




“Yes. Uhm did you get me the money?” I asked.


“Yes I did..here,” she said, and brought it out of her bag.


I smiled. “Thank you. I’m going to give it back to you soon.”


“It’s okay. I won’t take it if you do.. Aigoo I can’t believe your boyfriend is a rich idol and you’ don’t have any money to buy his grandmother folklores. Even the rich Halmeoni should have given you money too,” she said, laughing.


“I have two million won in my bank account,” I said.


She widened her eyes. “What?!”


I chuckled. “Michel transfered it to me after we went to see his grandmother for the first time. I had to pretend that we were really dating,” I said.


“Wow. So he paid you two million won just for that? But are you guys really dating now?” She asked.


I smiled. “Yes we are.”


“Good. I’m happy for you Best friend. Then, should we go shopping tomorrow?” she asked, grinning.


We bursted into laughter.




We climbed the steps to the front door porch and I pressed m finger on the doorbell.


Rose look nervous and I gave her sign to calm down.


She nodded.


The door opened and Mrs Jones appeared at the door.


A bright smile engulfed her face on seeing Rose and I…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Mom,” Rose called with a nervous and sad voice.


“Oh my goodness, my daughter,” Mrs Jones said and rushed Rose in a hug. “My daughter… I’ve missed you. How could you do this to me.. You shouldn’t have gone so far away.. Look at how fat you are becoming. Are you even doing exercise?”


I smiled and winked at Rose who smiled back.


“Mom, I’m so sorry” Rose said, tears rolling down her eyes.


“It’s fine sweetie. It’s fine.”


>>>>>(Fast Forward>>>>>>


Hours Later )


Mrs Jones Hugged Rose.


“Please care good care of yourself. Make sure you always eat everything I listed down for you. Say Hello to Tenten and that I’m hoping to see him soon.” “Yes mom.”


“And like I promised you, I will talk to your dad. I won’t give up on that. You know no parents would wish to loose a beautiful daughter like you.”


Rose smiled.


“You should get going now, it’s getting late.” Mrs Jones said, withdrew their hug and turned to me.


“Thank you Mona for being the best friend and sister to Rose. You are one in a million. I’m so so happy for both of you. Wouldn’t it be great to be wedded the same time?”


We laughed.


“Oh Mrs Jones, not of course, Rose would wed before me. Michel and I aren’t getting married anytime soon. I’ve told you that already.”


“Oh yes you did but his Grandmother, don’t forget what she said. Anything can happen you know,” Mrs Jones said.


I smiled.


“Okay then, go now. I should call a taxi,” Mrs Jones said.


“Oh no mom, we would get one at the road.” Rose said.


“It would only take about five minutes and he would be here,” Mrs Jones said.


I gave Rose a sign and she nodded at Mrs Jones. “Okay mom.”



(8 Minutes later )


We were in the taxi.


“I’m going to stop at Orange BookStore,” I told the taxi driver.


“Okay ma’am,” he said.


“You can get home yourself right?” I asked Rose.


“Of course, he’s going to drop me at the gate of my house, since Tenten is back from work too, there’s no reason to panic,” she said.


“Okay.. I will get the books and walk home. It’s only a ten minutes walk,” I said.


“I’m worried about you. You can just take a taxi,” she said.


“No. I don’t like spending money unnecessarily,” I said.


“You should start learning how to,” she said.


“Why?” I asked.


“Because your boyfriend is rich, come on,” she said.


I chuckled. “I can’t spend money anyhow ’cause my boyfriend is rich,” I said.


“Aigoo, you are no fun.” she said.


“Thank you,” I said.


The taxi pulled to a stop.



“Orange Bookstore ma’am,” the driver said.


“Oh I got to go now.. See you next tomorrow, I will come around.” I said and opened the door.


“Okay. Take care. Say hello to your handsome and rich boyfriend.” “Stop shouting it loud,” I said.


“Of course he is and should I say this one, He’s Kim Michel.. Aww I’m so jealous.”


I hit her playfully. “Stop that. I’ve already heard enough at that shop today.”


“I’m sorry, goodnight. Goodnight Blue.” “Goodnight to you and your baby,” I said. “Thank you.”


I closed the door and the taxi drove off.


I turned and headed to Orange Bookstore.








“Excuse me ma’am,” the taxi driver called.


“Yes?” I answered.


“Is..is that Spark5 Kim Michel’s girlfriend?” he asked.


I smiled. “Oh yes she is. We’ve been best friends from elementary.”


“Oh..I heard he got a new girlfriend.. I wonder why he would go for someone like that.. Isn’t it a bad choice for an idol like him? She is really going to drag his carrier to bottom pit, don’t you think so?”


I narrowed my eyebrows in fury, folded my hands into a tight fist and with all the strength inside of me, I screamed out at him. “Shut that stinking hole in your face and just drive you bared scum!!!!!”


“What? What? I’m not bared. Don’t think I am because I’m wearing a cap, I’m really not bar–”


“Shut it!!” I barked at him and he did.


I heaved a deep sigh.








“Thank you Ma’am for buying from Orange Bookstore. It would be a pleasure to see you next time,” The cashier Lady said and handed me the small orange coloured shopping bag which I collected together with my purchase receipt.


I smiled. “Thank you.”


“Excuse me ma’am. You may want to see this,” she said and stretched a leaflet to me.


I collected it and took a glance at it.


“If you are a writer with inspiring works and your dream is to get your books published and sold, Orange Bookstore in cooperation with Masta Art is given out an opportunity to make that dream of yours come true. All you need to do is there on the leaflet. You should give it a try. You might be the reason for this..” she said.


I ran my eyes down the leaflet then looked at her and smiled. “Alright. Thank you for this.”


“You’re welcome… Pease ma’am, pardon me but I’m just curious. You look familiar. Please are you Miss Mona Lisa Silver?” she asked.


I exhaled.


‘Is this really how it’s going to be?’


Anyway I got no choice.


I smiled. “Yes I am.”


She gasped. “Oh my God. You are my bias girlfriend. Michel. I admire him so much. He’s my crush.. I’m sorry to say this but I’m pretty jealous of you and at the



same time happy for you as well. Aw you are so beautiful. I’m so happy to meet you.. You have a beautiful cat too. Wow”


I gave a fake smile. “Ahh really. Michel loves everyone of his fans and he’s always being thankful. It’s nice to meet you too,” I said.


‘I wonder if I said the right thing’


She smiled broadly. “Oh my.. I’m so happy to hear that from you. Please can I take


a selfie with you, please?”


“Of..of course you can,” I said.


“Please can you take the shot?” she asked stretching her phone to me.


“Ah yes I can,” I said and took the phone.


“Oh my.. Thank you.”


I turned and raised the phone.


“Okay, one two three,” I said and took the shot. I turned and gave her the phone back.


“Thank you so much. Please have a good night,”she said.


“Thank you. You too,” I said and headed out.


Once I stepped out of the shop, I took a long breath out.


‘Oh my goodness, this most be how it feels to have a celebrity boyfriend.’


I looked at the Leaflet and smiled.


‘I have to put this into thoughts…’


I folded the leaflet into two and dropped it into my bag.


“Time to go to my boyfriend. Didn’t he say he have something for me? Oh yes..” I said and with a smile on my face, I headed home.


A call came on my phone and I took it out from my bag and smiled on seeing the caller, My Boyfriend.



I picked it.



Where are you girlfriend? he asked. His voice was calm and of course the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.


I’m on my way, Oppa I said with a smile.


There was a little silence then he broke it.


Say it again



Say what? I asked.



I’m on my way, Oppa.. Just the way you said it



I smiled. I’ll be with you in few minutes, Oppa. I said, smiling. Oh my gawd. Babe, can you do something for me?


What’s that, Oppa?


I loved the way he was reacting to it. I could feel it.



Promise me you are going to do it? he said.



You’ll have to tell me first before I can promise you that



It’s nothing you can’t do, trust me. Just say you promise he said. I exhaled. Okay I promise


You’ll have to call me Oppa when you come back, okay?


I covered my mouth with my hand and laughed.


Somehow, I knew it was what he want to say.



Remember you’ve promised. Where are you, I would come pick you he said.



No, I’m almost home I said.



Okay babe.. See you in few minutes he said.



See you too, Oppa


The call ended and I chuckled.


“Oppa… He was so happy to hear me call him that..” I smiled.


I touched my heart. “Oh my heart is fluttering. I should hurry to silver House,” I said and with a smile, I headed home.


Few minutes later, I was almost home, when I felt someone walking behind me.


I turned and it was a lady carrying a traveling bag.


“Excuse me ma, please,” she said immediately I turned.


I stopped walking and waited for her to get closer.


She did and bowed and I reciprocated.


“Please, I’m lost. It’s my first time in Seoul and I came to see my Uncle. I got robbed just few minutes ago right there,” she pointed at the area. “…and they took my phone. Please I need to speak with my uncle and let him know where I am. Could you please borrow me your phone?” she said.


I felt pity for her.


“I’m sorry for the lost of your phone. This area is not a bad side and it’s tightly secured. I wonder how they managed to take your phone but well I will give you my phone to call your uncle, then you can go to a police station over there, it’s just few minutes walk from here and wait for him. Just take the left road. Also report to



them what happened and I’m sure the thieves would be looked for and caught, definitely,” I said and gave her my phone which she took.


“Thank you. Oh my God.. You are using such an expensive phone. You just be super rich,” she said.


“Just go on and make the call,” I said.


“Yes yes”


It only took two minutes for her to make the call and handed me back the phone.


“Thank you so much for your help. I don’t know how I can repay you for it..” she said.


“It’s fine.. It’s nothing. Go on now and be careful or maybe I should go with you?” I asked.


“No no, I will go myself. You’ve tried for me already. I can do this one myself.


Thank you so much,” she said.


“Okay. Then bye,” I said and walked away. She did too, going to the road I directed her.




The gate opened and I walked in and headed to the door is porch.


I was back home and I couldn’t wait to see Michel.


I opened the door, climbed the few steps that lead to the sitting room and got in.


All the flower boys except Michel were in the sitting room, watching a Hollywood movie.


Sounds of shooting guns and speeding cars were all I could hear in the sitting room which came from the Television.


“Hello sirs!” I greeted them which they all returned in their own way.


“Welcome Mona,” Jeff said with his smile.


“Someone’s girlfriend look very happy,” J guy said.


“What bag is that?” TedyA asked.


“Hey Mona,” Best said.


“It’s books,” I answered.




I ascended upstairs and just then, a message beeped on my phone. I took it out and it’s from Michel.



Come to my room


Tch! Is that a command?







[Blinks House]



Li Sugar


I stared at my reflection on the mirror as I waited for the call which finally came.


I picked it up and placed my phone on my ear.



We got it ma’am



Good. The next plan should take place soon.



Just say the day and it’s done ma’am



I will, soon



Okay ma’am.



I dropped the phone and smiled at my reflection on the mirror then the smile turned into a laughter which I stopped just immediately it came.


My face changed into a frown.


“Mona Lisa, you won’t know what hit you.”







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