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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 8

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“Hey Mona calm down okay..” Jeff said to her after pulling her off Tenten who was wailing on the floor. It has taken a lot of effort for him to calm her down and when she finally did, he pulled her farther away while TedyA helped Tenten to his feet after helping Rose too.


“I hope you came with the money? If you didn’t then be ready to go get it, ” Mona shouted at Tenten.


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Tenten and Rose faced down in shame.







[Zan’s residence]



“Hey dude,” Toni -Zan’s friend called as he walked into Zan’s room. Kel came in after. Toni and Zan shook hands.


“What’s up dude, what are you busy with?” Toni asked Zan who was busy with his laptop.


“Uhm I’m trying to check up a number online,” Zan said.


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“Phone number?” Toni asked him.


“Yes… It showed up.. It really did. Her phone number got leaked,” Zan said with excitement in his voice.


“Who’s phone number?” Toni asked, curious.


“Who else if not Mona Lisa,” Kel chipped in.


“Mona Lisa? You mean the one Michel kissed at Seoh Dani’s party?” Toni asked.


“Correct.. She was a junior student in Lane’s High remember?” Kel said.


“Of course I do and I recall she was head over about Zan then,” Toni said.


“Exactly..” Kel said.


Toni turned to Zan. “Dude what are you trying to do?”


“I’m trying to get in touch with her.. I gotta try this phone number. It’s been two days it got leaked, it might have gotten blocked,” Zan said and typed the number into his phone then made a call, it rang and he quickly ended it.


“It rang..” he said with a smile.


“Why would you want to get in touch with someone you gave no face few years ago,” Toni asked him.


“Good question,” Kel said.



“I have a surprise for her..” Zan said.


“What surprise?” Toni and Kel asked together.


Zan smiled.







(Two hours later )


[Silver House]


Manager Park and an Xspark security arrived Silver House few minutes after Dr Damian arrived.


They came to pick Tenten, Rose and Mona Lisa too.


Earlier on, Xspark had received a call announcing that Tenten and Rose suddenly arrived Silver House and they had wasted no time in telling Manager Park and a security to go bring them together with Mona Lisa.


“Please you will have to come with us Mr Tenten and Miss Rose and also you, Miss Mona..” manager Park said to them.


Mona stood up and walked ahead.


She was still in anger but deep down she was glad Tenten came and she was happy to see Rose growing belle.




“Why do she have to go with them?” Michel asked with his eyes on his laptop screen.


Dr Dam chuckled.”You are really being a spy now.” he said to Michel.


“Do they want to convince her more over there?” Michel wondered and for some reason, he was sure they were going to try again.


“Do you really like her?” Dr Dam asked.


“It’s none of your business Dr Dam.. Why don’t you just wrap this up?” Michel said referring to the drip Dr Dam was about injecting into him.


Dr Dam smiled. “You won’t stop being rude to me Michel..”


“Ahh… that hurt,” Michel said as he got injected.


Dr Dam chuckled. “Look at him. Stop being a kid.”


Michel scoffed.


“You haven’t been taking your medications Michel..You’ve not been sleeping at all.. Why?” Dr Dam asked him as he plastered the syringe to his hand.


“I got fed up with the bitterness,” Michel said.


Dr Dam looked at him and sighed. “Are you being serious now Michel.. You need to be on a daily medications for your…”


“I know Dr Dam.” Michel interrupted. “I know I have insomnia and I’ve not been taking my drugs and the reason is best known to me. I’m fine okay.”


“I’m just being truthful here Michel. You aren’t supposed to miss your daily prescription. I do want your insomnia to stop and that is the only way it would end. I will give a list of what meal you should eat for the next seven days to the cook.. I also gave you a sleeping medication so you should fall asleep in the next five minutes..”


Michel sighed. “But I never said I want to sleep.”


Dr Dam smiled and snatched the laptop from him. “You need enough sleep. Now lay down gently and close your eyes.. Go on.. do it.”


“No really give me back that..” Michel said trying to get up but Dr Dam halted him.



“Don’t! That syringe is gonna shift and the drip will stop flowing. Don’t let that happen.”


Michel sighed. “Fine! Just shut it for me..” he said and laid down.


Dr Dam did as he was told and dropped the Laptop on the table.


“You can leave now,” Michel told him.


“No.. I would stay back until you really sleep,” Dr Dam said with a smile.


Michel rolled his eyes. “Not funny!”


Dr Dam smiled.




The ride to Xspark was a twenty-five minutes of silence.


No one talked. Everyone was just focused on getting there.




The car finally drove into Xspark entertainment company and pulled to a stop at the parking lot.


Everyone got down from the car and Mona Lisa, Tenten and Rose were led towards the building.


Once they got into the building and were heading towards the elevator, Mona noticed people there whispering between themselves and she knew it was actually her that they were talking about. All eyes were mainly on her.



Michel’s girlfriend she heard someone mumble behind but she didn’t bother to look back but entered the elevator.



In few seconds they were at the the fifth storey and headed to the office of the Director.




“Have your seat,” Director Xian said to them and they all took their seat at the suite, including Manager Park


Director Xian picked up the landline on his desk and made a call to his secretary.



Get us tea he said, dropped it back and walked to them, taking his seat too.


“So Mr Tenten, we’ve been searching all over for you but you’ve been on hide.


Why did you suddenly show up?” Director Xian asked Tenten.


Tenten faced down. “I…I wanted to congratulate my sister. I was really happy for her.” he said.


Mona glared at him.


“Really? What was the congratulation about?” Director Xian asked.


“Her relationship with Michel.” Tenten answered.


Director Xian glanced at Manager Park then faced Mona.


“Miss Mona, are you really dating Kim Michel?” Director Xian asked her.


Mona inhaled..


The door opened and a lady in black suit walked in with a tray of tea cups and jug. She dropped it on the table and filled the cups with the tea, bowed and walked away.


Director Xian took his cup. “Have some tea,” he said to them and Manager Park took one then Tenten, Rose and lastly Mona Lisa.


“So continue Miss Mona Lisa,” Director Xian urged her.


“N…no,” Mona answered.


Tenten and Rose looked at her, confused.


Director Xian smiled and sipped from his cup. “You are truthful.”


“There’s no need for me to lie when you know the truth already sir,” Mona said.



“I don’t know the truth. Sincerely I don’t,” Director Xian said.


Mona looked at him.


“Sis are you really saying the truth? You and Michel are not dating?” Tenten whispered to Mona.


“So if you and Michel aren’t dating. Why did you refuse to make the announcement hours ago?” Director Xian asked her. Op


“Because I don’t want to go far away from silver House,” Mona said.


“I see… Are you sure it doesn’t have to do with Michel?” Director Xian asked.


Mona gave no answer.


Director Xian smiled. “You are not answering, why?”


“It…it doesn’t,” Mona lied.


“Now that was a lie,” Director Xian said and dropped the cup back on the table.


“I’m going to be truthful here so you also should be truthful,” he added.


Mona inhaled.


“Two days ago Michel kissed you at a party and you have no idea the level it lowered Spark5 to and Xspark as a whole. Five years ago, Spark5 almost got closed and Xspark was in a hard situation while trying to hold back Spark5 from being ruined. It took us months to fall back in place. It was a great pain..and we don’t want to fall into that situation ever again.


First, you have a relationship with Leo Bethel..” he paused, adjusted in his seat and crosses his leg.


“Leo Bethel?” Tenten muttered.



“..We thought you were really with Spark5 but it turned out to be that you are close to the same devil who wished for the end of Spark5.”


Mona sighed.


“Miss Mona Lisa I won’t beat about the bush. You can’t get any close to Michel. There is no connection between you two. You are not the type of girl he should date. You are hundred percent opposite of what we want for him.


This is what will happen. You are going to get back your house in seven days and we don’t need a dime from you and your brother but you are not going back there from here..”


Mona raised her brows, including Tenten and Rose.


“Pardon?” Mona asked, not getting what he just said.


“You are not going back to silver House from here and you are not to go there until they are out. That would take not more than two weeks. A house had been prepared for you and your brother…and his girlfriend already. It only took us an hour to do that..” he smiled.. “So you will get taken to there. Whatever you need is right there, clothing, Foods.. Whatever for two weeks. Don’t worry, it’s just here in Seoul, you are not going so far away,”


Mona inhaled… She could feel tears gather in her eyes but she fought hard to retain them..


Why the tears!


“But we have a house we rented, I and my girlfr…wife,” Tenten said.


Director Xian smiled. “Of course we know that but you are going with your sister,” he said.


“I have a question sir..” Tenten said.


“Go on Mr Tenten,”


“Why can’t my sister date Kim Michel?” Tenten asked.


Director Xian smiled and sat up.. “You know Mr Tenten.. You could be put in jail for illegal selling of unowned property if we decide to involve the police..” he said and Tenten got frightened by that. “..but I’m going to answer your question by repeating myself. First she’s friends with Leo Bethel and secondly she’s an ordinary person. If Michel must date, he has to date a star just like he is.”


“But Michel dated a star Li Sugar and they broke up after,” Rose spoke for the first time ever since they entered the office.


Director Xian smiled. “Break ups always happen at every relationship but that doesn’t mean he would date a trash.”


Manager Park chuckled.


“A trash!?” Tenten and Rose exclaimed together.


Mona suddenly dropped the cup of tea noisily on the table. She haven’t tasted the


tea since she had picked it.


She then stood up.


“I know that Xspark is a business and birthed Spark5 for the same business but is each member’s private life a business too? Is Michel not allowed to date whoever he choose to date? Must his private life be to your profit too?” Mona asked Director Xian.


Director Xian smiled and relaxed back on the sofa.”Yes Miss Mona Lisa. You are very right. I have the remote to each of them. They do what I say because I own them. I grew them, I made them who they are today so they do whatever I command. And you don’t believe Michel has any feeling for you. You shouldn’t dear. Michel only goes for classic things. He only falls for elegant things which include ladies too and you are very far away from that.” he said.


Mona breathed out.. “I know I am and you know what? Your Kim Michel is a proud jerk and I disliked him after I came closer to him. You are right. He doesn’t like me and doesn’t look at my face twice. I don’t want to get close to him either. I’m not going back to Silver house from here and I accept your offer.. Thank you



for offering to return silver house to me without a return of payment. I’m grateful…sir,” she said and bowed.


Director Xian smiled. “I love your decision. Drop your phone.” he told her.


“Why?” Mona asked him.


“You might call Michel and he might call you. You won’t be able to access a phone for a week,” Director Xian said.


“Sis you can’t give him your phone,” Tenten whispered to her.


Mona smiled, took out the new phone and dropped it on the table.




Director Xian took out his phone and made a call.



Get to my office now, they are ready he said and ended the call.



In few seconds, the door opened and the security earlier with another man walked in.


“They will take you to your new home and they will stay to guide you,” Director Xian said.


“Guide us?” Tenten asked.


“Yes.. Take them and don’t look suspicious on the way,” director Xian said.


“Yes sir” the two men said and led Mona, Rose and Tenten out of the office.


“She’s not as stubborn as you said,” Director Xian said to Manager Park immediately they were gone.


“She loved your offer sir. But what about Michel sir? He seem to really want this relationship with the girl,” Manager Park said.



“He would have no choice than do what I say,” Director Xian said.



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That’s Michel’s girlfriend mutterings began immediately Mona Lisa and others walked out of the elevator.


She’s really the one



She’s not even pretty. Look at her unkempt hair She’s ugly and why she’s here. Who are those two? oh my god.. Is Michel here!?


I think it’s just her and those two. Who are they?



Let’s take pictures


The two securities halted.


“No picture taking. It’s a strict order from the Director,” they warned.



Aishhh that’s annoying. Could have gotten something interesting for my blog


Me too. I could have boosted of meeting Michel’s girlfriend What’s there to boost about her. She’s so uninteresting

Mona inhaled.


She wished she could block her ears so she don’t hear those stupid mutters but she heard them all.



They finally got into a black bus with no windows at the backseats so she had no idea where they were actually going.


Mona couldn’t believe she wasn’t going back to Silver house but to God knows where.


Michel… What is he going to say when he doesn’t see her for the rest of today and tomorrow and the next?


He’s probably going to move on.. It’s not like they were dating or something. He doesn’t even like her.


She isn’t his type and he doesn’t love her.


Mona try believing and telling herself that she’s doing this for silver house and for her parents.


But she couldn’t lie to herself that she felt sad.


What about Jeff?


How would he feel? Sad?


He was a good friend to her… A very good friend.


‘What about TedyA?’


Mona smiled.


He was always being the funny last born in the house and his love for Ramen and undying love for Michel.


Michel.. She hoped he get better.


It was truly her fault. He got ill because he was trying to be nice to her and gave her his coat.


‘I will miss him’ she told herself. She couldn’t hold the words back but she tried as much as possible not to break into tears.


J guy.. He’s always the straight forward type. Always saying out his mind without hiding anything.


He’s nice too even though he’s a little rude.



Best is a rude jerk too but better than Michel.


She’s going to miss Zara, Mi soo and the arrogant Shin hye too and Ms Oh as well.


*She remembered Ms Oh telling her about her being lucky to be Michel’s girlfriend.*


Mona scoffed.


Michel… Even though he was a jerk, there were times he was sweet and they were times she enjoyed being with him.


*Even though she got angered by that but the time he pecked her on the cheek and took a selfie of it. It was sweet*


*At Seoh Dani’s party when he kissed her. That was her first kiss and it was a dream come true…and when he smiled at her, pulled off her hairband and told her that she looked more beautiful with her hair down. It was really sweet*


*In his car when he suggested a boring movie just to help her sleep..and he ended up covering her with his coat…it was amazing and she won’t forget the number of times she got locked in her room and he was always the one at her rescue..*


“Sis are you crying?” She heard Tenten ask and she quickly touched her eyes and felt wetness.


She finally let them flow.


“I don’t..I think I..”


“Here,” Rose interrupted and handed her a hanky which Mona used in wiping her tears off.


“Mona, I’m very sorry.. I don’t know how to start apologizing to you but I promise to makeup for whatever pain I caused you,” Tenten said.


Mona said nothing and just covered her face with the handkerchief.


Rose placed her hand on Mona’s back and began patting her.


“I’m really sorry sister,” Tenten said and boosted into his own tears.


Rose sniffed, feeling her own tears too.


“I’m going to makeup for the pain I caused you, I promise,” Tenten said amidst tears.


Mona removed the handkerchief and looked at him.


“You moron. You are really a fool you know that?” she asked him.


Tenten nodded. “I know,” he said and Mona hugged him.


“I still love you TT,” she said.


“Thank you sis,” Tenten said and smiled tearfully at Rose who’s eyes were wet with tears too.


Mona withdrew the hug and turned to Rose.


“I’m sorry Mona. I don’t deserve to be called your friend again. I should haven’t have let him do it but I did… I was scared. I didn’t want to loose our baby,” Rose said.


Mona smiled. “I wish safe safe delivery bestfriend,” she said and Rose smiled tearfully. “Thank you Mona.”


Mona hugged her.







[Silver House]


Michel opened his eyes and his vision was blurry at first but it took only three seconds to become vivid.


He was still on the drip and it was only a little remaining to run out.


He sighed and managed to sit up.


He needed to use the toilet so he tried taking off the syringe.


“You are awake sir,” Ms Oh suddenly said, frightening him. That was when he saw her, sitting on a chair behind him.


“You startled me!” Michel snapped at her.


“I’m sorry but you can’t take that off until there’s nothing left in the bag. You don’t have to worry, I will help you to the toilet,” she said, stood up and walked to him.


“How did you know I want to go to the toilet and why are you here?” Michel asked her.


“That’s what everyone does when we wake up. I’ve been here for an hour now,” she said and held the drip bag stand. “You can get up now.”


Michel did and Ms Oh Began pushing the drip stand with him as they headed to the toilet.


Then Mona flashed through his mind and he immediately asked Ms Oh. “Where’s Mona Lisa?”


Ms Oh smiled and asked him. “Do you want her to do this?”


“I’m being serious Ms Oh. Where’s she?”


“She left with Manager Park and her brother with his wife remember?” Ms Oh said and Michel halted.


“What’s the time?” he asked her.


“Wait a second,” she said and took out her phone from her dress pocket. “Oh..7:05pm”


“And she’s not back?” Michel asked.



“Yes she’s not.. But I guess they are on their way now,” Ms Oh said. “Ohh that was unexpecting!” she exclaimed as Michel grabbed her phone. Michel typed Mona’s phone number and called.


“Why don’t you ease yourself first?” Ms Oh said.


The line was unavailable.


He called again and it was the same.


He dropped the phone back into Ms Oh’s hand, tore off the syringe and rushed to his phone.


“Oh my God…take it easy Michel..” Ms Oh said, running out of the toilet with him.


He called the line again with his phone but it turned out switched off.


“Damn I knew this was going to happen!” Michel said and made a call to Manager Park.


It rang for few seconds and then got picked.



Where is Mona Lisa? Michel asked immediately.



Michel, I think you should calm down and–



Where is Mona Lisa!



Michel you gotta calm down and welcome reality..


Michel cut the call and rushed to his wardrobe.


“I want to believe that you are not going anywhere Michel?” Ms Oh said.


Ignoring her, Michel picked out a black trouser, a pullover and a black cap.He hurriedly removed the tracksuit trouser he wore not minding Ms Oh’s presence.



Ms Oh looked away instantly and placed her hands on her chest. “What is he doing!”


Michel changed into the black jean, wore the pullover over the yellow polo he wore then the cap, picked his car keys and his phone and hurried out of his room. Ms Oh went after him, calling him.


TedyA and J guy’s door opened and they came out to check what the noise was all about and they raised their brows in shock when they saw Michel hurrying towards the staircase.




Jeff was outside, sitting at the swing in the playground, eating chocolates and checking the time.


“7:15pm and she’s not back yet..” he sighed.


Just like Michel, Jeff knew that Director Xian would try to convince Mona and it would be hard for her not to accept.


“If it gets to eight and she isn’t back then he got her,” Jeff said and exhaled.


Then he suddenly heard a car sound and when he turned, it was Michel’s car speeding towards the gate.


“Where’s he going?” he wondered and watched..


The gate opened and he drove out then Jeff saw Ms Oh who stood at the driveway, looking tired and worried.


Jeff quickly made a call to Manager Kim.



I think Michel is on his way to Xspark to get Mona Lisa. He’s not feeling well.


he said.



Mona Lisa? Isn’t she at Silver House?





Michel’s car could been seen speeding towards the only place in his mind, Xspark and to the only woman in his thoughts, Mona Lisa.










Now go back to the previous post and you will understand why I posted ‘Mona


Lisa why ‘


I can’t believe Mona took that offer..


Should we blame her?


Now Michel is speeding to Xspark for her.


Isn’t this a proof that Michel has a hidden









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