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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 6

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(Readers there was a little mistake from me on Episode 5. Some noticed but some didn’t. Leo isn’t supposed to call Mona because Michel got her a new Line. He wouldn’t know her new phone number. So Leo didn’t call Mona and her phone didn’t ring. I apologize for that mistake.)




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Mona came down from the car and Michel did too.



They were back at Silver House and Michel received five calls while they were still on the road.


First from his members, second from Manager Park, third from his mom, fourth from his manager but the fifth one was from Leo but he didn’t pick the call.


“Aren’t you going to pick the call?” Mona had asked him having no idea who was calling him this time.


“It’s not important,” Michel had told her.


“Are you not bringing out the overcoat?” Mona asked Michel who locked his car with the remote.


“Nope, do you have a problem with that?” he asked her.

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“Yes.. You said it’s your favorite coat. I would just wash it and hand it back,” Mona said.


“Nope. Just go see your cat,” Michel said and headed to the entrance door.


Mona followed behind him. “Are you really worried about my cat?” she asked him.


“No. I hate cats,” he said and entered followed by Mona.


Getting to the sitting room, they met Jeff who was carrying Blue. Best and J guy who were all sitting on different couches with their eyes on them.


Mona’s eyes met with Jeff’s and Mona was relieved that he wasn’t looking angered but again, he had no exact expression just had a stoic face.


Jeff dropped Blue and she ran to Mona and Mona carried her.


“Hey Blue.. I’m sorry for leaving you all night.” Mona said to her.


Mona looked at Jeff and smiled thankfully.


“Welcome. We almost put you two on the media as missing two” J guy said.



“We were worried that the flood might have carried you two away,” Best said and chuckled.


“We are glad that you are safe,” Jeff said then turned to Mona. “You should go change and put on something warm.”


Mona smiled.


“Hyunggggggggg!!!” TedyA suddenly ran down the staircase, shouting. “Hyung is back!!” he ran to Michel and jumped on him in a hug. “I missed you Hyung.. I was scared… Couldn’t sleep all night.” he said.


Michel smiled and withdrew the hug. “Thank you for worrying about me Tedy. I’m fine and I’m back. You should go sleep if you really didn’t sleep all through the night,” he said.


TedyA shook his head. “No Michel…” he turned to Mona and smiled. “I was worried about you too. You both really slept in the car??”


Michel walked away.


“He refused to stay back at his house.. I didn’t like that I slept in the car,” Mona said feeling a bit embarrassed.


“Was there a smooching in the car?” J guy asked.


“Stop it!” Jeff barked at J guy and turned to Mona. “Mona go to your room,”


“Yes..” Mona hurried upstairs with Blue in her hands.


“Don’t you think we are supposed to ask her some question?” J guy sneered at Jeff. Jeff threw him a throw pillow and said, “That was a stupid question.”


J guy threw him back the pillow and said. “What’s more stupid than hiding your feelings for Mona?”


“Ohhhhwww!….” J guy and TedyA exclaimed together..



Jeff dropped the pillow and said to Jeff. “I don’t have any feelings for her. I have Nana and she’s coming next week.”


“Then good luck with the hiding. She’s Michel’s now.” J guy said and turned back to his iPad.


“She can’t be Michel’s. Totally not his type and she’s leaving today remember,” Best said.


“Why don’t I want to believe that?” J guy said.


“She’s leaving,” Jeff said.


The all looked at him.


“Why are you all staring at me that way?” Jeff asked.


“Do you really want her to leave?” Best asked him.


“I guess he want her to leave so he doesn’t get jealous seeing Michel with her,” J guy said.


Jeff stood up. “Okay J guy, that’s enough.”


J guy looked at him. “You know I’m not lying Jeff.. but I better tell you something. Mona isn’t yours. If you wanna be nice to her, be nice to her and don’t catch feelings.”


Jeff exhaled and took a step closer to J guy. “Then who’s she for?” he asked J guy.


“I don’t know.. How I’m I supposed to know. I’m just trying to let the cat out of the bag. At least Best and TedyA just found out with that question you just asked me,” J guy said and chuckled.


Jeff angrily picked a throw pillow and threw it at J guy. “This isn’t a joke!” he said and walked away.


J guy turned to Best and TedyA.. “Was I wrong?”


“I don’t think,” Best said.


“I don’t think you were too but there’s Nana and they love each other,” TedyA said.


“I’m not greedy to want Mona when I have Nana..” Jeff suddenly said, as he walked back to them.


“Wow…” mumbled TedyA.


“I’m not J guy who want every woman in the world and I’m not Michel who uses another woman to revenge another. I can’t want a lady in other to get a revenge on another. I love, I don’t use. If I love Mona, I love her as a friend because I know I can’t have her because I have Nana already. Yes I have feelings for Mona but I can’t let it get in control of me because I have someone who really love me and I love her too, Nana. If I want Mona to leave to Miami, then it’s the best for her because Michel doesn’t love her and she’ll be in a lot of danger if she goes into a fake relationship with him.”


J guy laughed out.. “That was a great speech. You know what Jeff, I’m really going to ignore that you mentioned me in that speech.”


“Yes you have to,” Best said to J guy, not wishing for a fight to start.


“Wow this tension is frightening,” TedyA and walked to Jeff, taking his hand.


“Jeff, can you come with me, I need a favour from you,” he said.


“Alright. Let’s go,” Jeff said and they walked away.


“One more talk from him about me and I’m really going to hit on his nurse girlfriend next week,” J guy said.


“You are not a bastard, are you?” Best asked him.


“No I’m not, both my parents are still alive,” J guy answered.


“You are not a fool, are you?” Best asked him.



“I’m not..” J guy answered.


“You are not insane, are you?”


J guy looked at him. “I’m totally sane Best. What’s up?”


Best stood up. “You don’t want to see Spark5 in great mess, do you!?” his voice was colder this time. He seem angered.


“Of course not…” J guy answered.


“Then don’t repeat what you just said about Jeff’s girlfriend!! Use your head J guy..” Best said and headed upstairs.


“Breakfast is set!” Ms Oh announced from the dinning room.


J guy stood up and headed to the dinning table.


“Welcome back Ms Oh… How are you really feeling now?” J guy asked as he sat down.


“I’m really fine sir. Thanks for your supports. I got better really fast. I hope you enjoy the meal. I have to call the others,” she said with a smile and headed to the landline.




Mona had her bath and then wore something really warm. A black trouser and yellow sweater. Tied her hair with a yellow ribbon and then covered her head with a black hair warmer.


“You don’t look hungry Blue, did a good friend feed you?” Mona asked, noticing Blue’s happily playing around. Blue when hungry, would curl herself at a corner.


Blue jumped into her arms and Mona carried her. “I missed you last night and your birthday is coming really quick. What would you want from me?”



“Meoww” said Blue and Mona smiled.


“Don’t you worry. We’ll be leaving to a beautiful city soon in a country filled with so many English people. We can’t speak English but we would surely be fine there. Eat new meals and see new places. If we are lucky, we would meet a Korean there just like we did….at Thailand,” saying that immediately reminded her of Leo Bethel.


“I wonder how he’s doing right now. I just hope he’s not playing anything hurtful,” she said with a sigh then her eyes went to the new phone.. “He won’t be able to get me since that jerk took my phone… Jeff was right, Leo isn’t as nice as he appear.”


She sat down on the edge of her bed.


“Why would he threaten to hurt Michel if I didn’t show up in Seoh Dani party? Did he plan on doing something to me? Why did he really wanted me at Dani’s party? Was there a plan between him and Li Sugar cos he looked totally fine when she was saying all that to Michel…I’m so curious about what he wanted to do with me then Michel probably ruined it by making that stupid announcement ..” she inhaled and dropped Blue.


“Blue, I need to pack up… Xspark should be on their way now…” she said, got up and went to her closet.


“This is the best thing to do just like Jeff said..” she said and opened her closet.


The first clothe she picked was the exact colour of Michel’s overcoat and it reminded her of Michel’s coat.


*She fantasized of how he might have covered her with it.


He must have really been cold too but still covered her with it.*


Is he really that nice, like he said?


Mona scoffed. “He must have done that to pretend nice. He totally bragged about it after to the extent of even dumping the coat like I threw up on it.”



She dropped the cloth on the bed and picked another.


*More memories came in..


At his father’s house, when he took her hand after telling her not to mind whatever his grandmother said.


Why are you holding my hand? She had asked him and he replied that, he think he should.*


“Funny!” Mona scoffed.


But more Memories followed.


*When Halmeoni told her about she and Michel having beautiful kids and saying their wedding should be on the second of October.*


Mona chuckled. “How I had wanted to roll my eyes so hard but couldn’t cos she was looking at me. She is really dreaming!”


She took out more clothes and under wears.


*But she wondered if the movie really made him sleep off. Could it be that he was worried about her not getting sleep and he brought up that idea so she could and not so THEY could? and the idea really worked.*


“I’m sure got sleepy too,” she said.

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*More memories followed.


While they were eating and Halmeoni said they could sleep over if it gets late. Then told her that she should feel relaxed because no one would interfere..*


Mona smiled. “I felt so embarrassed by that. Such a talkative for an old lady..”


She took out more under wears and shirts.


“They said little and I’m packing so much. But I can’t leave them. They are my favorites.” she said, stared at the bra in her hand and shook her head.



“I’m definitely trashing this one..” she said and dropped it at a different side.


She turned back to the closet to continue when the door opened and Michel walked in.


“Why do you keep barging into my room?” she asked, pissed.


Michel’s eyes went to her bed and Mona’s eyes followed him and they almost popped out of her sockets when she saw her littered under wears on the bed. In an instant, she was on the bed and hiding them under shirts l, skirts and trousers.


“Turn around. Turn around.. Stop looking you pervert,” Mona half yelled at him while still hiding the under wears.


Michel scoffed and slid his hands into his pocket and looked away from the bed to the floor but there was a p**t on the floor too and Mona had no idea.


She finished hiding the ones on the bed and turned to him with a glare. “Can’t you knock huh!”


“Well I don’t think that I really need to knock besides there’s nothing special that I’m going to see or better still, nothing special that I’m seeing right now,” he said.


“What?” Mona asked and followed his eyes and in a second, the pant was off the floor.


Michel chuckled. “You were really fast but it looked like a kid’s own tho.”


Mona glared at him. “Why are you here!”


“Have you made up your mind to finally sign the contract with me?” he asked.


“What contract?” Mona asked with raised brow.


“Don’t act daft all the time Mona,” Michel said.



“Excuse me right now, I’m very busy packing up,” Mona said and got out of the bed.


“You are not going to sign it?” he asked.


“I’m not, I won’t! Leave me alone ok” Mona half yelled at him.


Michel shrugged. “Okay, you want me to add up the money. Fine, I will. Twenty percent..”


“Leave Michel.. I don’t need your money. I don’t need it!” Mona said.


“But I just transfered 2million to your account. It was your pay for going to see my grandmother,” he said.


Mona looked at him. “What? How did you get my account details?”


“It was in your phone..” he said.


“And how did you unlock my phone?”


“Well.. It wasn’t hard. The password was my name..” he said.


Mona sighed and turned to closet.


“I’ve told you that I’m not going to be your fake girlfriend Michel.. I can’t be your fake girlfriend. I don’t want to be in whatever contract with you.”


“But I’m your crush,” Michel said.


“Not anymore,” Mona said.


“Then be my real girlfriend,” he said.


Mona turned to him.


“You can’t fool me Michel.. Whether fake girlfriend or real girlfriend, you don’t feel anything for me. You only want to use me. What I’m I even saying, Xspark



don’t want it too. I really want to live peacefully. Free from your annoying self, free from your fans criticisms, free from whatever position Xspark is going to put me. If you must know Michel I don’t feel anything for you. I crushed on you, that was just a crush and it exist no more. We can’t be in any kind of relationship. I suggest you stop trying to make me accept to sign a relationship contract with you by even trying to be nice to me.. ”


She was interrupted by Michel’s sneeze.


Michel pushed his hair back and exhaled.


“If you are talking about me covering you with my coat, I didn’t do that to get you to sign the contract.”


“And the boring movie too.. You knew it would make me fall asleep.” Mona said.


“Seriously are you saying that I did wrong by being nice to you?” Michel asked.


“Because that is so unlike you. You had intentions and that has to do with the contract. I can’t be your gm fake girlfriend and I can’t get into a contract with you,” Mona said.


Michel took his time before saying, “You are not getting into a contract with me. You are going to be my real girlfriend.”


Mona chuckled. “I can’t be whatever you want me to be.. Real girlfriend, fake girlfriend. I don’t want to be any of that.. Just leave right now. I’m done talking about this..” she said and walked back to her closet. Her back on him.


He sneezed again.


Mona wondered why the sneezing?


Her mind went to last night.


Could it be that he caught a cold?



“You should know this, that I’m not trying to use you Mona. ‘I’m just trying to fall in love with you so I don’t loose you.. It’s the truth,” he said and Mona widened her eyes.


That just sounded like a rhythm of a song to her or was it really a song or was that just a true confession?


I’m not trying to use you


I’m just trying to fall in love with you


So I don’t loose you..


It’s the truth..


She gasped and turned to face him but he was gone.


“It can’t be true right? He’s just trying to make me say yes… I know… I know..” she said but her cheeks were really burning and she could feel butterflies in her stomach.


A knock sounded on her door just then and her mind flew.


It can’t be him. He wouldn’t knock.


It came again and she cleared her throat, walked to the door and opened it.


It was a short haired woman, chubby and looked like she’d be in her late forties.


She was also dressed in a chef dress with a white apron.


Mona wondered who the woman is and she tried thinking.


‘Must be the main cook who got sick.’


Mona immediately bowed at her. “Hello ma’am,”


“Hello Miss Mona Lisa, it’s good to meet you. My name is Oh Hara but you just call me Ms Oh. I’m the cook but got hospitalized two weeks ago but I’m back now. I heard you are the owner of this beautiful house and you are the assistant cook too



and now Michel’s girlfriend as well. That’s a three great titles.” Ms Oh said with a bright smile on her face.


Mona inhaled. “Ehm, Ms Oh…I’m really pleased to meet you too. Welcome back. It’s good to have you back. I heard you are a great cook.”


“Oh yes I am.. I hope we become good friends Mona. My last born should be just your age mate but she’s in college now studying Law. Her name is Nina”


“Oh.. that’s really good.” Mona said.


“Yes. You should come with me, Spark5 managers are here with some others with Camera’s and all and they told me to come call you.”


‘They are here…’ Mona inhaled.


Blue ran to her and she carried him.


“Ohhh you really have a nice pet dear. I love cats but I’m sure you know that your boyfriend doesn’t love cats.”


“I..I would just go and see them now..” Mona said and walked away with Blue. Ms Oh followed behind her.


She got downstairs and met Manager Kim and Manager Park with a lady and a


man. They had camera’s with them.


None of the flower boys were there.


“Oh she’s here.. Mona Lisa come sit here,” Manager Park said.


Mona bowed to them and slowly went to the seat. A camera was fixed in front of her.


“Miss Mona Lisa. How are you feeling?” Manager Kim asked her.


“I’m…I’m fine, thank you,” Mona answered.



“Of course she should feel fine..” Manager Park said and turned to her and asked “I hope you won’t make a single mistake?”


Mona inhaled. “No, I won’t.”


“Thank you.” Manager Park said and turned. “Ms Oh please excuse us. We need privacy, just the five of us,”


Alright,” said Ms Oh who had been standing near the staircase watching. She headed to the kitchen.


“Good. Now.. We gotta begin this.. And get it done real good and quick..” Manager Park said.


Mona felt uneasy.


Suddenly she was feeling discomfort and her mind was splitting into double.


One says ‘you are going to do this’ and the other says, ‘you can’t do this’


Then she began recalling her conversation with him in her room and the last words he said before he left.


Could it really be true?


Is it possible for someone to try to fall in love with someone? There’s a saying that One doesn’t Chase Love but Love Chase One.


There’s no way one can try to fall in love with someone..


Love isn’t a course or subject that one studies.


Love work with the heart.


“Miss Mona Lisa, do you have anything to say?” Manager Kim asked.


“She has nothing to say,” Manager Park cut in.


“Allow her to answer the question,” Manager Kim said.


They all stared at Mona Lisa…



“I…don’t think.. I do,” Mona stuttered. Her boldness was already failing her.


She held Blue closely.


“I think you should give me that cat,” Mr Park said but Mona shook her head. “No, I’m fine..I’m fine.”


“Alright then.. The camera turns on in 60 seconds.” Mr Park said.




[Michel’s room]


Michel sat at the centre of his bed with his back resting on the headboard He had put on a thick pink sweater. His legs were under the duvet and he had his laptop on top.


He was feeling really weak and feverish. He kept sneezing and his head was bounding with headache too due to the much sneeze but his eyes were focused on his laptop screen.


He had his phone hidden at the book shelf at the sitting room with the video recording on, connecting it to his laptop system and he was able to see what was going on at the sitting room with his laptop.


“She’s so stubborn. She’s..really going to do it..” he said. His voice was weak.


A call came in on his other phone. He checked it and it was Leo.


He picked it up.



I’m sure that you know why Mona’s line haven’t been reachable since yesterday.


Now I need you to give her back the phone.



Michel smiled. I got her a better phone with a 4g Line so she doesn’t care about the old ones anymore.


You’re really getting on my toes Michel and you don’t wanna anger me, right?



Of course not.. But I think you should be ready for another cook up lies. You always know how to get away from your crimes you know. Michel said.


What are you talking about?



I’m talking about your sex contract with Li Sugar and also your personal Call girl named Lia. That’s a lot of outrageous life from a Korean best actor. Don’t you think?


Leo laughter was really loud Wow wow oh wow.. Your source was really good at his work.


Michel smiled. Yes he was



I need to get back to you later Leo said and the call ended.



/Just then Mona stood up from the seat./


“What’s she doing?” Michel wondered.



/”I can’t…I can’t.. I’m sorry but.. I can’t do this.. I’m very sorry.. I don’t want to go to Miami, I cant speak English. I don’t want to leave Silver House. I don’t want to go anywhere..” Mona said./


“what’s she really doing?”



/”What are you talking about Mona Lisa?” Manager Park asked, looking baffled./… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


/”I don’t know but i’m not doing this.. Excuse me..” She said and ran out, going upstairs./



Manager Park turned to Manager Kim. /”Are you just going to sit there and do nothing?”/


“She really accepted… Maniacs always act like one..” Michel said with a weak smile.


A knock came on his door and he knew it was her. He removed the recording and clicked on Twitter App.


Then he opened the door with his remote and fixed his eyes on the laptop screen.


Mona walked in and closed the door.


She stared at him for awhile before asking. “You got a cold right?”


Without looking up, he answered. “Aren’t you supposed to be leaving for Miami right now?”


“Jerks would always answer question with question. I will go make you porridge,” she said and turned to leave but he locked the door with the remote. Mona tried to open the door but couldn’t.


“It isn’t opening,” she said.


“That’s because I don’t want you to go downstairs or you might just change your mind,” he said with his eyes still fixed in his laptop screen.


She turned to him. “Change my mind about what?”


“About being my girlfriend,” he said.


Mona scoffed. “I’m not your girlfriend.”


He looked up at her. “So why didn’t you leave?”


“Because I can’t leave silver house.”


“Maniacs keep lying. I knew you wouldn’t do it,” he said.



“Open the door now, you are so annoying me!” Mona said.


“Nope, I’m having fun.”


Mona dropped Blue, walked to him and tried taking the remote but couldn’t and in the process, she touched his body and felt his temperature.


“Geez! You are running high temperature. You need medications,” she said and realizing she was sitting on his bed, she immediately stood up.


“I’m fine… You should get a seat.” he said.


“Why?” Mona asked.


“Cos you will be staying in here longer than you think. If you get hungry, search through my ref.” he said, then laid down after shutting his laptop, hid the door remote inside his cloth and closed his eyes.


Mona scoffed. “Are you being a jerk right now? You really need to see a doctor like right now.”


He gave no answer.







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